Thursday 9th July 2020

Blog No.119.

Everyone has a personal opinion of when it is going to ending and when normality is going to begin again but when it will happen is a confusion to you as well as me at the moment.

Nice To Be Back

With the Super Saturday passing last weekend and people showing their stupidity of congregating in large groups or even packed streets (eg: London as being one of them) just for a pint it is not going to be any time soon that rules will change and let us get on with our lives the way we sensibly can.

When you think about it…everything is more expensive when going out to pubs and restaurants any way. Money is tight in so many different ways now that we all have to be careful even if you are in a job that work is ongoing.

So for idiots that are self ignorant and decide to pick a fight with someone for no reason just spoils it for all of us, ending in the pubs will close again.

Open For Kinksters And All

Alcohol can be a sensible thing to consume but to a big percentage it is the route to all evil (just like money but that’s a different blog if I decide to make it)

When it has come down to what I have been thinking about over the last 4-5 months (wow has it been that long) is ‘Money is not everything’.

I am going to look at quality of time with my clients than trying to get as much money out of them as possible (like some industry workers).

My tribute rates will be 4 prices and nothing more and nothing less. there are as follows:

  • 1 hour = £100
  • 1.5 hours = £150
  • 2 or more hours = £200
  • Over night stay = £500 (i will explain more on this subject a bit later in the blog)

If you are able to tribute gift more than the above prices then that is down to you but I will not expect more.

A Mistress Bench With A Difference

These are tough times and I am very grateful for my clients that visit me. If we help each other then life will be a much happier place.

The renovations that I have done have been jobs that I could not do whilst taking appointments in previous months.

I have added a few things and refurbished a few other things but all in all everything looks fantastic to what have expected.

There are a few things I still need to do but that will come in time when I have the spare money.


I have had a few clients in the past ask me about over night stays. I haven’t been able to accommodate because I have not had anywhere to put them.

They have visited me for a session and then when left me gone onto their hotel because they are traveling through my area to a further

Luxury And Comfort For Sure

destination for work etc..

So I thought that why leave and go to a boring hotel with 4 walls and a bed when you can stay in a comfy 100% memory foam mattress bed and be teased by the decoration of my Mistress Studio.

As you can see from the photos I have taken you will have a spacious shower/toilet area, well equipped kitchen area, and a double bed with a mattress that is so comfortable you will have trouble getting up in the morning.

Equipped For Comfort

I have came to the amount of £500 so you can have a lengthy session of what you would like to do (massage, BDSM or combination etc) and then a meal (if you require anything specific you’ll need to let me know before had so i can get it in) and then a shower before a good night sleep.

Now if on the other hand your a kinksters that likes to be tied to the bed for the night or act out your fantasy of being a female for the time your with me then it can be arranged. Just mention you requirements in your inquiry and we can converse about it in detail.

I know there are some of you extreme kinksters that like to be locked away in mistresses cage for the night so your confined, restricted and not seen. That also can be arranged. Let me know of any aliments or past injuries you have so I know you will come out of the cage all ok apart from aching and satisfied with your fantasy.

So all that has been said I am very excited to start my appointments again and have fun in all ways that a mistress like to. I will look forward to receiving your requests. By all means email or text me so we can follow up with a phone call if you statistics are to my liking.




Tuesday 26th May 2020

Blog No.118.
Good evening my lovelies. I have been thinking a lot in the past weeks about my new venture that I will be adding to my list of services.

I was in a text meeting with my web designer yesterday about how we should go about putting my new website together.

This website will still be up and running and will always be my top priority but I need to also have a vanilla website for my future business ideas.

I looked through all my photos that I have taken over the years and put together a compilation of regular photographs that a vanilla/regular person wouldn’t be offended by, EG: No butt plugs ect lol

It took me a while to get my vanilla mind on track to look at my mistress photography in a regular way of thinking.

I am far from normal but I know how to think and act in certain situations.

This new website will have a slight fetish twist to it but in a regular way. I have to do it this way because of the places I will be advertising it.

Not sure where at the moment but when im out there you will all know about it.

The fee’s for my vanilla photo sessions will be competitive to the other companies that offer regular photo sessions.

I will be still doing the appointments from my home in my entertainment studio because this will keep it all discreet and the main thing is keeping the cost down for you as a client.

I have been on many photo shoots over the years and for what they do, they are asking stupid money for the products that they produce.

Thousands of pounds with some companies, its unreal. How is a average type of person suppose to afford that, I do not know.

Even if you are a model starting out you don’t have that type of money.

So keep a look out for my blogs in the coming weeks as now that I have my future business on track I will feel more comfortable to blog more.

In the past weeks of this dam Corona virus/CV19/Pandemic (whatever you want to call it) I have been very confused on what to do and where to go with my business.

I think like me, a lot of us are getting a bit fed up with it because the Prime Minister is showing that he really doesn’t know his arse from his elbow in this situation.

My thoughts have been going in all directions on how to bring my life style back to a comfortable level again and now I am there I only have to put plans into action.

So now I will be back annoying your fetish minds once again, lol

Any thing you would like to ask me just do so.  Keep healthy and well and talk soon…


Monday 25th May 2020
Hi everyone, I thought I would give you an update on what’s been happening in the time between my last blog and now…

As we all know, at some point no one knew the future to anyone’s career or lifestyle because of what we were being told through the media and from the leaders of our countries that we all live in. (I say this as I am not sure who is reading this and what country you are based in).

Now we understand what a hard job it is to be prime minister and how to control the population their countries.

Photography Shoot Example

As what he advises us to do it is down to us as individuals to do as he says to help clear this terrible pandemic up as fast as we can.

Unfortunately there is a greater population that ignores the advice and does as they please.

Enough about what I think and onto the future of appointments and fun fetish times.

I am hoping that my appointments will resume back on the 1st July 2020.

So I thought I would give you an update on how I am going to proceed with my new normality.

I say new normality because it will never be going back to the way it was before.

Although we are not 100% what is going on with this pandemic we all have to be super cautious and careful from now on how we proceed in the times we do meet people.

Fetish Photography Shoot Example

I may joke about a full body condom is need but in all seriousness I will proceed (as I have done) with gloves through out certain fetishes that I will allow in my appointments.

As everyone knows I don’t and hadn’t allowed any personal services in my appointments EG: Kissing etc so that eliminates out any contaminating of the virus.

This is one of the reasons why I don’t allow personal services to keep all body parts sanitised and hygienic at all times.

Also the main reason I don’t allow to get intimate with you or anyone Is because I prefer to keep those things for my own personal time.

The way I have work with my appointments has worked very well. So as they say ‘if aint broke, don’t break it’.

The newest service I will be bringing into my offerings is a larger photography service.

I used to and still do offer a make-over services with transformations from male to female photo sessions.

I am going to widen that offer to a vanilla photography service also.

So if you and your family would like to have a photo session or baby photos then do let me know.

Sexy Photography Shoot (male to female/ or male or female)

A lot will say that because of where you found me EG; Adult industry that you wont be wanting to tell anyone about me.

Well don’t worry as I am going to be advertising in normal places as well as the adult industry.

Also when things get better I will be offering a call out service so I can come to you in your home or where ever you wish to have photographs taken.

I have portable backdrops etc depending on the photo shoot that you request to have to bring with me. So all will be near on the same as if you came to visit me.

The only difference will be is that my dress up wardrobe and props are far to much to bring with me so I will only be able to bring a fraction of them.

I will also d photography shoots with animals but I would have to come to you as I have pets (cats) myself and I wouldn’t want them disrupted as they are not used to other animals in that way if you know what I mean.

Cat Portraits

Also pets are more relaxed in their own environments so the result of the images would be much better for you.

So there you go your Mistress Lucy is branching out and showing you her true colours.

I have always had a thing for photography but never know how to make it my living, now I can and will.

As they say a rest is as good as new start…I think that’s the saying but you know what I mean.

So do contact me for any ideas you may have and we can converse about them in more detail to your specifications.

I hope your all keeping well and smiling through out these strange times and I will let you know when appointments resume asap.


Tuesday 5th May 2020

Blog NO.117.
Wow how do start todays blog???? I thought I would give you an update on my current situation.

It has been around 3 weeks since i last logged into my website because there is nothing to update in that time.

Sexy Mistress Lucy As Herself

Who would of thought the world would of changed to a film type situation.

I am not going to have a sad mood to this blog as that is definitely anyone wants to read especially me.

My secluded world has not really changed much as in… I work from home anyway.

The only changes that I have experienced is no meeting appointments obviously because of the lockdown and a slightly depressed mood of people in general when I do shopping.

Everyone is treating each other like they have the dreaded lurgy with the 2 metre social distancing.

Not a problem as I totally respect that but you know what I mean.

That’s not to say that I have not had people call/text me thinking because everyone is off work that I will coin it in and put my two fingers up to the lockdown and take appointments.

Far from it. I am very much the opposite. I do not know when my next appointment will be, due to me being extremely careful in all the precautions.

I am the only one who is the earner in my house and although non animal lovers will think “oh dont worry cats can fend for themselves” but i treat mine as my children.

Meet Scarlet, One of Mistress Lucy’s Alter Egos

They have had a routine for the past 15 years and they rely on me like a living being.

So i have them to think of aswell as myself.

As anyone knew that I had become close friends with…My 10 year plan has totally gone out of the window now.

My idea to sell all my possessions and have all my worldly belongings in my back pack so I can travel where ever I desired to is gone from my mind.

I now travel the world on YouTube from the comfort of my own home.

My ideal plan now is to have my very own piece of paradise beach in my garden.

How I will do that I do not know but I have an eventful imagination so it will be fun planning it.

This will be where I can sink my feet into the sand, lay in the English warm sun (when its around and warm enough) on a lounger with a brightly coloured towel draped across it with a fruit punch in one hand and a piece of watermelon in the other (or whatever piece of fruit I can buy at the time).

YouTube on in the background playing beach and chillaxing tunes to help my imagination go to where it wants to.

Unfortunately these are the kind of ways we have to get used to now.

Meet Sharon, Mistress Lucys Sleezy Alter Ego

As flights to overseas destinations (if you can get there) will have stricter rules and regulations than you have ever thought.

Yes everyone will be flocking to English cost lines which is lovely (as there is a lot of England that people haven’t even ventured) but they will more crowded than you have ever seen.

Well when it comes down to Mistress Lucy’s future I am not sure where it is going to go…

I still have Only Fans which is slowly but surely increasing but I as I am not a porn queen I don’t expect it to make me a millionaire.

My content on there has had to change from the normal |Mistress Lucy you have been seeing in the past to a sexier Mistress Lucy as I need to entice you horny gentlemen in some how.

I could stay with the way I was before but not many would pay the monthly subscription to see me clothed and spank/cane a feeble sub.

Now if I was more likely to be less clothed and do the same thing then I would have more of a change of increasing my fans (this is what subs are called on Only Fans).

A good point for you but not so god for me is that I have had to reduce my subscription form $20 (£16) to$10 (£8) due to the situation.

Meet Hazel, Mistress Lucys Sexy But Feisty Alter Ego’s

This will a ongoing deduction for the mean time so get it while you can.

I also may have to use my website in a slightly different way in the near furfure. Having some different segments to it like spicing up your relationship or Agony Aunt Questions and Answers and other things.

Maybe eBooks on certain subjects that can be sent to you on request.

I say that because I can only put certain topics on here as it is a non membership login website and anyone (underage) can view it.

I’m not sure my descioon yet but I will let you know when I have thought about it.

Well I think I have covered everything I would like to talk to you about today.

If anything else exciting happens i will post it on here for sure.

If you would like to ask me about anything contact me and we can go from there.

Stay home and more importantly Stay Safe….



12 Apr 2020
April 12, 2020

Mistress Lucys Progression Update…

Sunday 12th April 2020

Blog NO.116.
I thought I would give you an update on the way things are progressing with myself right now.

I know I have mentioned that I was going to do a blog 3 times a week but there isn’t a lot going on right now apart from working on my onlyfans pages.

I will see if I can blog about the photography shoots that I do alone but I will have to be careful of the way I describe it as I am a non login website.

On the way for my weekly shopping trip…

So as we are still in the depth of the CV19 pandemic and we don’t seem to be coming to a normality any time soon I have made some drastic decistions.

Appointment meetings are going to be put on  hold for a lot longer than I have planned. The clients I have at the moment understand the way I am feeling as they have been explained to already.

When appointments resume again I will let you know.

My future business will continue online with onlyfans I have a free onlyfans that you can subscribe to and see the free content.

It has videos and photography of the explicit nature on there which I have put as chargeable with individual prices.

As you look through my content you will understand why the subscription onlyfans page is going to be more economical to you in theses testing times.

The monthly subscription of $20 (£16) is for all the content you see on my page. If you require customised photography and videos then I charge extra.

As this is my main and only income I can do a certain amount of free content but mainly it has to have a price on it.

I do understand times are hard but we are all in the same boat at the moment.

So as you hear everywhere but it is said for your own good…


I will blog as much as I can but only when I feel it is an interesting topic. Talk soon….