16 Jan 2020
January 16, 2020

Dont Be Shy If Your Small…..

Thursday 16th January 2020

Daily Blog NO.47.
DISCLAIMER: As the topic of today’s blog is of people I have not had contact with this means I have not had permission to post photography of them. So please use your imagination this time, thank you.

We are all born with defects in one or another. A lopsided finger or a 3rd nipple etc but if its a defect that is much more obvious then learn to embrace it if it is something that can not easily change.

People that have dwarfism can work for them in such a unique way it can conquer their career as well as their whole life in such a positive way.

If you learn to love the way you are put together whichever way that might be then other people will learn to love you more.

There are many actors that are successful but only of a couple that are a prime example as the first I can think of has been in many films since 1983 and even before that but my research only goes that far back.

Warwick Davis who was born in 1970 and at 50 years old has been in Harry Potter, Star Wars which are the recent films and then Labyrinth with the late great David Bowie in 1986.

Although his height is 3ft 6inches he has become a very successful man. A very famous face that when you see you would say “Where do I know him from?”.

Another well know face is Vernon Troye. We may not know these people as in their name but when you see them you will recognize them from 1 or 2 films that you may have had a great and funny experience watching them.

Vernon Troye stands at 2 ft 8 inches. He is mostly known for working alone side Mike Myers in Austin Powers – Gold Member as Mini-Me a film I really enjoyed for its slack-stick humor.

These are only a couple of the successful little people that have loved themselves for being created in such a unique and wonderful way for a very special reason. To enjoy life and entertain the way that makes them happy.

Photography and Video Extras…

If you are or know anyone that is willing and open-minded to be in mild or extreme fetish photography/videos that are under 4ft then please contact me and let me know.

Also if you are a small person who is looking for a mistress to dominate you contact me and we can converse more…



15 Jan 2020
January 15, 2020

Feet and Hands…Why?

Wednesday 15th January 2020

Daily Blog NO.46.
We have to deal with what we are born with according to some people’s views. Plastic surgery can change any part of the human body apart from feet and hands

If a female has a size 8 feet and she would rather have a size 5, that is not possible. To reconstruct every bone of the foot it’s impossible.

Mistresses Natural Finger Nails

Exactly the same as hands. We have to deal with what we are born with.

It doesn’t matter what we look like or if we have big or small hands and feet, there will always be someone out there that likes you for being you.

Hands and feet are beautiful parts of the body according to some men or women. Hands are very expressive when talking.

If you have feelings for your partner then to hold their hand is a sign of affection but to a hand kinkster hands can be much more meaningful than just a body part at the end of your arm.

The nails, length, and shape of fingers, palm of the hand, how well they are kept or even unkept nails and hands. Basically everything about hands.

Now feet are a league of their own. You can have a fetish for immaculate feet where the nails are perfectly painted and the soles of the feet are soft as the Caribbean sand or you can absolutely love the texture and feel of unkept feet with hard skin, long toenails and even what’s in between the toes.

A Lucky Sissy Maid Was Allowed To Worship Her Mistresses Tired Stocking Feet

I have had a client ask for my feet to be in my trainers with damp soaks for 3 days so he can lick my feet clean.

I obviously declined on that occasion because that can be bad for the skin for that length of time.


leave my feet for 4 weeks without pedicuring them and then when I do take the hard skin off my heels for him to lay underneath my feet and for the shavings to go in his mouth.

For one thing that is one of the most unsafe and unhygienic fetishes I have heard of and you can get all sorts of infections of the mouth that way.

I am very clean so I know he is safe with me but even still….no

So as I have mentioned kinksters love your hands and feet whatever the state they are in and even request them to be in the worst state than you can imagine them to be…

If you have a hand or foot fetish contact me and we can converse more on the topic

13 Jan 2020
January 13, 2020

Why Is Punishment An Addiction?….

Monday 13th January 2020

Daily Blog NO.44.
Punishment brings back memories of your past in a way you will never forget. Some times it is hurtful punishment when it’s not your fault and other times its pleasurable punishment. This is when it turns into a fetish that you crave that feeling again and again and go back for more.

Do you want to feel the backside of my cane boy!!!!

It can be a feeling of being at school and being naughty just so a teacher you fancy will take to you as an individual because you have been disrupting the piece during class time.

She calls you back after class to give you a telling off and a time to come back for detention.

In the olden days when caning or a ruler over the hands or backs of legs was aloud for the high pain threshold children, they would be naughty just so they could feel the sting of the cane etc on across the palm of their hand.

If they had been very naughty they would be invited to the headmistresses office for a bottom caning that may only be 5 strikes of the thin long implement but the sting that it would produce would stay with you for days.

Punishment is all in the mind.

Or the straps across your weak feeble bottom!!!!

When someone tells you that you have done something wrong that is only what they interpret as being wrong.

To you, you misbehave because you want to have that sting in your cheeks feeling again like you did when the whip caressed your bare skin with Venum in its vicious tongues

That feeling that lasted longer than the moment it happens so you can re-en-act that precise moment in your head over and over again.

Punishment is an addiction in a way that you will only understand because every reason is unique to the individual.

If this topic is one of your fetishes do contact me to talk it over more about putting it into reality…..


11 Jan 2020
January 11, 2020

New Hairdressing Fetish Cape And Haircut…..

Saturday 11th January 2020

Daily Blog NO.42.
Over the past year, I have decided to cut my own hair because I have not found a hairdresser competent enough to please me. In this time I have been able to design what I think is a style that suits my hair type and face/head shape.

It’s taken me a few haircuts to find what I am happy with but I think I am finally there.

My style is a basic clipper cut, contouring from NO.1. to NO.8. guard. We all have different skull shapes unique to the individual which unfortunately some hairstyles doesn’t look as good with some shape heads as others.

I have developed a bony head with my weight loss and change of eating recently.  I  have got to accept that I won’t get the smoother no.1. blend silhouette as I would have had years ago.

Before My Haircut

Oh well, That’s life. That’s what happens when growing older but I’m still happy.

I have to be in the mood to cut my hair otherwise I don’t feel that the outcome is what I particularly like and aim for.

So as you can see from the photographs that I woke up in the mood to go that bit shorter this time.

The reason being is that when my hair gets to a certain length when I wake and my crown sticks up, it lays very strange at times.

So the only way to sort it out is to have a shower which I love to do every morning but it then plants that seeds in my mind that I need a haircut very soon.

This firstly happened yesterday morning when I greeted the postman by not having the chance to looking at myself before answering the door to him.

After My Haircut

He probably didn’t notice but I sure did when I went to check after I closed the front door.

Also lately I have been looking out for some different hairdressing capes, to my disappointment I have not found anything but the normal production line cotton, cheap nasty looking plastic or children’s capes.

So as I mentioned in a previous blog that I have bought a sewing machine with vouchers that had been tributed to me on amazon.

So last night I started on my first design of BDSM, hairdressing, Fetish Capes. Although I didn’t need to use the sewing machine for what I wanted to do. At least it was a start.

Now I haven’t seen anything like this online or anywhere as I have been looking for a while now. So, as far as I know, this is my unique design and there will be more from where that came from in the near future.

Whatever material I can make into a cape and whatever I can attach to it to make it fetish I will give it a jolly good go and I won’t give up till I succeed.

What you see me wearing when I cut my hair today is my first attempt at this design but as I make many more I will get better and the end result will be more to what I really want and at a satisfactory standard. I do have high standards in a lot of things.

So keep watching this space for more weird and wonderful Fetish items.

If you would like an experience in my BDSM Hairdressing Salon contact me and we can converse more about the topic.

Friday 10th January

Daily Blog Extra
Everyone likes to be touched in one way or another but not everyone likes to be tickled. It is an acquired feeling and like marmite, you either love it or hate it.

This is a difficult topic to find a photograph for. So please use your imagination to imagine what it would feel like to be tickled while you read through my blog.

This is a known fetish where individuals long to be tickled to the extreme sense of laughter.

Touching on the sensitive parts of their body gently at first and building up to a feeling of extreme hilariousness and maybe even wetting themselves a little or a lot.

If tickled in the same area for too long your body gets used to the feeling and after a while, it is not ticklish and you become immune to the touch.

To change frequently to different parts of the body keeps the tickle sensation much more alive but do be careful where you tickle as it can trigger a fitting sensation on rare occasions.

Although, tickling yourself is impossible because the brain is too clever. The brain will not tell your body part that you’re going to tickle yourself but if someone else is tickling you you won’t know where and when it is going to happen.

So then when it happens the brain will send that trigger to tell you to react in a certain way.

Now touching a body part EG: the back can be very sensitive. When giving a massage to your partner, running your hands of the area can turn into tickling without you even trying.

If they are extra relaxed then their nerve ends can be brought closer to the surface of their skin which will make them much more sensitive to your touch.

So whoever your touching and teasing be kind to them as without you realising it can turn into a tickle in a split second.

The body is an amazing but comic thing sometimes but very enjoyable if you’re in the right frame of mind.

If you are interested in a tickle torture or massage session contact me and we can converse more on the topic…



08 Jan 2020
January 8, 2020

Why Do We Need Breasts?…

Wednesday 8th January 2020

Daily Blog NO.39.
There are so many reasons why men and women have breasts. The reason men have undeveloped breasts and only nipples are because we are all developed in our mother’s wombs that way. We are all born with nipples.

Women’s breast grow more than mens because we have the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Men do produce a small amount of estrogen but not as much as women.

Natural Female Breasts

That is why we increase breast growth through our younger years, up to our late teens

Nowadays the culture of transgender beings is brought more to our notice than back in the day.

This has helped men who have tendencies to like dressing in women’s clothing to be more open with their thoughts than hiding and be a closet kinkster.

A good percentage of guys make amazing looking females because they don’t have female cellulite which can be a big hindrance to us ladies when sculpting ourselves to the shape we dream about.

How To Do It The Wrong Way…Still Hairy

Having breasts helps with the hourglass curve of a media produced woman.

We should all be happy with what we were born with but we never are. The media are at fault with this because they stereotype the ideal womanly shape when really a female can look fantastic whatever her shape may be like.

For example, if a female has a small frame and develops A cup breasts through puberty then that is what her body is telling her she should make look good.

Yes, we can put implant/chicken fillets (as they are comically called sometimes) to boost our shape in a nice top but why are we doing that?

Natural Male Breasts

To impress who? If your doing it for the opposite sex then eventually when you do sleep together they are going to find out your true size or be very shocked when they go to feel your breast and it comes away in their hand.

What’s more traumatic for your new partner? Seeing you in your contented way because you’re not worrying if one chicken fillet is high than the other or be as fake as possible and being a major disappointment and never having a 2nd date with anyone?

Your choice……

Now If it’s for playtime or you have decided to change sex then fake implants and padding is a must.

A Good Looking Fake Breast Implant

The person you will be meeting will know that you are a part-time TV and will obviously know that your breasts arent real as you have a day job as a manly man lorry driver. So chicken implants is the only option.

When dressing up in playtime it can be equally as convincing if put together correctly.

I tend to think when men dress men up as women they lose that feminine touch that only a woman know-how to.

As in how to put make-up on, what goes together with what in an outfit, different shades of colours and the condition of your wig and how it is  put on.

Also when a guy dresses as a female they have to remember to shave everywhere. That is what gives it away sometimes.

To vanilla men breasts on a woman are just for playing with in a sexual act apart from feeding their offspring.

So breasts are great in all ways whatever size you have

If you would like to have a male to female transformation session contact me and we can converse a little more….






Wednesday 8th January 2020

Daily Blog Extra

When having a once in a lifetime moment we all like to take photos to remember it from. So to all you Sisy maids and kinksters that love to wear women’s clothes to look better than ever, why not have a photo shoot.

It will include a full transformation with a natural-looking wig (many to choose from), Makeup and outfits that will make you look unrecognisable.

Kathy, The Shy School Girl

It is always best to let me know your chest, waist and leg measurement together with your footwear size. This is so I can make sure I have everything I need for your experience.

It also includes any photos that you would like or they can be put on my website for you to browse them whenever you want to.

Discreet Photography

I have many backdrops that can set the theme of whatever you wish.

The way I take my photos can be in a discreet way ( partial body shoots) or an open way (meaning your face is on show) but the way you will be made up you won’t have anyone recognise you.

If you have any birthmarks or tattoos you want to be hidden then it can be by clothing or theatrical makeup or camera angle.

Either way, your comfort is my top priority.

Within the time you are here, you can have a session of your choice. Whether it be BDSM or hairdressing etc the choice is yours.

For a 4 hour appointment, It will be a tribute cost of £300. If we go over time do not worry as if we are enjoying ourselves I will not mind spending more time together. Call it a girlie day of pleasure.

So if you are interested please contact me and we can discuss the finer details at our leisure…



06 Jan 2020
January 6, 2020

Capes, Aprons and Hair Nets Galore, Oh My….

Monday 6th January 2020

Daily Blog NO.37.
The hairdressing industry has been around for centuries but only if you really love something that makes you tingle inside does it become a fetish.

I never in my wildest dreams would think that it would be my most popular fetish I offer when I started mistressing.

The multitude of colours and types of materials there are to make capes out of is unreal.

This is why I have a sewing machine from a client who tributed me Amazon Gift Vouchers. I bought it because I can’t find the type of capes I’m looking for and I would prefer to design and make them myself.

Then the world is my oyster as they say. Anything that I can make a cape out of I will.

Now the same goes for aprons and hairnets. It’s only a shaped piece of material with a hem around it. So why in hells name are they so expensive!!!

Well, I don’t need to worry about that as I am going to have as many capes, aprons and hairnets as I possibly can make.

The more I make the better I get at making them. Oh, my life is getting much more fun every day that passes by…..what next!!!!!

If you have a Hairdressing fetish do contact me and we can talk more girlie fun…


02 Jan 2020
January 2, 2020

Basic To Boujee On A Budget…..

Thursday 2nd January 2020

Daily Blog NO.33
Nowadays when it comes to any product you can buy cheap and expensive but is the quality there?

I have developed a new fetish of my own when it comes to wigs. Over the past few months, I have collected around 25 wigs of all different colours textures and styles.

Human hair lace frontal wig which can be coloured, permed and is heat resistant. Set on medium rollers and backcombed into style.

The cheaper wigs without lace are the very first ones that I purchased because of curiosity and when delivered was very disappointed but put it down to experience.

Now they have developed a new type of wig that is a reasonable price but looks expensive. Well, all depends on the wig how you style and dress it.

When i receive any wig through the post i like to wash and condition it. Maybe leave it in a plastic bag with the conditioner on it for a day or so. Some hairpieces if they are bad I have left in the conditioner for 1 week. Wow, what a difference. Much softer and the shine is lovely.

I then will detangle and blowdry it. Human hair wigs are easier to manage but fake hair wigs are more tangled and have to have more care of them.

I then look at the hair and what style it is already to what style I will cut it into.

Fake budget colourful lace frontal wig made to look better than it is

Cutting wigs are different from cutting a human beings hair. For one, the model canvas head I have attached to my office desk is not always the same shape as the wig. So I have to physically put on the wig to guide where the ear tabs need to be and sculpt it around my shape head.

There is a difference in peoples head sizes but our ears are roughly in the same place. So I know I’m cutting them in the right place.

Its amazing how a wig can change a face shape and appearance. Just like make-up that can make you look like another person completely.

I love doing transformations, its so much fun seeing the clients face when I reveal their female persona to them.

As I have always said “Every human being has male and female tendencies in them”.

Human Hair Lace Frontal Wig. Can be bleached, coloured, permed and is heat resistant

So even if a man looks very manly. He will still pass as a female when transformed. As there are a few manly looking women out there.

I don’t mention this to offend in anyway but I’m just stating the truth.

So the conclusion to this blog today is that you don’t have to go over your budget to have a beautiful wig.

I do do a wig transformation service if you have a tired-looking wig and would like it to be made over to look a million dollars (or pounds in our case).

Contact me and we can talk further. I don’t have fixed prices I just cost the job for the individual client. This can be done during a hairdressing fetish appointment.

I will look forward to hearing from you….


24 Dec 2019
December 24, 2019

Happy Kinky Christmas Eve To You All…

Tuesday 24th December 2019

Postmas Blog NO.24.
Well, girls and boys its that time of year to whether you have been good or bad but in Mistress Lucy’s eyes good is being bad in a kinky type of way.
As you have been reading all my Postmas Blogs and have got an insight into how Mistress Lucy’s mind really works.

I am a human being like everyone else but living the Mistress life full time for 10 years changes the way I look at things completely.

May 2011

Emotions for one thing. My heart has become tougher in the way that I don’t hurt easily. Thick-skinned I think the saying goes.

I used to be very sensitive and take a lot of things to heart if someone was to call me nasty names ect

Now I don’t think anything of it. Maybe it’s the change of eating etc that I started 19 months ago.

They say it takes time for anything to happen when change occurs. Finally, my body loves the skin it’s living in.

Shame its taken 47 years but that’s life sometimes.

July 2017

I definitely think that has to be something to think about… ‘Being happy in your own skin’.

It’s like the foundation of a building. If that is not secure enough then the whole house when built is not going to last very long.

It’s the same with life. If you don’t love yourself then no one else will. I am saying that on a happy note because it is perfectly true.

What I am about to talk about is not a lecture, far from it but just my experience and how it has made me feel 100% better.

So even if you do one thing to change yourself for the better then that’s better than not making the effort at all.

So these are the steps I try to abide by to keep me healthy/healthier:

1. Eat A Healthy Food Plan Every Day –

Oct 2018,

I try my best to do this every day but we all waver every now and again. What is satisfactory to one person is not to the next. We are all built differently.

I eat 2 meals a day. Overnight oats when I wake at whatever time that is in the morning (as it differs from day to day).  Then a hot meal around 5-6 pm as any later plays havoc with my digestion system.

I have learnt what I can eat at different times of the day and night if I get the munchies. If I don’t stick to these rules, I know it for sure.

2. Eliminate Un-Natural Bad Foods –

Febuary 2019

I have stopped all red and white meat from my food plan. Yes, we are carnivores (so the topic of conversation would agree to disagree) but some peoples insides find it hard to digest it more than others.

I have very little fish and diary (maybe cheese every now and again but not often).

I have found my taste buds have got better and every taste is much sweeter and sharper without dairy that was coating my tongue and masking the true flavours.

I am more plant-based than I have ever been in my life. I get a lot of my vitamins from fruit salad and vegetables.

I do not have a cooker or microwave. The only electrical appliances I have in my kitchen are a kettle, blender, fridge and a washing machine.

I have soya juice (I call it juice because it’s not milk as we all recognise it to be) instead of milk on my porridge (I’ve tried water but I have to put extra flavour in with it eg: sugar etc and I don’t like the taste).

April 2019

I cut up 1 x mango, 1 x banana and squeeze 4 x oranges and put it all in the flask blender. Pure natural juice to keep me going throughout the day, yummy natural sugar.

I have peppermint tea as a hot drink although it’s nice hot. warm or cold and water when I feel like it.

My downfall is sugar in my peppermint tea which I know its wrong but it’s nice. I don’t have many sins in food and that’s one of them.

If I fancy a naughty treat I don’t deny myself of it but I don’t need much of it as I did before.

3. Cut Out All Pills And Potions – (only if they are hindering you)

May 2019

I say I did this is because I was on the pill for 15 years or more. The reason I started taking it (skin issues and contraception) isn’t the reason why I was taking it now. My skin is clear from eating natural products and I am celibate by choice.

Being an old-school mistress does affect your mindset when it comes to an active lifestyle.

So I decided it was hindering my lifestyle (unwanted chemicals) more than benefiting it. I stopped it cold turkey as they say.

I didn’t have any side effects like some women do (dry skin, tiredness, depressed). Within 1 month I notice some amazing bonuses to my whole being.

No mood swings and emotional ups and downs (not that there were many but I had to train myself to control them when they occurred).

Ladies problems were a breeze but you don’t need to know about that.

Fewer migraines (I did suffer with them on a regular basis, that would knock me for six when they did occur) and a totally chemical-free lifestyle.

4. Exercise –  (is not my strong point but I’m working on it)

September 2019

Yes, it is best to do as much exercise as your happy with but I cut it out completely when I started this change. Basically to see how I would feel and what it would do to my mind.

I used to be a gym bunny years ago. So going from every day to not at all was a big leap for me. Over time I did miss it but my lifestyle was busy so I didn’t miss it in terms of I need to fit it in.

The days would go by so quickly and before I knew it I was clearing up my workspace and getting ready to sit down for my 2nd meal of the day.

As in myself, I feel that I need to do something for a feel-good factor but not for a major exercise routine that’s going to change my shape completely.

As I say I’m happy in my own skin the way I am.

Over time it may change my shape a bit but that will be without putting major effort into it. Whos to know when and if I have the time my mind may change direction.

5.Meditation and crystals –

18th December 2019

Now don’t worry, I’m not going into this topic too deeply as I know its not everyone’s cup of tea.

I’ve only mentioned this because it has helped me in my personal and appointments life a great deal.

To relax and know how to relax in the art of meditation is a must. This has helped me immensely.

I am no reiki therapist or spiritualist but the advice I have been given on this topic has changed my way of thinking a lot.

These 5 rules I have tried to stand by have as I say changed my life in such a short amount of time.

This is why I have mentioned that loving yourself is so very important. We only have only life so don’t waste it.

Conclusion Of My Life-Changing Journey…

20th December 2019

Throughout this part of my life, yes I may not be as toned and trim as I was when I was full-on at the gym but I feel happier and healthier in myself more than I have ever been.

If you want to change then do it for yourself and no one else. Your the only one that can make that change

If you would like to know more about turning you’re life around and loving yourself the right way then contact me and we can converse more.

If not then no worries and thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully enjoy this Christmas Eve Postmas Blog and maybe your find another topic to contact me about.