09 Feb 2020
February 9, 2020

Is Very Short Hair On A Female Acceptable?…

Sunday 9th February 2020

Daily Blog NO.71.
Disclaimer: I am not ill or a lesbian or anything like that. I am a healthy, heterosexual female that is confidently comfortable having very short hair.

I have always had short hair I would say most of my adult life. I have gone ultra-short twice in the past. Once for a good cause and the other because I wanted to start fresh because of having to much color build up on the hair I had at the time.

It’s amazing though because stereotypically a woman should have long hair because that’s what the statistics say that the opposite sex likes.

These days anything goes and there will always be someone out there that finds every look of a human being attractive in some way or another.

Each time I have needed a haircut I have always had visions of just thinking “dam it” and shave it all off but always thought its not the right thing for an older woman to do.

I’m not a normal female (as everyone that knows me will agree). I am a straight female but I have a mistress personality but thinks like a guy.

As I have decided to delve deeper into the fetish scene than I ever have done in the past I have taken a few moments over the past week to see how big the bald female haircut is and whether I should do it for the 3rd time.

Click on image to see the full photograph

Whilst cutting my hair yesterday as it needed it drastically because I looked like an overgrown tennis ball ( the sides grow outwards now that it’s short) I kept thinking about taking the NO.1. all over.

I decided on a NO.1 at the side and a NO.4 on top (as you can see in the video I uploaded on onlyfans) .

I woke this morning having this very strong feeling of shaving my head again.  The reason it has been playing on my mind is that I have characteristics in my hairline at the front that will not sit right if not cut short enough.

So this evening I took the clippers to my hair again (what I have left of it) and took it to a NO.2. on top and a 1/2 blend at the sides.

I had a shower afterward to wash away the tiny clipper cuttings of leftover hair. It felt great with the water flow over me from above (i have a waterfall shower head from the ceiling) very cleansing.

All I can say to everyone who is against or dislikes ultra-short hair on women “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

Hair does not make a woman beautiful its the person she is that shines through much more…




08 Feb 2020
February 8, 2020

What A Fun Day I’ve Had Today…

Saturday 8th February 2020

Daily Blog NO.70.
Well as I said I was going to spice things up in the last blog and so I jolly well did…

Today I woke ready to have a full-on fetish photo shoot. I laid in bed (as you do) giving yourself a few minutes to fully open my eyes.

I then thought about all the wonderful things that I could include but had to keep it simple as this one was a full-on wig and makeup etc shoot.

I picked my wig and picked my corset then I thought about what I wanted to portray in the images and went from there.

Size 8, Thigh High Boots for Sale

When I was fully dressed, apart from the tattoos I did not recognize myself but that was the aim of the shoot. Not to be in disguise but to see how different I can imagine myself to be like.

The way I took the photos and then edited them as I went was just like a professional photographer. It’s amazing what a mobile phone can do these days,

I have been thinking of getting a proper more expensive camera but why should I if my phone does exactly what I want.

Also, I know how to operate my phone. I’m useless with technology as in gadgets etc. if it works great but if it goes wrong I stand there scratching my head lol

So I managed to get a good 50 images taken today and now I have to edit them properly and decide on the best ones to put onto only fan www.onlyfans.com/mistresslucylew which is where you will be able to see them.

As I mentioned in my last blogs that I can not showcase them on here as they are of adult fetish nature which is against the ruling of my website. Only fans are a subscription-based website that can showcase many different topics without question.

I have managed to sort an acceptable one for here as a teaser for you but the others you will have view on only fans.

A PVC and Rubber Haircut

I also cut my hair today. It grows so fast. every 10days I have to cut it. It must be the plant-based eating plan I’m on. Its like compost to plants.

I decided to dress in PVC during the haircut so it would help you concentrate…not. It is 30 minutes long but I will see if I can upload all that video or if not I will have to shorten it in some way.

I hope I can as its a good video. I went a bit shorter this time as it grows so fast.

Well, I hope you enjoy the outcome of my day’s input and do let me know your feedback as it would be great to know what you think.

Anything you would like to request contact me and let me know and I will see what I can do.

If you would like to buy the size 8 thigh-high boots in the image then contact me and we can converse more about it.

Friday 7th February 2020

Daily Blog NO.69.
Disclaimer: I have received consent at the beginning of each session before we have started to use the substances in play.

Well, what a topic of discussion today. It will bring a lot of tears to many people’s eyes that read this. As they may or may not have had an experience with one of these substances in the past.

Well, What Are You Waiting For…Hot Or Cold????

It may have been by mistake by not washing their had properly before going to the toilet or visited a mistress that has the same ideas as me.

I have had a few experiences of fun (fun for me not so much for them lol) with subs that have not behaved and needed punishment whilst in my care.

Depending on the thing they have done wrong, it all depends on what substance I will use.

Sometimes they don’t even know it is happening until their areas are reacting.

As the saying goes ‘Great Balls Of Fire’ or it may be ‘Iciballs (icicle lol get it lol).

They are warned before we start (as I have mentioned in the disclaimer) so I know they are not allergic to anything in the cream.

It is all good to have fun at the time but not to have an allergic rash that they have to seek medical help over afterward.

To feel the slow build-up to coolness on your balls is very invigorating and yet once arrived at the peak of the moment it can be a feeling of euphoria in the strangest way.

This type of play with either the cold or heat cream is a particular niche for a very individual person…

For more fun and risky photos and videos take a look at my only fans page www.onlyfans.com/mistresslucylew

A lot of content exclusively for only fans as my website is restricted to what I can show because it is a non-login website.

06 Feb 2020
February 6, 2020

What Is Happiness To You?…

Thursday 6th February 2020

Daily Blog NO.68.

The word ‘Happy’ has so many meanings as each individual has their own special meaning.

To me, happy is be able to have enough coming in to pay the bills and extra leftover for luxuries but to others, it could mean family or relationships.

I am true to myself. That is what makes me happy…

I know money is not everything as material things are just objects but being able to pay your way keeps the unwanted letters from coming through your letterbox.

Many lucky people have won the lottery and think they are set up for life. Depends on how you spend it is to how long it lasts you,

If you are wise and not over-excited about what you can afford then you will be set up for a good many years.

I think the meaning of being happy is loving yourself and being comfortable in your own skin whatever you look like and then others will like you for being you.

For many years when starting in this industry I was trying to be like someone else and not my true self. As time passed and I began to understand what I wanted out of life I then relaxed and the true me shone through…

Other ways to make you happy is looking at my onlyfans page www.onlyfans.com/mistresslucylew 

There are many risky photos and videos that you will not see anywhere else on the internet. Exclusive to Onlyfans subscribers…






Wednesday 5th February 2020

Daily Blog NO.67.

When you decide to take a rule of celibacy to yourself, is it the same thing as chastity?

When you have been active for the past younger years it becomes a way of life that you know no different. Just like when you learn to speak.

If you are brought up in England then you are taught English or if you are brought up in Italy for example then your taught to speak Italian.

Until you are introduced into a different way of thinking you know no different.

Chastity can be performed in many ways to the individual needs

Sex is not the be-all and end-all to everything. Its what you choose to be the priority of your daily routine.

Chastity is something that can be physically as well as mentally controlling but can also be associated with celibacy.

It’s all in the mind for it to work. Train your mind to go without it. Just like going without chocolate, it’s possible.

If you give the control of your sexual ways to another person you must stay loyal to them for as long as they say.

If you break that rule you then you will feel that you have betrayed your controller. Normally when you climax it a great euphoric feeling of a release that will make you happy.

Trying to keep what you have done to yourself is not good because you will feel a burden of guilt from that moment onwards.

So think before touching the forbidden place. As time can not be turned back to right the wrong that you have just done.

If you feel you would like some control in your life then contact me and we can converse further about the matter.

www.onlyfans.com/mistresslucylew For more risky Videos and photographs that are not allowed on here.



03 Feb 2020
February 3, 2020

Controling You Being From A Far…

Monday 3rd February

Daily Blog NO.65.
To be controlled by a partner or boss is completely different to be controlled by a mistress.

Some people don’t like to meet so they choose to keep in contact online with them eg: webcam,  WhatsApp or skype etc. It’s more convenient for lack of time and to longer distance from the mistress in most cases.

To be told what to do by a mistress from afar is very appealing and humiliating in the same experience.

There are a few ways that long-distance mistress relationships can work. Manipulation or it can be called domination but depending on the situation and scenario.

To be taken over physically and mentally takes a special kind of person that is a very strong mind but will to submit their whole world to this one mistress that they adore.

An arrangement is set up between the mistress and the sub slave. A weekly tribute is paid into her bank account and for that tribute, he will be able to receive tasks every day to complete and regular contact either by text or phone call.

To be told what to do to this type of person is very thrilling to him because he is the type of sub that always has to have someone to impress.

If you are this type of person and would like to have a long-distance mistress contact me and we can talk about the arrangement.

www.onlyfans.com/mistresslucylew – For more risky videos and photography that are not allowed on here.



02 Feb 2020
February 2, 2020

Benched BDSM Strict Haircut….

Sunday 2nd February 2020

It is only natural to be intrigued at different things in life and wonder why!!!

I myself are fascinated by doing things against the grain. Some things have to be kept to a certain ruling but if I can find a way of twisting the normality of something, I will.

Are you needing a punishment haircut/head shave?

If you say to me it can’t be done then I will say “ok, we will see about that”. I will try it in my will power to conquer it. I will fail if I have to but not without giving it a blooming good go.

As like the greatest strong man Eddie Hall once said when told that 500kg deadlift was impossible to do and has never been done.

With him, it’s all about strength in the muscles and body but I will only do something if it only betters me in my mind. I have too many injuries from my past to be pushing my body like that now.

Even sweeping up after a haircut makes my backache, unfortunately. Due to a back injury in 2002.

So when it comes to being unique in mistressing I perform fetishes to the best of my knowledge and then twist them to become unique to mistress Lucy.

A bench haircut has been done before but not in the setting of my entertainment floor.

Something to discipline your backchat or naughty thoughts maybe!

You will be laid out on a bare board PVC covered bench, face down and then placed in a way that your head will hang over one end.

I will handcuff you in a starfish position so you can not move. As I decide on the clipper guard or no clipper guard to use your imagination will play havoc with your senses.

Not knowing what is going to happen next. The click of the bar on the clippers turns on. Normally it would not frighten you when hearing in a normal barbers shop but in this position, you immediately feel vulnerable.

Mistress pulls at your ear and whispers sinisterly “are you ready Sonny Jim”. Dam” you think this is more nerve-wracking than a roller coaster ride.

Mistress is far from soothing as the clippers glide over your skull. Holding your ear to still your head as she takes every last hair you have just grown for the past 4 weeks from you bald and even balder head now.

As it falls to the floor passing your vision you feel you want to say goodbye to it forever but you know it will grow back faster than you really want it to.

If you want to be terrified on my PVC hardwood bench then contact me and see what you will be brave enough to ask for.

If you want to see the video to this haircut then it is on my only fans page www.onlyfans.com/mistresslucylew


01 Feb 2020
February 1, 2020

Unique Mistress Lucy…

Saturday 1st February 2020

Daily Blog NO.63.
I am very sorry to all the nice, well mannered and respectful clients I already have who will read this but this needs to be addressed as its getting out of hand.

My website and profiles that I advertise on have the top priority information that you need to know at the beginning of all adverts.

So why ask the questions when the information is clearly there in front of your eyes.

I recently have been getting a lot of response to my blogs (which is great) from all types of people (i am unable to call them clients as they are not worthy of such a title) and unfortunately, they have been very unsavoury indeed (i have to take the rough with the smooth, I understand that).

They have been asking for services that everyone else offers (including personal services which is absolutely clear that I do not offer) and expecting me to perform them the way everyone else does…I don’t.

I perform them the unique Mistress Lucy way that I am comfortable with.

I like to have a unique twist to everything I do in my sessions. I do not take my clothes off in any way shape or form. Clients are more likely to ask me to dress up in certain outfits which will give the ambience of the role-play a better flow.

  • If you think that facesitting is oral…think again, it’s not.

    Do I Look Like A Febble Little Female?

  • If you think sploshing is food sex and groping each other…think again, it’s not.
  • If you think that toilet training is receiving directly from me and I expose my body parts to you…think again, it’s not.
  • If you would like to see me wearing stockings…you can but you can only see between my knee and my foot as I will not raise my skirt for anyone.
  • If you would like to see me in a basque…you may see me in a corset (over the top clothing as a basque is known as underwear) with a skirt or trousers but not a corset only.

Basically, if you want to see a mistress walk around scantily clad then DO NOT contact me as I am not the mistress for you.

A modern-day mistress will be willing to do anything clothed or unclothed. An old schoolmistress requires respect and admiration and will never undress or show her lady parts in any nature to anyone.

She is a lady to be put on a pedal stool that you look up to and worship in the manner she is used to.

So do not take my nice naturally friendly manner for a soft touch. I will not have anyone try to pull the wool over my eyes.

Just as you think you have one over on me I will, out of the blue come back with such an unexpected response your regret you ever thought of me as a silly little fragile female.

I have been in this business for long enough to know how to handle every type of client, greeting and response.

I have developed very thick skin over the years so nothing will offend or upset me. You are more than likely going to get offended or upset more than me.

Your choice… you’ve been warned.

Do not forget what I have told you as if you do disrespect me in any way you will lose out on ever meeting me or get severally punished for your bad manners without you knowing it.

So when looking at the content of my online whereabouts, think before contacting me.

Take into consideration these points:

  1.  Are you in my prefered age category?
  2. Be respectful in the manner that you greet and converse with me. I am not your babe, darling or hun. Its Mistress or Lucy depending on the reason you are contacting me.
  3. Think about what you would like to experience when or if you are allowed to visit me.

So hopefully this blog has helped all those disrespectful young boys or older guys that are old enough to know better.

I will carry on blocking anyone that goes against my rules. I am comfortable with the number of regular clients I have so don’t think that I need to take every client that contacts me.

I only agree to well mannered and respectful clients to visit me at my home.

So if you are in the category of well mannered and respectful gents that are over the age of 35 years old then I will be happy for you to contact me.

http://www.onlyfans.com/mistresslucylew – For more risky videos and photography that are not allowed on here.

29 Jan 2020
January 29, 2020

Sploshing With A Difference…

Wednesday 29th January 2020

Daily Blog NO.60.
Disclaimer: I do not have any photography images to show for this blog but as soon as my photoshoot has taken place I will do another blog on the experience.

Sploshing to most experienced kinksters is food sex play but to me, it’s all kinds of things. As I don’t offer personal services then my sploshing is completely different.

The reason why this fetish is called sploshing is because of the noise a congealed liquid makes when hitting a solid surface.

I still do the sploshing in a conventional way but you are in my large double shower and I am standing from a great height above you or in front of you covering you in a chosen liquid-like or semi-solid type substance. Something like custard, Jelly or cream gateaux or custard tart for example.

You may think what a waste to be doing that with such a tasty food but don’t you worry you will be able to snack on it when It hits your lips or face.

Now if you choose to place your genitals in an apple pie like the famous film American Pie (i think its called) then ok, however, the mood takes you is fine by me.

The sensation of soft warm wobbly, slimy liquid type substance thrown at you from a great height or chucked at you full frontal with the contents of my jug, bucket or container dribbling down you face back chest and reaching places nothing else can is to some people a very desirable and erotic feeling at that.

If that sounds a bit to mess then a milder version is possible. Tided to my bdsm bench and have the chosen substance rubbed over your body in a massage type of way.

Now the only way you can do the same to me is if you want to lick a creamy substance off of my hand or boot/shoe. Your imagination can stay imagining if you would like to do anything else.

Just remember I am your old schoolmistress and not a modern-day mistress.

You may say to yourselves “so why do I do it differently to normal mistress?” Now if I told you that the secret would be told.

You will need to contact me to find out, won’t you…

If this arouses you and you would like to experience this then contact me and we can converse some more about arranging such delicious and desirable appointment.

www.onlyfans.com/mistresslucylew – For more risky videos and photography that are not allowed on here.





28 Jan 2020
January 28, 2020

Tongue Tickerling…..

Tuesday 28th January 2020

Daily Blog NO.59
When you’ve been into the fetish lifestyle for a while you will come across some niches that won’t float your boat but also won’t shock you because you have seen or heard of most things.

Do Not Say A Word

Fetishes can comprise of anything to watching, touching, hearing and tasting. I like to push the boundaries of the fetish industry when taking a session and touch on places that no one would even think of worrying about being marked as no one will see that area.

The tongue is very sensitive because if you bite your tongue it brings tears to your eyes. A percentage of people get their tongue pierced so they know what pain is but I don’t go that far as I stay safe and don’t pierce the skin if I can help it.

Attaching things to the tongue in different ways is more torturous because its natural to want to swallow and to do that you need your tongue in your mouth not hanging out of it with clips and weights on it.

The mind can normally only cope with 1 to 2 things going on at the same time but if you’re cuffed with vibrations and a have numerous clips attached to your tongue your mind and imagination goes loopy.

It may be BDSM overload to some people but to others its pure fun and excitement….

If you would like me to tickle your tongue the Mistress Lucy Way then contact me and we can converse from there.

www.onlyfans.com/mistresslucylew – For more risky videos and photography that are not allowed on here.