Saturday 7th March 2020

Daily Blog Extra
When looking online one day I came across a n article that a mistress had wrote about selling her used items. The most popular things were stockings and panties.

So the question I asked myself was ‘Why buy used items when new ones are a cheaper?’.

The conclusion I came to was that the sent of a female that you are drawn towards to is so much more attractive than a regular used item.

Well Worn Mistress Stockings

The thought that she has been working hard in the stockings. The odour that she will be produced whilst she has her feet in the shoes will be perspiring thermions that will soak into the sole of the nylons.

That is what will get you all hot under the collar and will make your trousers move in such a way that they will feel tight very quickly.

May be its ladies panties that you like. Cotton, lacey, silky or mesh material.

Full, midi, mini or thong, what is your turn on? Your imagination runs wild thinking of her lady parts moving around on them as she walks and goes about her day.

Tiny Well Worn Panties

The longer she’s in them the more of an aroma of her busy day will soil them. You long to have the scent of her in your nostrils so it an send signals to parts of you that you need to touch.

The sociology of why the scent of a female is such a must is that it is a customised reason for the individual.

We are all different and we like what we like. There is a reason for everything but for some of us we don’t why we like something until we delve deeper into our sub consciousness and toye with the emotion that will tell us the reason why.

So if you would like a used item from Mistress Lucy then contact me and we can converse further on what your need is requiring…

Friday 6th March 2020

Daily Blog NO.97.
When I first started in the fetish industry I never thought that I would develop a relationship with my equipment like I have done.

There are certain items that I love more than others because they have just been more attractive to my eye and have performed well.

Mr Whippy In Well Deserved Hands

My canes have been the most appealing because they are a gorgeous piece of wood to handle.

Whether they are Bamboo, Rattan or Walnut with a lacquered finish for hygiene, they only perform as well as the handler.

My fist cane (2011) was a cheap bamboo cane that I got online. I didn’t know a lot about the punishment niche so I got what I could afford at the time.

It worked well for me then but as the years past and I developed a deeper relationship with corporal punishment.

So I decided to invested in better quality canes that where much more beautiful to handle and to look at.

I don’t like to give my canes the proper names that people know them by but I do give them nicknames that resemble how they perform under my control.

My greatest love is Mr Whippy because he is a fine and a magnificent performer.

Thin in length but very strong. Pliable and versatile to what my wrist requires of him.

He can give a sensual sting to the flesh that will leave a pinking of the area or a cracking impact that will leave a welting to the skin in 1 strike.

Continuous strikes from a powerful swing can guarantee scaring.

Mr Whippy will only give you what you deserve or what your boundaries will allow.

The one thing I know with him is that he means business when he has his mistresses fingers wrapped around his base..

So if you have been a naughty boy that need to be put in his place contact me and it can be arranged.

Friday 6th March 2020

Daily Blog Extra
As I have mentioned before in a previous blog (before 1st December when I got serious about blogging), I can not express gratitude with a starring role in a blog to everyone that has gifted me as their so many of you but I will every now and again do a blog like this and collectively say ‘Thank You’.
As then it show you how much I appreciate your kindness towards me

I do love being pampered and have tribute gifts sent to me through the post. The element of surprise really makes my day.

I also appreciate it when you arrive with gifts to you appointment. It does put you in my good books right from the start.

Today was lovely in a way. Unfortunately I had 2 cancelations, this mornings appointment and Monday mornings appointment.

Both were due to work rearrangements but out of the kindness of their hearts and respect to their mistress they tribute their appointment fee any way.

I am very grateful when this happens because it shows what type of person they are. This also keeps the opportunity to reschedule for another time.

When building a relationship with your mistress you have to work at respect from her and cushioning the journey with each step that she takes goes along way.

Just cancelling and leaving it ln thin air is not keeping you in my good books. It may even end in me cancelling you out of my phone book all together.

So to all clients that have cancelled and not offered a cushioning tribute for letting me down be very careful how you inquiry about another appointment.

Also my appointment that I did have this afternoon was very kind to bring me lunch and a lovely pair of leatherette trousers from |Next that fitted perfectly.

Thank you Mr X, you know who you are sweetie.

So I will bid you all good night as this is in the early hours of the morning (another late night) and I will look forward to receiving all you inquiries when you contact me.


05 Mar 2020
March 5, 2020

Anything to please my mistress…

Thursday 5th March 2020

Daily Blog NO.96.
When a sub is looking for either a first mistress because they are new to the industry or a new mistress because their previous one had retired ect they could be looking for a long time to find her.

To find the right one takes time and a check list of priority things that must be compatible with yourself. If these things don’t marry up then it could be a disaster waiting to happen.

The Stare Says It All

So the quay factors of finding a compatible mistress are:

  1. She offers what you are expecting from your mistress.
  2. You have to be attracted to her in some way. If not sexual then a bond between you that draws you to her for every time she summons you to serve her.
  3. How long has she been in the fetish/niches industry so that you will enjoy your experience in the session. Inexperience can ruin or even put you completely off a fetish that you have longed to enjoy.
  4. She is in a comfortable traveling distance from you.
  5.  She entertains in a location that you are totally relaxed in.

If all of these add up with the response you receive from her then your in a win win situation. For you to be totally comfortable with your mistress you have to be yourself 100%.

As if you are on edge and worried about something then it will unbalance your mind within your subspace. Which will end in a half hearted session on your side.

It is the same for a mistress when receiving inquiries. I, myself have to go through a check list in my mind.

The main reason being is this is my home I am inviting you into. I have had a couple of very disrespectful clients that decided to act completely different on arrival to when we where conversing on the phone.

That is a very silly way to be because when I sense you are not the person I require in my company then I wrap up a session very quickly and without you knowing it your dressed and being guided to the front door and your walking away from my establishment and will never be seen here again.

Over the years I have met a lot of lovely and kind clients that I honestly could call friends.. I say this because those type of people respectfully know my boundaries and never cross them.

If I decide I would like to do something that I am comfortable with doing I will then always proposition them or mention it before it happens. I also need to know their boundaries. Once I do then we are on a happy level…

04 Mar 2020
March 4, 2020

Men/Women and Hair Colour…

Wednesday 4th March 2020

Daily Blog NO.95.
Hair colouring has been around for a long time. The technology has progressed through out the years to make it is easier to change the colour of your own hair at home.

Little do we know if you aren’t a hairdresser that the colour of your own hair is not always compatible to the colour you choose to apply. As I’m sure everyone has found out in experimental times in the past.

 Feb 2020

Not only does this apply to females but men have had a dabble in the technicolour’s that are out on the market also.  Some are more adventurous than others.

Yet many choose colouring to make the creeping older years disappear and hope that they will look many years younger again. Some succeed and some don’t.

I myself have had many a colour and hair style thought out the years. As you can see with my hair at the moment (from other blogs) that I am not scared to change my appearance at split second choice.

From taking my hair short or shaving it off completely to going all the colours under the rainbow. This you have not seen yet but there is still time when it decided to grow back (wont be long as its growing very fast).

Dec 2000

That’s me through and through though. If I could change my hair colour every day then I would. That’s what I have the wigs for.

I have been quiet tame recently with my natural colour but this is also to give it a rest form all the colour and peroxide I have put on it in the past.

Men and colouring in general leave the creativity thing to us women but when the idea pops into their head in a fetish way it is to give them a feminine image in a masculine way.

This is very possible but it is all down to the individual to carry it off. To be confident with you new image is very important as you are going to be living with it for at least 6 weeks until it needs maintenance or you can change it to another colour or style.

Too many colour changes so close together will be bad for the hair and also hair colouring changes shade through out the weeks of wear.

May 2019

I wont go into that as that’s hairdressers talk and I don’t want to confuse you, lets keep it simple. As I mentioned before if you aren’t a qualified hairdresser you wont know the behind the scene knowledge on colouring and maintenance.

Hair colouring can be a statement or a punishment. Depending when and where it happens…

if you would like a colour or style change in whatever scenario you would like to choose EG: Normal or fetish world then contact me and we can converse more about customising it for your life style.

I will look forward to receiving your inquiries.