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Normally on this page, you would be able to click on the link of the item you’re interested in and look at all the details on my eBay shop but unfortunately, there is an eBay license I need to sell adult clothing, etc on there.
As soon as I am up and run on there again I will but the links back again but you can purchase them from me direct.
It will vary from Latex, PVC, Leather or Faux Leather and regular materials in clothing to equipment, etc
I am only just starting my shop so please do keep an eye open for the new up and coming items in the near future.
Items will be added practically every day if I have the time in between appointments. I have about 4 large boxes of items to put on eBay so please bear with me as it may take a while lol but I’m gradually getting there.
If there are any questions you care to ask me then please do so as all inquiries on any level are fun to answer.
Look forward to receiving your calls, texts or emails
Click the link in the last sentence to go through to my contact page which will have all my contact details for you to reach me between 10 am to 10 pm.
Take care and talk soon…

Westwood Bound Full Length Pink/Warm White Latex Stockings £100.00 to Match the Dress.

High-Class Latex is my no.1 love when it comes to dressing up and looking my very best. I can always tell if a client is a real experienced Latex lover with the names they call it when explaining what Latex means to them. If they call it rubber then I know they aren’t into it at all. Rubber is what tyres are made of but Latex is a fine quality material that can be molded into anything the designer wants it to do.
As like Vivienne Westwood’s designs….WOW is all I can say. It’s expensive but its Dam worth it.
I’ve tried cheap latex before and unfortunately, it ripped right in the middle of an appointment. Luckily my bottom wasn’t anywhere near the client (as that would have been very embarrassing) but I made my excuses and swiftly managed to put a skirt over the latex leggings that ripped lol I had to laugh to myself afterward as I have seen it on the television but never thought it would happen to me.
That is how I now that cheap latex or even expensive latex can rip at the catch of a shape object or nail.
So my advice is if you can’t afford the expensive better quality latex outfits now, wait till you have saved a bit more money and then buy.
I have some latex items on here today but these are just odd bits and pieces I have. Vivienne Westwood is very difficult to get discounted items on unless they are seconds and they may be faulty in some way or another. So be extra careful.
I will be getting more stock but as I have only just started please bear with me and keep an eye on here regularly.
So enjoy looking through my fetish shop but don’t be prude lol look through it all as you might shock yourself and enjoy it…

Westward Bound Pretty Pink and Warm White Briefs £40.00 to match the dress and stockings.


Vivienne Westwood – Westward Bound Latex (High Quality)
*Pretty Pink and Warm White Latex Maids Dress with Apron, Size 16 (will stretch a little but not a lot) *£150.00* (as in the photo above)
*Pretty Pink and Warm White Full-Length Latex Stockings, (will stretch a little but not a lot) *£100.00*
*Pretty Pink and Warm White Frilly Briefs *£40.00*
*Pretty Pink and Warm White Suspender Belt Size 14/16 **SOLD**