14 Mar 2020
March 14, 2020

What Level Is Your Comfort Zone At?

Saturday 14th March 2020

Daily Blog NO.105.
A comfort zone is different for everyone as we all have different weaknesses and strong points.

To take you out of your comfort zone can be uncomfortable for some people but to others it can be the thrill that drives them to their destination.

Adrenaline is something different but it still goes hand in hand with your comfort zone as that is what guides you to the level that you are happy or unhappy with.

Even though you might not be happy having your limits pushed but when you do it takes you to places you may never of been before.

Helping you to experience news ways of enjoyment that you may never of thought you could push yourself to.

Some things may not tick your boxes at first but then you dip your toe into a fetish that you thought was out of your league and you may some what like or not like it…

If you would like to have your comfort zone pushed to another level then contact me and we converse about we can put that into reality


12 Mar 2020
March 12, 2020

What Are You Afraid Of?…

Thursday 12th March 2020

Daily Blog NO.103.
When it comes to being frightened of something our bodies can react in so many different ways.

We have in our minds a fantasy that you long to transfer into reality but we are frightened that if we do it may not be the same as in our dreams and thoughts.

To find the perfect person to be that other character in your scenario must be right other wise it will crush the long term imagery that you have yearned for for so long.

PVC, Leatherette, Corsets or Bottoms. What’s your fantasy?

It may be a figure that you have looked up to and you have put them on a pedestal in reality but in your dreams you have wanted to do things to her that you know that she would disagree to.

She’s a figure is of a dominant stature, you would love for her to boss and humiliate you to the point where you actually question your loyalty to yourself.

She manipulates you in a way how she likes things done. She doesn’t care about what you want because all that is important is her needs.

You want to tell her your true feelings but that would ruin the dominant relationship that you have with her.

You have to keep this fantasy with you for as long as you can but the erg is so strong that you cant think of anything else but her.

The one thing that holds you back from bringing your fantasy to reality is…

I will leave you to finish the sentence as every individual has there own fetish fantasy.

if you have a dominant fantasy that you would like to bring to reality contact me and we can converse about it some more.


11 Mar 2020
March 11, 2020

Why Do We Need Toys To Get Enjoyment?…

Wednesday 11th March 2020

Daily Blog NO.102.
Not ever one needs toys to receive enjoyment out of their pleasure but it helps for a bit of a change every now and again.

Custard Massage

As they say ‘Hands were here before any invention’ which is very true. Hands can do alot of wonderful things but the toys ad implements are there to enhance what the hands can do.

Whether your fetish is normal massage with a oil enhancer or a custard enhancer it is still going to get you to your pleasurable end result if you so wish.

It all depends which path you are in the mood to take as to what the third party you invite to join you…

So if your a kinky pervert or a vanilla gent that knows what he wants and sticks to it, either way contact me and we can converse about your niches that get you there.


10 Mar 2020
March 10, 2020

Maid Service Madame?…

Tuesday 10th March 2020

Daily Blog NO.101.
Maid service means a totally different thing now a days to what it would of done back in the day.

To find a anyone let alone a mistress that would accommodate any such fetish back then you have to look in a telephone box window.

Its a shame that regular society looks on fetishes as seedy and a back street game as if the vanilla type of person would only open up their mind they would see what they are missing out on.

Husband Maid Kathy

I have only heard of a small percentage of husbands that are allowed to dress up at home from their secret wardrobe full of maids uniforms that have everything sewn on it to look as girlie as they possibley can.

The wifey will go out with the girls and say to him (who she has named him a maids name EG: Lucinda to feel the part and as a code for chores time).

“Right Lucinda, I’m out for a couple of hours. I have wrote your chores down for you and I expect them all to be done by the time I get back. I have left the envelope on the bed with your uniform that I have picked for you today. I will expect you to have lunch ready for me on my arrival. I may bring back my friends and embarrass you but then again i may not. That is for you to worry about in the mean time”.

For many husband Maids that would be very exciting and thrilling but it rarely happens because a vanilla female expects her partner to be the alpha male and to dress up is pathetic in their eyes.

Such a shame as i can imagine that would be a perfect life for him in his fantasy world…

If you would like to be my fantasy husband maid then contact me and we can discuss it further.


27 Feb 2020
February 27, 2020

When you loose a bet…

Thursday 27th February 2020

Daily Blog NO.89.
To go out with friends and have fun is one thing but to go out with friends gambling and loosing the bet is another.

I have a client who had a bet on the horses and lost. The forfeit is when he comes to see me to let me do whatever I want to him.

So when he messaged me to say his friend was going to contact me with the things he wanted done to him. I was think “oh what fun”.

Loosing A Bet Can Be More Heart Breaking Than Loosing Your Underwear…

Leaving a mistress in total control… is that wise and one that is not afraid to do anything, I mean anything.

So I received  the message and the things that wee mentioned weren’t anything out of the normal as my client was a bit extreme anyway in our normal sessions.

So as the day drew closer I would get the odd nervous text to beg not to do anything outrageous because he had very important meetings the next day.

I wouldn’t reply to keep him guessing. As that’s what loosing a bet is all about. Its not supposed to be comfortable.

On the morning of the appointment (which was at 4:30pm) I had a very seriously worried man that was that nervous like he was about to do a buggee jump with a rope.

At that point I replied with “Don’t worry. Trust me”. I had only met him 2 times so saying that didn’t ease things but I found it hilarious.

When he turned up he approached my door like a sorry naughty dog with his tail between his legs. As he stepped into my hallway from the door way he didn’t say a word.

I put my hand out for him to place the tribute into it and then looked at the stairs for him to go up them to my entertinment floor.

As he stood at the top of the stairs waiting for me to join him he said in a very timid voice “what are you going to do to me?”

I looked into his eyes and said nothing and just ignored him. I walked straight pasted him as if he wasn’t there.

When I decided to speak I told him to get undressed apart from his under pants. Then i said “take them off and pass them to me”. This made him puzzled and a little confused.

As I held them in front of him. I got my scissors and cut them down the middle. “no” he said with a begging tone to his voice. “Why” I said “don’t you have another pair with you?”

He was booked into a hotel close by as he had a meeting for the next couple of days in the next town.

I walked to my widow, opened it and threw them out. “Now you don’t have any knickers, do you!!!”

From then on he knew what I said I meant in every way possible…

So if you fancy loosing our bet then contact me and see what happens…







26 Feb 2020
February 26, 2020

If I Had A Barbers Shop Today…

Tuesday 25th February 2020

Daily Blog NO.87.

Sorry I did not upload a Daily Blog last night as I had problems with my login details but luckily I only had to wait 24 hours till I was rectified. 

Back in the day when I ran a barbers shop in town , if I had known about the fetish world back then like I do now the shop would of been so much more different than it was.
If i had a barbers shop myself i would call it ‘Fethair’. Sounds a little French but I like it.

I would call it that because ‘Fetish Hairdressing’ it wouldnt go down to well. So to abreivate is better on the eye.

I would have fetish days of outfits.

PVC Day At My Barbers Shop

Me and my staff would wear PVC on day then Latex the next ect…

You would feel comfortable to wear your silky panties and stockings under your alpha male trousers without anyone batting an eyelid.

May be even your matching bra set you have always wanted to wera to a barbers but nervous that some one will out you by noticing.

Sissy sets would have a room out the back so you can bring out your inner sissy for all the other sissys to admire.

I would do a haircut and a foot rub in a package price. I would name the package the ‘foot lovers haircut’. A haircut for the client and the client would I’ve the hairdresser/barberette a foot massage.

Another package would be ‘Short hair package’. Haircut for the client and the client would give a head massage to the hairdresser/babarrette.

Everything goes in my salon but desretion is the name of the game.

As we ive in an unexcepting world unfortunately. The Vanilla public accept what they want to and anything that is different they think is nasty or weird.

Little to do they know that they are missing out on alot of fun.

I would decorate my kinky kingdom in a way that anyone that was in to the fetish world would so know where i was coming from from would be rgular barbers for the vanilla clients.

It would be fun to see how many vanilla clients i could get to tell me their hidden kinks lol

I wouldnt set up a place like this unless i had the right staff with the same like mind and obviously they have a very high standard of hairdressing and barbering skills .

In my eyes it would take along time to arrange my ‘Dream Salon’.

Every angle of the shop would be photogenic. I would love to be able to do sessions in there buy then on a high street or in the public eye (even with blinds down ) it would be far to risky.

What i have at the moment is very pleasurable for my appointments so thats all good…

23 Feb 2020
February 23, 2020

Feet, What Is The Fasination About Them?…

Sunday 23rd February 2020

Daily Blog.NO.85
Wow, what marvellous things Feet are. For one thing without them we wouldn’t be able to walk or stand and for another they are a valuable part of our bodies that we take advantage of on a daily basis.

The amount of mileage they do on a average day is amazing. We should all take care of our feet whether we like it or not.

My Feet Are Made For Worshipping. So What are You Waiting For…

Not saying pedicures regularly but moisturiser and a bit of T.L.C every now and again would be perfect for them.

You love them and they will love you back but working for longer.

For a foot kinkster they look at the feet as a sexually arousing object that they have thoughts about caressing and smelling them but to a vanilla fetishist their mind thinks completely differently.

When looking into any photography you have to think like the kinkster. In a way like they look at the object you are photographing you have to imagine how their mind works.

To stage the fetish in the right way is crucial, to get the ultimate response that will give them a perfect satisfaction of experience.

Tired Feet That Need To Be Massaged…

The observer has to imagine that they are actually there holding the item or in the room with it.

For example of the topic of this blog today, Feet. Paws, Trotters whatever we like to call them…

They can be as unkept and disgusting to one onlooker and yet to another the thought of caressing the hard skin on the heel or experiencing the aroma of the feet that have been in warm confined work shoes for a long amount of time can be very arousing and erotic to another.

To imagine having the feet on a certain body part, moving the toes around and caressing it with passion that only a feetster would understand.

We are all individual in the fetish world and we all have fetishes even if we don’t yet realise it…

If you have a foot fetish and wold like to purchase any images, whether it be regular or customised photography contact me and we can converse some more on the topic.

I will look forward to receiving your inquiries…





22 Feb 2020
February 22, 2020

Broadening My Horizon…

Saturday 22nd February 2020

Daily Blog NO.84.
When one has been in a industry this long your always looking at adding and doing different things as time goes by. I have worked hard to get where i am today and that actually means sacrificing alot of things in a vanilla life style.

I’m not saying that i have had a sheltered life in this industry, far from it as if I wasn’t enjoying it I would be going into a different profession straight away.

I am mentioning this because I feel i need to have a bit more fun than what I am having now.

So I have decided to offer a hands on service that will pleasure you by pleasuring me.

Now don’t get any funny ideas as this does not include personal services as I do not do that.

I have never allowed anyone to touch me in the previous appointments because they have been Mistress sessions as subs and slaves are not allowed to touch their Mistress like their imagination wishes them to as that is very disrespectful.

I am  offering an appointment service where you are allowed to massage me but you will stay fully clothed. Whether you are aroused or not it is totally down to you but until I say, you will stay fully clothed.

This will test your manners and respect for your Mistress. As you will be visiting me in a professional role play manner and it is down to me to guide the scenario as I please.

Your role in this appointment will be as follows:

I have contacted you because my beauty therapist has recommended you for home visits.

When you arrive keep in your mind, as if you are a self employed massage therapist and if you do a good job then it will be another client to add to you weekly customer basis.

As you enter my front door you offer me an a business card to show your identity (this will be an envelope that will have the £150.00 in it. This will cover anything from 1 hour to 2-3 hours long what ever time you have to spare. I like to be pampered, so longer the better if I am enjoying myself).

As I remove my clothing to get onto the massage table you excuse yourself to the bathroom out of politeness to overt your eyes, as you would with any other female client. (I will have all the necessary towels and lotion/oil etc ready before you turn up.)

Even though you haven’t been to the toilet please wash your hands ready for my massage. I am o.t.t on hygiene when I perform a massage on a client myself so I would like to be treated the same.

When you decide to come back into the room I will be laid face down under a large towel. This is to keep your imagination thinking and also to keep my body warm.

Whilst your folding down the towel from my shoulders you ask if I would like lotion or oil for my massage. I will give you my reply and then you may start by massaging my shoulders and neck area.

Don’t worry if you are not that good as any massage is better than nothing (I say that in the politest way).

I will be in panties but no top. I do allow a massage technique on my chest but in a way that is relaxing and soothing. I am not guaranteeing any further activity but If you have earnt you reward then maybe….

Please be discreet and polite whilst massaging mistresses body as don’t forget I am your mistress…

Please contact me and quote ‘Mistresses Personal Massage’ when inquiring about this service.







20 Feb 2020
February 20, 2020

What Is The Attraction To Voyeurism?…

Thursday 20th February 2020

Daily Blog Extra
If you see a couple in the street walking along holding hands the natural instinct is to look. To see, in your mind if they are compatible within looks or not, but opposites attract in most cases.

To see 2 friends say “hi” and kiss each other on the cheek is normal but to if they were to embrace one another and connect lips for an intimate full-on kiss then they are bringing public attention to themselves and it is inevitable that people will look.

To be told what to do or be watch is just as fun…

Depending on what your fetish is then people will look more than others. To be part of an audience the atmosphere can get very intimate throughout the room/area. Not by touching each other but by lots of people getting hot under their own collars.

If the performance you are watching whether it be live or online it can be very realistic. This is what makes it more inviting to watch because you can imagine in your mind you being in the male or females place.

Voyeurism can be put into context in a lot of ways. Couples like to be watched in a public place or taking a risk to get caught in a place they shouldn’t be. Inside or out depending on the moment of what they are doing.

If you’re on a night out and you meet someone that likes a 3 way to evolve.  One watches while the other 2 play and then you all change places as time goes by. When it comes to a couple that has been together for a long time inviting a 3rd person in can be very risky.

Think about it for a while before doing this as it can break up a good thing instead of helping the matter. If you are single and into Voyeurism, it can be a fun experience as a lot of sexual experiences can be in life…

If your sexuality is urging you to widen your horizons then contact me and I will see what I can do…

17 Feb 2020
February 17, 2020

Why Do We Get A Thrill From Exhibitionism?…

Monday 17th February 2020

Daily Blog NO.79.
What is the attraction of doing things in the public eye? When we are carrying on with our regular lives and something happens that makes people that we don’t know stop and stare the adrenaline rush hits our nervous system in such a way that to certain individuals is a sexual excitement rush.

To be humiliated in the middle of a busy shopping area or crowded pub is the most popular choice because you are guaranteed lots of onlookers. Even though it may be staged the best way of getting an instant reaction is acting it out as if it was performed without being forced to do it.

Exhibitionism can be recognized in many ways but you do have to be careful what you do and where you do it to save getting arrested for indecent exposure if you know what I mean.

It can be as innocent as just having a heated conversation with a friend or partner to get your sexual fix or the endorphin rush or as risky as having intercourse in a very public place. As I mentioned before be careful about this one as exposing sexual parts can cause you to offend onlookers or even get the authorities involved…

If you are into the topic of this daily blog then contact me and we can converse more on the subject. I will look forward to receiving your inquiries…