Preferable Age Requirement:

I will only entertain adults of the ages 35 to 70 year old. Anyone younger than 35 years old does not take this profession seriously.  So don’t waste my time little boy.


I would expect all my clients to be showered and smelling fresh and sweet when they come to an appointment with me.  If you are coming straight from work or don’t have the time to freshen up before hand i do have shower facilities to do so when you arrive.

If you wish to bring your own toiletries that is fine but i have everything here for you to use.

How to book an appointment:

If you are requiring a specific day and time that you only have spare time for then, you will need to give me 2-3 days notice at least, if not longer.

Please email or text me to start with including your age, nationality and what you would like to experience in the appointment. Also a little about your previous experiences as that helps the rapport of our connection in the near future.

I am very polite and well mannered myself in a Mistress type of way so I expect the same respect back.

When we have had that first contact by email or text we can arrange to have a conversation at an agreeable time that fits into our schedules. It is much nicer to talk than to text/email back and forth with questions and information.

I like to work on a repeat appointment basis with my clients so to have a rapport and a friendship is a must. Trust comes over time and with that you will feel much more comfortable each time we meet.

When we have had a conversation and we both agree on arranging a booking on the day of the appointment I expect all my clients to confirm in a text 2 hours before the appointment. This so I know to expect you. I understand work and family do often than not get in the way of your play time so if you need to be a few minutes late or rearrange your appointment I totally understand. It is only polite to let me know if you can’t make it or need to rearrange instead of not turning up at all. ‘Being polite is free but being rude costs you greatly’ this means to send a text or phone call to say your not turning up is gratefully received but to not let me know will cost you, you will loose your place to every see again.

So don’t be a silly boy and be polite for once.

My Tributes

In House Bookings

1 Hour – £100
2 Hours – £200
3 Hours – £300
4 Hours – £400
5 Hours – £500

Dungeon Mansion Bookings

1 Hour – £200
2 Hours – £400
3 Hours – £600
4 Hours – £800
5 hours – £1000
8 Hours – £1200
10 Hours – £1500

Over night Dungeon Mansion booking

If you request an over night booking this will be at a dungeon Mansion of Mistresses choice. There are many to choose from but it also depends on your requirements. Some Dungeon Mansions do supply Bed and Breakfast arrangements.

So if you where to request to sleep part of the night as you have work the next day there are comfortable beds you can sleep on or if you are happy with the requests of your Mistress to put you to bed in a latex sleeping bag and a piece of wood with spikes on it to rest you feeble head then that can also be arranged.

There will be breakfast included which can either be continental breakfast, cooked breakfast or a breakfast that your Mistress gets ready for you……..A surprise that only I know about and your have to wait and see.

Contact me to arrange an appointment so I can have you as my pathetic play thing. Look forward to receiving your enquiry.

Contact Details:

New Contact Number: 07944 309 638

Old Contact Number: 0758 367 3110

Email: or click here: or use the contact form below.