Northampton MistressWhen a Mistress talks to you and addresses you, you reply “Yes Mistress” every time. It’s a sign of respect and you don’t want to disrespect your Mistress now do you? Only silly boys do that. Disrespect means punishment of a painful kind, it’s the only way to know your place. I am used to being treated like a goddess and worshipped by menial little men who think they’re worthy to be in my presence but they really aren’t. They come to me so I can belittle them and humiliate them but really they love me being a bitch to them because that’s all they are worth to me.

My experience is of great importance to me as 10 years have passed by very quickly. I love taking charge of the situation and holding onto it with both hands. Guiding you through the different emotions that a sub/slave would be experiencing. From new clients to very experienced clients my range of skills can surprise the most unsurprised sub/slave as I do exactly what you request on your first email.

I have many toys that will make the manliest of men scream with excitement and make noises only a silicone dildo can do when it touches your g-spot in the perfect place. Seducing your arse hole with warm slippery lubricant, making love to your twitching anal gland before sliding my finger into your warm canal of joy can only be described as pure ecstasy even by a vanilla guy who would never dream of having anything go in and only come out. My skills of passionately teasing your erogenous zones to calm your nervous body down are one of many talents that bring some clients to climax even before starting what they came for.

“I’m so sorry (looking at you with my sexy seductive way but deep inside you can sense evil in my stare) have I brought you to the boiling point already? Well control your emotions bitch and hold onto your seat because we are going to have round two and it’s going to be one hell of a bumpy ride”.

I am a cruel but kind type of person in all that I do. I could be massaging you in a sweet and innocent type of way than when I come to the bottom of you back where you soft fluffy man hair is I will gently pull it to give you pain but always soothed by pleasure afterwards. I am a multifunctional Mistress whose experience covers many different subjects.

I have been in the hairdressing industry for 29 years coming up to 30 years including my Saturday jobs to earn my pocket money at the age of 15 years old (arrrh those were the days when the 1/2p was still around lol). I am the only one in Northampton who you will find that will mix a range of niches together. Whatever you feel that turns you on in a Mistress type of way let me know and we can discuss your ideal pleasure time.

To anyone that meets a Mistress you have to know the etiquette rules, as a response like “Hi babe” or “ok darling” will not be sufficient. I am a Mistress that is powerful in stature and my persona is authoritative which goes hand in hand with manners and gratitude from the sub/slave who is in my presence. I don’t take backchat and nonsense from anyone. As its my way or not at all.

I have 10 years of experience in the dominatrix world and I am definitely not submissive in any way or form. I have many calls and texts from prospective clients that think they are worthy of my time but I am the only one to decide on that. I may look like a lady but when you get to meet me if you are fortunate enough then you will see i am a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

If you request a Corporal Punishment session then don’t expect a tickle and a tap. If you look in my gallery you will see the equipment that I use for punishment sessions (I have much more than shown). Slaves that have come to me have thought they are strong minded because of the experiences that they have had with other Mistresses. They thought they could easily work through the emotions and pain that comes with a build up punishment session but they cant and they end up sniffling wrecks and begging me to stop. They aren’t even strong enough to last out the whole session. They have learnt very quickly over the years that “be careful what you ask for as you get it with me”.
‘Your wish is my command’ said a famous so the genie said to Aladdin.

I am more like the sexy version of the wicked witch of the west but in thigh length boots and Latex.

So whether you are a novice that has been tempted by online titivation or an experienced extremist that is always look for a better Mistress than the last one. I welcome everyone into my world of forbidden treats. Take a wander through my pages of enlightenment and galleries of niches and fetishes. You wont know if you like it until you take a look.

Do contact me and as I would like to see how your mind works……..