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Blue Frilly Maids outfit – Look below for more details.

Over the years I have experienced many wonderful and fun-filled times with lots of different individuals. Like all of us, we have grown in experience the more we do something.

I have grown to love buying and selling items of all sorts in the fetish industry. This why I have decided to add a fetish shop to my website.

The items you see today have been bought in one or another but now are not needed.

If you wish to buy a full outfit or more than 1 item I will give you a pleasing discount but let me know what you want and we can go from there. You can either Email/Text or call me for further information.

Latex Gas Mask – Look Below For Details


I only take Paypal as payment as I have used this company for many years and found them to be very safe with all transactions that I have gone through.

My PayPal email address that you make your payment to is Mistresslucylew34@gmail.com.

COLLECTION OR POSTAGE…  All items can be either collected (free) or posted (at a compromised price).

LATEX – Vivienne Westwood – All these items are in baby pink with warm white trim to match (The maids dress colour in the photos below).

Brand New, only tried on for size. Never fully worn properly. Came in plastic bags but they got ripped when opening so no original packaging but will obviously pack your items up nice and safe for when you either collect or post.

These items were custom made for specific measurements this is why I am very detailed in the size description. Latex can give a couple of cms but you don’t want to stretch the seams too much as it will tear if you’re not careful.

Photographs of the actual items will be posted soon when I get time to photograph them in the daylight so you can see the true beauty of the colour and items.

1 x MARIBELL MAIDS UNIFORM (Only dress and apron) – Retailed at £208.00 will accept £200.00

Condition: Worn twice (once to try on the second time to model for photos)

Breathtakingly cute and flirtatious at the same time. The fitted high ruffle neck flatters the bust while the loose cut of the skirt plays well off of shapely hips. The collar and sleeves are fitted with a cute bell, there will be no way you will not be noticed or heard. The bell should ring with every wiggle of the hips. Cute puff sleeves with contrasting trim and tiny bells that add to the jingle jangle Concealed Three-quarter length back zipper.

*Size 18
*Neck 18″ around
*Tops of arms 14″ around
*Chest 42″ around
*32″ Waist around
*35″ from Neck collar to bottom of the skirt

Mistresses Review – This is a very good quality maids outfit. The Latex is thicker than any other company that I have tried and it is very comfortable to wear. I have many outfits from this company and from the seams to the designer quality it is outrageously excellent in every way. I speak the truth and if I didn’t like the quality I would say otherwise. It may seem expensive for what it is but trust me I have tried cheaper latex outfits and they have lasted 5 minutes because the latex was so thin and it was badly made.

1 x THRILL FRILL BRIEFS (Matching in colour to Mirabell Maids Dress) Retailed at £41.48 will accept £40.00

Condition: Worn twice (once to try on the second time to model for photos)

High cut sexy briefs is sized at 12/14. The slightly high cut of the waist and the comfortable amount of coverage in our fetish briefs is designed to not cut in or give overhang on the waistband. Worn in a set or on their own. Soft hand tailored frill Trim in warm white. From Waist to crouch to top of bottom measurement is 28″.

Mistresses Review – As I mentioned before on the Mirabell Maids Dress. This is a very good quality Latex. When dealing with briefs you don’t want them to be to tight as they can cut in and be uncomfortable. Latex makes the body sweat and no one wants to chaff in the groin area whether your male or female. These are an exact colour match with the dress which when on show it compliments each other very well.

1 x THRILL FRILL SUSPENDER BELT – (Matching colour to Mirabell Maids Dress\Briefs) Retailed at £49.88.00 will accept £40.00

Condition: Worn twice (once to try on the second time to model for photos)

Waist 26″ around
Suspender Length 13″ (same on front and back)

Thrill Frill Suspender Belt sized in a 12/14 has four suspender straps for equal support of your stockings. Cute and sexy with a soft frill trim in warm white for a perfect finish. Beautifully feminine and quaintly sissy.

Mistresses Review– This is also a very good quality Suspender belt. It has high-standard suspender grips which are not adjustable because the item is latex. Any movement on the straps and it will cause tearing. This item is more flattering when worn higher up on the waist as if worn lower it can cause unsightly bulging on the hips which is not good for a smooth outline.

1 x THRILL FRILL STOCKINGS – (Matching in colour to Mirabell Maids Dress, Briefs and Suspender belt) Retailed at £120.23 will accept £110.00

Condition: Worn once (once to try on) Models legs were to short for stockings for the photos.

These Luxury stockings have a tailored double frilled garter on both stocking tops. Contrast trim in warm white gives  the stockings an elegance with attention to detail like no other. Back seam for strength. Each stocking is hand seamed with tailored ankles for a perfect fit. Soft support boning at the top of the stockings to avoid rolling. Three tailored holes in the soles of feet to avoid build-up of air.

Measurements for comfort fit – Top of stocking  20″, Calf Diameter 12″, Inside leg length 40″, Foot – toe to heel 12″ (made for a size 10 foot)

Mistresses Review – These yet again are fabulous quality latex Stockings but I have now learnt how to put them on with ease and less risk of tearing them during application.

‘How to put on Latex Stockings’ – Put a good amount of baby oil on your feet and legs beforehand. Ruffle them up down to the toe like you would put a nylon pair of stockings on. Then Start with the toes and then slide the heel in. You have to make sure your seam is straight up the back of your leg when you first start at your ankle as these aren’t like normal stockings where you can move them around halfway up your leg when you have them on. The latex slides in place with the oil but then stays there when you pass that part of your leg. Make sure you have a nice smooth finish when moving up your leg. When you’re at your knee then stop and put the other one on exactly the same way. When both are at your knee then put your briefs and suspender belt on. It should be easier from there onwards as the suspender grips hold better on latex than material. It took me 4 attempts to get latex stockings on and 6 attempts to get tights and leggings on properly but when you do know how to its easy. Just be careful with long nails as they are what tear the latex.

Black Latex Gas Mask – Retailed at £55 will accept £45.00

Condition – Used but in very good condition.

This is a high-quality Latex Gas Mask that fits snuggly to the head to give that enclosed feeling. It can be used with enhancements or without being which are fed through the breathing tube.

This takes your enjoyment of restriction to the next level. Even without restricting your arms or legs it puts your mind frame in a whole different concept.

This will stretch to fit all sizes as it is made out of extra thick Latex/Rubber. Best to first put onto the forehead and then pull under your chin for extra comfort. Painful if you try to pull over your hair first unless your into that type of depilation (hair removal).

Mistresses Review – I have 2 of these Gas Masks that is why I have no need for this one. I have had lots of breathe control and restriction fun with my subs with thismask and would highly recommend it for either the mild or extreme BDSM sub.

Hula Kula Blue Frilly Polka Dot Dress with White Frilly Apron and Frilly Petticoat – Retailed at £143.60 but will accept £120.00

Condition – Used twice ( once for trying on for size and once for modelling the photographs).

Size 16-18. This is an average sizing and not customised.

Fits a 42″ chest (male or female) and the skirt is thigh length depending on your height.

The model is 5ft 8″ tall.

It can be worn with or without a frilly petticoat but looks best with the gravitation and the dramatic look of the outfit.

Mistresses Review – This is a very OTT outfit for anyone that likes the frilly sissy maid extreme look. It can be matched with different colours of petticoats or accessories to make colourful and dynamic costumes for different occasions. Very exciting and fun to have in anyone’s play box.

Hula Kula Blue Frilly Polka Dot Panties – Retailed £25.28 but will accept £25.00

Condition – Used twice (once for trying on for size and once for modelling the photographs).

These Panties are silky to the touch inside and out and have a soft arousing lining with elasticated waist and leg openings. They are sized at 16 for comfort but depending on your waist measurement. They are made out of the same material as the maids dress.

Mistress Review – These are a perfect match with the maids dress and compliment the outfit especially when frilly maid is bending over to clean the skirting boards with her toothbrush.

Hula Kula Blue Frilly Polka Dot Suspender Belt – Retailed £26.86 but will accept £25.00

Condition – Used twice ( once for trying on for size and once for modelling the photographs).

This suspender belt Is in keeping with the briefs and maids dress in the same material. Giving the briefs a deeper waistband as they are made to sit above the brief with the suspenders to sit inside the briefs and out onto the leg to support the stocking.

Mistresses Review– As like the briefs it is a compliment to the whole outfit and finishes it off perfectly. Frills, frills and more frills…just how we like it.

‘Bitch pump’ Blue Paterned Stiletto Boot Shoe – Retailed at £58.52 but will accept £50.00

Condition – They have been worn twice in the house but hardly walked in (once for sizing and once for modelling for these photos)









This elegant baby blue boot shoe is perfect for the blue frilly maid’s outfit. Set off with a pair of white fishnet stockings and your be the envy of all the sissy maids.

They are a size 11 wide fit (44) and can be worn by a male or female maid.

The heel Stands at just over 5″ with a 1″ platform. Just the right height to accentuate your calves and make your legs look slimmer and longer than ever. It is a laced up front with a contrasting baby blue glossy ribbon that tied in a bow will suit her just right.

Mistresses Review– These are the right choice of shoe for the ultimate sissy maid. She should be made to hobble around on the highest heels while she does her chore. Just to remind her who her mistress is. Compliments the outfit just right.

‘Bitch Pump’ Pink/Baby Pink Belled/Frilled Boot Shoe – Retails at £71.47 but I will accept £65.00

Condition – They have been worn once in the house but hardly walked in (once for modelling for these photos)

These neon pink boot shoes are a perfect match to the Pink Maribella Latex outfit.

Again they are a size 11 wide fit (44) Can be worn by a male or female maid. They have a rounded toe for more comfort.
The heel stands at just over 5″ and the platform at 1″. The colouring is a dark but bright Pink base with a contrasting and flattering baby pink stiletto heel.

The frill around the ankle part of the shoe gives the idea of a sock top so could be worn without stockings if you wish.

The silver bells will move and sound with every little hobbling step you take. These will match the bells on the pink latex maids outfit exquisitely.

Mistresses Review – The colouring on these belled hobble shoes are so perfect for the latex outfit you couldn’t get a better match if you tried. Very pretty worn with stockings or without but depending if you’ve shaved your legs that day lol Ideal to keep an eye on where your maid is all the time. No creepy around with bells on your shoes sweetie.

Baby Pink Thigh High Paterned Stiletto Boots – Retail at £65.95 but will accept £50.00

Condition – They have been worn twice inside the house (once for sizing and once for modelling for these photos).






This pretty pink thigh high boots are not the same colour as the latex outfit but will still go with any outfit you carry to match them with.

The heel stands at just over 4″ without a platform. They are a drag boot so the leg is wider than a female boot.

They have no marking as for sizing but they are a size 11 as they are the same size as the other 2 pairs of footwear.

These boots have a wide fitting but are shaped with a pointed toe instead of a rounded toe. They are still comfortable but please take this into consideration on the shape of your foot.

The inside length of the boot, heel to inside thigh is 27″.The model stands at 5ft 8″.

***********************************COMPLETE OUTFIT OFFER***********************************

Pink Latex Maids Outfit and Pink Belled Shoes – If taken as a complete outfit I will give you 10% off.

Blue Frilly Maids Outfit with Light Blue Shoes – If taken as a complete outfit I will give you 10% off.


Any enquiries please contact me and we can discuss what you would like for your play box.

Look forward to hearing from you.