Blog No.179

Good morning sweetie and Happy Christmas to you,

It has been a while and I know in previous years for December I have done special things to celebrate but sometimes other things take my time up more than my mistressing. So apologies for the lack of updates this year.

Who would have thought that 2023 would go by so fast and yet so much has happened in a short amount of time?

Smokey – 16 years old (2020)

So are you having a Fetish Festive Christmas this year?

For many, they will have the traditional Christmas of inviting everyone together for Christmas dinner and watching the Queen’s speech at 3 pm (ops sorry King’s speech). I still can’t get the hang that we have a king now and not a queen. She reigned for 50 years of my life and that is a hard routine to change.

The word family is a controversial topic I know but it all depends on how you were brought up and with what type of parents. To me, my true family is my furbabies. Anyone who has followed me for a while will know that since I moved into my home just under 20 years ago my furbabies have been my everything.

Yes, they talk to me (no I’m not a crazy old cat lady. Well not crazy yet). They give me hugs and comfort when it is needed and just being in my house makes the 4 walls, a home. That is all I ask from them and obviously, I give back my unconditional love forever for them.

Tigi – 17 Years Old (Younger Photo)

So unfortunately 2 years ago on the 11th of this month Smokey my eldest pusscat and will always be my first love (because he is and was slightly older than Tigi) passed from a horrible Thyroid illness. He declined over a month previous and was comforted by his sister Tigi til the end whilst cradled in my arms.

Tigi didn’t take his passing well and for a good 12-18 months after would hide for hours on end wanting to be alone and when she came out she would opera sing calling for him at the top of my staircase at random hours of the day and night.

Taylor – 10 Years Old (Younger Photo)

Everything was normalish as could be, right up to the end of November 2023, Then, if I think back she started to act a little different as she went off her food and treats that she normally liked. I was very observant of her as I wanted to see if it was her depression that was taking her eating habits away or if she was ill. This went on for 14 days. For the last 5 days, she barely had anything to eat or drink. I tried to get her to take some small quantities of food and water throughout the day and night but she wouldn’t even lift her head to acknowledge what I put there for her.

To this day, I still think it was her depression that she gave in to. Yes, we all have to get on with life in general after a bereavement and yes it takes time to heal a broken heart but with cats/animals it affects them differently. Many species of the animal kingdom live only for one partner. I know Tigs was Smokey’s Sister but sometimes that is enough for an individual. For Tigi, Smokey was her everything.

Sandy – 13 Years Old (Younger Photo)

I think she struggled with her emotions more than she let me know. She passed at 11:20 pm on Sunday 10th December 2023. Unfortunately not peaceful. As soon as she felt her time was up she was very vocal to her last breath. Calling out to Smokey, maybe saying “I’m coming smokes, wait for me on the green fields at Heaven Gate. I won’t be long”.

It is terrible when a loved one leaves you but when you see them suffer for so long I am grateful that her broken heart has been healed now by being with her brother again. When Smokey passed it was painful but I had Tigs to cuddle up with as she was Smokey’s blood family. Now that she has passed as well I have Gorgus who is the next eldest but it’s not Tigi or Smokey. I love and cherish all my furbabies the same but they were my first kitties and I will never forget them.

Gorgus – 17 years old (Present Day Photo)

Gorgus is gorgeous, and very loving in her own way but since Tigis has gone she has been very understanding and affectionate, more so than ever before. She even sitting right by me whilst I type this blog. Bless her.

Each time a furbaby passes it breaks a piece of my heart away and gets me ready for the next time. This is not a nice thing to think about but the more kitties one has the more times your heart is bound to be broken.

Tommy – 15 Years Old (Younger Photo)

I’m a gluten for punishment. I have had 9 furbabies over the past 19.5 years. 4 were strays that walked into my garden and didn’t leave (they know where there is a loving home), but unfortunately, they are no longer with us due to underlying illnesses that took them.

2 were given to me as brother and sister (Smokey 17.4 years old, and Tigi 19.5 years old), Sandy was born in a neighbor’s shed a few gardens down from me and escaped to my garden (don’t know how as he was weeks old when I found him) Tommy was unwanted and Taylor was rescued from a friends dog that he cornered their back garden. 

Then last of all is Bertie. They say cats warm to you for a reason. He walked into my garden in May 2022 when Smokey passed in the previous December. As he is a white cat maybe he’s Smokey’s messenger disguised as an angel. He is around 2 years old now. A whirlwind of energy but he has been put in his place a few times by the elderly generation. It’s like putting a 20-year-old in an old people’s home. We are all subdued and calm and he wants to play and run around all the time when he is not stealing the other kitties’ beds.

Bertie – 2 years old (Summer 2023)

So this is a message I would like to leave you with…

Please love your furbabies with all your heart and treat them with lots of playtimes and treats as they will give you so much pleasure in return.

Sorry this was not as a fetish-related blog as you may have expected but my furbabies have been taking up a lot of my emotions and time lately and this topic of cracking down on unloved and unwanted animals needs to stop. If you don’t think you can give the love that they will need don’t say yes to a furbaby in the first place.

I know a lot of my clients and friends have furbabies themselves and shower them with lots of love that they deserve. Thank you for doing that and you will be rewarded unconditionally with your furbabies love.

So have a very furbaby-cuddly Christmas and I will catch up with you before the new year MLx


19 Oct 2022
October 19, 2022

15 Years Pass By And Yet Where Has It Gone…

Wednesday 19th October 2022

Blog No.173

Not Bad For 50 Years Old, Well Nearly…

Hello sweetie…Is time passing quickly or is it me? I wake on a Monday morning and before I know it it’s Friday again. The days, weeks, and months let alone the years are passing so fast.

As I sit in my office just off my dimly light kitchen stroking my kitty, Tigi and looking through my diary. I skip through October’s monthly planner at the front of the book and notice that I have been in the industry for nearly 16 years. “Wow” I say to myself and notice that I have a birthday quickly approaching on the 10th of November.


Normally birthdays are just another day to me but this one is another decade passing me by. I don’t mean to say that on a sad note but on a shocked note. I don’t feel my age. Well since I have become a little curvier than I do some days but apart from that, I am very happy in my own skin.

Strict Eye Contact …

Younger Versus Older…

When I was younger I used to think about what I would look and be like at 30 years old, 40, and then 50 years old. Now I am 23 days from my 50th birthday. I look at myself and think about what I have experienced through my past years. What an interesting life I have had so far and here’s to many more decades to come. So now that I am officially in the right age frame of being an eccentric old-school mistress I intend to act like one. However, how is an eccentric old mistress is supposed to act and look? lol Although I wear wigs and glasses to fit my character I enjoy looking this way. I do feel that when it comes to actually wearing glasses for my sight and wearing wigs as my hair is thinning I will be very happy to do so. lol I don’t think my hair will be so thin that I will have to cover it up, as my mother had reasonable hair into her late 80’s til she passed.


So, as this Eccentric Mistress Lucy is fighting strong even though I’m not so ancient (as one of my disrespectful not so clients) remarked recently. I have decided to open ‘Mistress Lucys Online Fetish University’. It will be a phone call, video call, text, and email service where I will customize a daily/weekly/monthly routine that will wet your taste buds with a touch of Domination, BDSM, Sissification, Therapy etc, (or just a naughty fetish conversation) to the individuals that can not visit me or live too far from me to do so. The tribute for my time will be £50 per day, £150 per week, and £500 per month (customized to the individual as to what your fetish is and what your real lifestyle will accommodate). If you care to take these offers it will be much more cost-effective than paying for each day as you go but it is up to you totally. My tribute will be paid via bank transfer to an account I keep empty, especially for this type of payment. It will be slightly different from the times that I take appointments. Hours starting at 9 am to 12 midnight.

Crazy Eccentric Old Lady Mistress Lucy lol I do Like To Roleplay…

All that Is offered within the Fetish University is negotiable and discreet. Now, as long as you are polite at all times all are welcome. The age preference starts at 18 years and there is no age preference it stops at (as I know what you elderly gentlemen like in your late 90’s). If I find that you are disrespecting myself or test me (playing me around and not in a good way) in any way, I will terminate your verbal contract and ban you from ever contacting me again. Your choice to be a good boy or not.


So if you would like to join ‘Mistress Lucy’s Online Fetish University’ then send me an email, direct message on my social media, or text and we can converse more on the subject.

For more in-depth details please contact me via whatever preference you prefer. I will look forward to receiving your inquiries.

Take care in all you do and stay safe…

Tuesday 19th July 2022

Blog No.171

Oh, my life, it is so flaming hot at the moment. It just shows us that we have been mistreating the world so much over the last 100 years or more that mother nature is punishing us for what we have done.

Extreme Temperatures

I don’t work well in the heat. English weather normally is comfortable between 20 to 25 degrees. I have been abroad in previous years but it seems that international temperatures are not so dry and are sauna-like, unlike the English temperatures that we have been experiencing.

I was shocked when I went up to my BDSM rooms upstairs and the heat was stifling even with the windows open and worse with the windows closed. I was at least 41 degrees.

It’s amazing how cats that have fur coats will sit out in the heat or find the warmest part of the house and be fine. Us humans just can’t cope with any type of heat and we have no fur coats on (well if your crazy you put a fur coat on a warm day) lol.

I always have youtube on the tv for background sound. An influencer called ‘Lost Leblanc’ had a video titled ‘Why I Left Home’. He is Canadian and left home a good many years ago. He made this video recently to try to help people who have an indecisive mind to make a decision about their present situation. To a lot of people, they would say that moving out of England is a better life. I would say in my case I love my home and my furbabies so home is where my heart is for sure.

Yes, this country is falling apart but so is the rest of the world. It is always best to stay where you know you feel safer. Bills need to be paid but they can wait in a lot of cases and we can get by in one way or another.

There is a saying that English people are never happy with the weather. If it’s cold, it’s too cold and when it’s hot, it is too hot. Well, that is what England has been like and will never change. A lot of things recently have changed but it’s how we deal with them mentally is how it affects us. If we let it get out of control then we only have ourselves to blame. Nothing stays the same forever and sometimes things have to change for the better of that person.

Everything happens for a reason and it has a solution to solve it.

So in conclusion to what I have mentioned today…If you are unhappy with the way your life is, change it to make yourself a better person. Don’t jump into anything in the spare of the moment but plan your next move stage by stage and eventually you will get there. May bee slowly but you will get there.

I will leave you with that thought and bid you safety in all you do x


16 Dec 2021
December 16, 2021

P is for Persistent Punishment…

Thursday 16th December 2021

Blog No.154/ Blogmas No.16

This is extreme but persistent offenders will get this punishment…

Today may not be an obvious fetish but many have this fetish on their likes list without them knowing it. The reason is, if you like to have a fetish performed on you regularly and it is of a punishment nature then it becomes a Persistent Punishment. Persistent Punishments are both P’s and today is a P day.

Old School Punishments…

 A punishment back in the day use to be something you had to be performed on you by the teacher or if it was a very naughty thing you did then you would be marched off to the Headmistresses office. There you would be given an experience that hopefully would turn you off doing anything naughty again.

Persistent offenders…

Too many boys, a once time extremely hard caning or ruler across the back of the legs was enough to put them off but the odd crazy boy would continuously be the rebel of the class/school and want the punishment as he loved the tingle of the pain during and after what he was given.

Does The Punishments In Your School Years Turn You Into A Pain Needer In Your Older Years?…

Bare Skin Punishment Is Not For The Faint-Hearted…

This is a question that we are all needing the answer to. When I have a punishment client (or any client) I always like to find out why they like the fetish that are so attached to. The therapy side of my career is what fascinates me. To get to know how a machine works you need to know how a machine works. I don’t mean to call all my clients machines but you know what I mean. 

Understand What You Do So You Can Enjoy It A Lot More…

As quite a few of my clients say many a time when I ask them about their previous experiences in meeting other mistresses they don’t have a complete connection with them. It’s like they only do it for the money and want the client out as quickly as possible. I’m completely the opposite. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t ask for the name of the mistress and was she any good or not but just a general what they didn’t like and what could have made it better. It helps me with the session and so it will flow better.
Enjoying The Company Your With…
This exactly goes the same for the client as well as the mistress. When I have a client visit me for the first time (I call them clients when I first meet them. Then when I see you have proved to me you are a nice person and my type of client it changes from client to friend/client) I give them the benefit of the doubt. If I get the vib that you are not quite right when you first contact me then I go with my intuition. I have been caught out before and ignored my intuition. I would say it wasn’t unpleasant but it wasn’t pleasant and I had to make the excuse and cut the session short. Yes of cause I blocked him straight away.  Sorry, it wasn’t his fault but I didn’t feel the mistress/friendly/chemistry between us if you know what I mean. not everyone gets on with everyone.
When You Have Passed The First Phase…
When you have passed the first phase and you have become a friend/client then I will relax a bit by not seeming frosty or looking like I have a barrier up against you. 
The Reason I Have Looked Like I Have Side-Tracked With This Blog…

Anything can be used to perform a punishment…

I have mentioned all that I have because for a persistent punishment fetishist persistently does something wrong is because he wants to keep coming back to that one person. They like the way they pleasantly but kinkily hurt them. If they don’t like the mistress then they won’t come back and life will be boring again until they do find someone they like.  

Method To My Madness…

I have worked on my mistress persona for 14 years (the length of time I have been in the industry). To correct my flaws in things I do over the years I have had to understand why I do it and when I do it. I have now realized why I do things the way that I do them. This is why I feel I am at my very best now than I have ever been. 

Phases Of Fetishes Through Our Lives…

The persistent offenders who once loved having their detention or whatever the role play will call it to give them maximum enjoyment may have loved a hard caning back in the day by soft mistress. Times have changed in the industry and your taste in punishment. To find a mistress who really is a pure dominant mistress that lives her career 24/7 is hard to come these days. Many are escort mistresses or part-time mistresses who will do anything if you pay them. Then afterward come out of the so-called stern-looking role-play and go back to the ‘yes wifey’ at the kitchen sink. Sorry to say that but a lot of the time it’s true. When the client changes through his life they have to either stay with a mistress who totally understands the phases he is going through (20’s, 30’s, 40’s, etc) or change mistresses and find a new one and start again. What turns you on in your 20’s won’t turn you on in your 50’s. 

Why Your Fetishes Change Over The Years…

If you are completely healthy then it may apply to you or it may not. As the years pass your interests change to a point where you become a lot more curious. Sex is not doing it for you and you need to find your inner kinky self and fulfill the ?’s you have next to a lot of your imaginary fantasies that have been kept locked in the kinky part of your brain. It’s been there forever and a day but you have been frightened to unlock it because of who you are with or the particular time in your life is not the right time. So until you meet that right mistress it will not trigger you to unlock it or change your desired fetishes.

I will leave you with that thought…

So if this blog has awakened any thoughts that you have kept locked in your kinky part of your brain CONTACT ME and let’s see if we can arrive at a conclusion that you are happy with or start a journey that will make you a better person to continue your future with…
08 Dec 2021
December 8, 2021

Home Testing To Please Mistress Lucy…

Wednesday 8th December 2021

Blog No.147/ Blogmas No.8a

I have had a few clients contact me expecting me to see them just like that. Now we are at the height of a pandemic and there are new viruses being found amongst us every week and month near on.

Lateral Flow home test (pack of 7)

You need To Take This Seriously…
So I have decided to do a blog on this so I can point you in the direction of this so I don’t have to keep repeating myself. I’m not against mentioning to everyone that contacts me about home testing but it’s better to read about and then you will get all the information correctly. Then you can go back to it if you have to recap.
First Aid Kit Essentials…
As I think everyone should have a lateral flow home test pack of 7 in their first aid kit with the plasters and antiseptic cream (but not everyone does, unfortunately).
My Pandemic Rules…
So my pandemic rules apply to everyone that is new or I have not seen for a length of time goes as follows…
If you are a brand new client that I have not met before…
  • If you do not have a pack of home tests go to There you will be able to sign in and they will give you a code to take to your local chemist so you can collect your tests. When you have them please send me a photo of them by email.
  • 3 days before your appointment I require you to take a home test and send me the result in a photo to my email.
  • Then do the same again on the morning of your appointment. I will do the same for you on the morning of your appointment also.

If You Are A Regular Client…

If you have seen me multiple amounts of times then there is a certain level of trust already there on both sides. I would trust in you that if you had any symptoms of anything that you postpone your appointment to save me from falling ill and of cause I would do the same for you.

If I have not seen you for a while then i would expect you to oblige in taking a test on the morning of your arranged appointment and send me the results in a photo form Whatsapp, email, or normal text.

If you do not agree to do what I request… 

If this sounds like a lot of work to you then I’m sorry you are not the client for me and I’m not the mistress for you.

I have had to say goodbye to many clients through the lockdowns because they were bored or were just thinking of themselves.

Yes, the lockdown was there for a reason, so abide by it.

I Am Extremely Serious About my Testing… 

Life is too short to not care. If I am at home not seeing anyone/no appointments then I will take a test after my last client and if I have been shopping I will take another one to make sure.

There is no need to take a test if it’s just me and the cats and I’m not seeing anyone. If i have my normal 3 appointments a week I do the same for the client as they will do for me. I will send them my test result as well.

I have had some clients contact me and refuse to take a test as they are not ill. So all I can say to that is “Sorry you are not my type of client. Good luck on your search but do be careful in the future who you meet and how you meet them”.

It is so unfortunate we have to do all of this now but I will not be able to understand people that don’t regularly home test and wear face masks in closed-in shops.

This May Be Controversial…

I hate to say this but they are just very selfish people. I’m sorry if this is a controversial subject but I am very strict on this. Even people that have been fully vaccinated are still catching the viruses. Does that not tell everyone something!!!!! 

I am not going to continue this blog for too much longer as I can talk for ages on the subject because I am very passionate about keeping my health.

I Will Leave You With This Thought…

So I will leave you with this thought “If you do not have respect for yourself by looking after yourself with masks and tests etc then that shows what a kind of person you are and you are not welcome to visit me”.

Sorry to be so harsh but listen up people this is our way of life now so deal with it…

If you have any more questions etc then CONTACT ME and we can discuss your point of view.

21 Apr 2021
April 21, 2021

Update On Mistress Lucy’s Barber Dungeon

Wednesday 21st April 2021

Blog No.135.
As most of you know I have been working on sculpting my establishment to accommodate my appointments as much as can for some time now.

The Barbers Dungeon 21/04/21

As the years have passed by I have been getting more niche-type appointments instead of ‘a bit of everything’ appointments as like other mistresses who may be more comfortable doing a bit of everything.

I do very much prefer niche appointments as then I know what to prepare for.  In the past, I have always looked at other dungeons and guided my decoration from their designs but never been totally happy with it.

So over the last lockdown, I have put a bit of me into the area and made the space into what I feel comfortable playing in.

Don’t get me wrong, playing to some people means totally the opposite to my type of fun. When I mean play I mean controlling my sub and slaves in outfits that make them tremble at the knees and quiver in their subspace of fantasy.

So here are a few photos of my dream barbers Dungeon. It still has a little bit to be finished but as one of my clients that knows me for around 10 years said “You will never finish decorating. As when you have finished one project your mind will wonder about another” and that is so true.

The Dark Side That Could Be Darker…

At the end of the day, it’s only lighting and a different wallpaper to change the scenery and ambiance.

I will put more up-to-date photos in my gallery for you to look at over the next few days.

So do let me know if you would like to visit my Barbers Dungeon. As long as you are healthy and virus-free I will be happy to accept your request if it abides by my ruling.

I do have the essential equipment at the point of entry to my establishment EG: a Forehead thermometer, home testing kits.

If I feel that you are not to my level of health requirements I will either decline your appointment or ask you to take a test. The results can be seen within 10 minutes but the full result is in 30 minutes.

A good percentage of my clients are respectful and if they have any symptoms of any kind and they think is out of the normal they are respectful enough to postpone their appointment untill they are fit and well again.

So I will be happy to take any inquiries by email or texts.  Then we can arrange to converse on the phone if need be.

Stay well and safe and most of all keep smiling…

I Hope You’re Being A Good Boy????

Wednesday 10th March 2021

Blog No.133.

Good evening sweetie 😊

I have decided to change my blogs a little. Addressing it as if its a message to yourself seems a little quirky, don’t your think? 😏

So if you have been trying to contact me lately I’m sorry I have not replied or replied as quickly as I normally would.

The website that I am presently putting together is taking up more of my time than I imagined.

Take a look if you wish to but it has got a coming soon page on it.  So I can hide it from you until I am happy.

I would like to have a big launch day that will unveil it in all its glory. So you can look through it and let it unleash all the emotions you could possibly experience 😏

It’s extremely interesting but very time-consuming. So if your not web savvy then like me before, I used to ask my web designer “can you change this for me please?” and expecting it to be done in 10 minutes it’s not always the case.

Now I have learnt more about it I am learning to respect him more and when we talk I.T as your call it 😆 (ark at me as if I know what I am talking about) I understand more of what he is saying.

So I do apologize for not responding but if you want to get through to me quicker then please text me and then we can arrange to talk if need be.

Appointments are literally resting on the lockdown rules but saying that when I do resume bookings I will only be taking my regulars for the first couple of months at least.

I would love to take everybody’s appointment but I am still very cautious of peoples were abouts and how much connection they have had with everyone else if you know what I mean.

Sorry to be short and sweet but I just wanted you to know that I am still Mistress Lucy and I haven’t neglected you but if I could lengthen the number of hours in the day to 36 or 48hours that would be very convenient.

So if you can do that for me I would much appreciate it 🤣

So on that note, I will bid you a good day (even though it is not that of a joyful day with the weather) and I will look forward to hearing from you 😊😷🙏


Monday 25th May 2020
Hi everyone, I thought I would give you an update on what’s been happening in the time between my last blog and now…

As we all know, at some point no one knew the future to anyone’s career or lifestyle because of what we were being told through the media and from the leaders of our countries that we all live in. (I say this as I am not sure who is reading this and what country you are based in).

Now we understand what a hard job it is to be prime minister and how to control the population their countries.

Photography Shoot Example

As what he advises us to do it is down to us as individuals to do as he says to help clear this terrible pandemic up as fast as we can.

Unfortunately there is a greater population that ignores the advice and does as they please.

Enough about what I think and onto the future of appointments and fun fetish times.

I am hoping that my appointments will resume back on the 1st July 2020.

So I thought I would give you an update on how I am going to proceed with my new normality.

I say new normality because it will never be going back to the way it was before.

Although we are not 100% what is going on with this pandemic we all have to be super cautious and careful from now on how we proceed in the times we do meet people.

Fetish Photography Shoot Example

I may joke about a full body condom is need but in all seriousness I will proceed (as I have done) with gloves through out certain fetishes that I will allow in my appointments.

As everyone knows I don’t and hadn’t allowed any personal services in my appointments EG: Kissing etc so that eliminates out any contaminating of the virus.

This is one of the reasons why I don’t allow personal services to keep all body parts sanitised and hygienic at all times.

Also the main reason I don’t allow to get intimate with you or anyone Is because I prefer to keep those things for my own personal time.

The way I have work with my appointments has worked very well. So as they say ‘if aint broke, don’t break it’.

The newest service I will be bringing into my offerings is a larger photography service.

I used to and still do offer a make-over services with transformations from male to female photo sessions.

I am going to widen that offer to a vanilla photography service also.

So if you and your family would like to have a photo session or baby photos then do let me know.

Sexy Photography Shoot (male to female/ or male or female)

A lot will say that because of where you found me EG; Adult industry that you wont be wanting to tell anyone about me.

Well don’t worry as I am going to be advertising in normal places as well as the adult industry.

Also when things get better I will be offering a call out service so I can come to you in your home or where ever you wish to have photographs taken.

I have portable backdrops etc depending on the photo shoot that you request to have to bring with me. So all will be near on the same as if you came to visit me.

The only difference will be is that my dress up wardrobe and props are far to much to bring with me so I will only be able to bring a fraction of them.

I will also d photography shoots with animals but I would have to come to you as I have pets (cats) myself and I wouldn’t want them disrupted as they are not used to other animals in that way if you know what I mean.

Cat Portraits

Also pets are more relaxed in their own environments so the result of the images would be much better for you.

So there you go your Mistress Lucy is branching out and showing you her true colours.

I have always had a thing for photography but never know how to make it my living, now I can and will.

As they say a rest is as good as new start…I think that’s the saying but you know what I mean.

So do contact me for any ideas you may have and we can converse about them in more detail to your specifications.

I hope your all keeping well and smiling through out these strange times and I will let you know when appointments resume asap.