I Hope You’re Being A Good Boy????

Wednesday 10th March 2021

Blog No.133.

Good evening sweetie 😊

I have decided to change my blogs a little. Addressing it as if its a message to yourself seems a little quirky, don’t your think? 😏

So if you have been trying to contact me lately I’m sorry I have not replied or replied as quickly as I normally would.

The website that I am presently putting together is taking up more of my time than I imagined.

Take a look if you wish to but it has got a coming soon page on it.  So I can hide it from you until I am happy.


I would like to have a big launch day that will unveil it in all its glory. So you can look through it and let it unleash all the emotions you could possibly experience 😏

It’s extremely interesting but very time-consuming. So if your not web savvy then like me before, I used to ask my web designer “can you change this for me please?” and expecting it to be done in 10 minutes it’s not always the case.

Now I have learnt more about it I am learning to respect him more and when we talk I.T as your call it 😆 (ark at me as if I know what I am talking about) I understand more of what he is saying.

So I do apologize for not responding but if you want to get through to me quicker then please text me and then we can arrange to talk if need be.

Appointments are literally resting on the lockdown rules but saying that when I do resume bookings I will only be taking my regulars for the first couple of months at least.

I would love to take everybody’s appointment but I am still very cautious of peoples were abouts and how much connection they have had with everyone else if you know what I mean.

Sorry to be short and sweet but I just wanted you to know that I am still Mistress Lucy and I haven’t neglected you but if I could lengthen the number of hours in the day to 36 or 48hours that would be very convenient.

So if you can do that for me I would much appreciate it 🤣

So on that note, I will bid you a good day (even though it is not that of a joyful day with the weather) and I will look forward to hearing from you 😊😷🙏

17 Feb 2021
February 17, 2021

How Things Can Change So Quickly…

Wednesday 17th February 2021

Blog No.132.
Well let me start by apologizing for the lack of blogging on here lately, In the past month or so I have had a turnaround with mistress Lucy. Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere, I will still be here as I was before but I have expanded business in a big way.

16/02/21 – Red Leather Corset

As you know I have been a big lover of corsets and stockings for a long time now (as many of you are in one way or another as well). I may not have worn them very much in the past but I will be in the future.

Ever since I have started in the industry I have grown to involve my own personal fetishes in my appointments and some more than others.

I have tried to build websites in the past but always have come to a brick wall that I can’t get past. I now have found out that if you don’t spend money you don’t get anywhere in the website industry.

It all started when I had an email around 2 months ago from yet another cowboy website company. I get lots of them because of this website being in the cyber net world. Once you’re out there everyone gravitates to you wanting to sell their business.

I was at that time when I was in a light-hearted mood so I replied to say “Well what can you do for me?” expecting the claptrap speel that is normally said when replied.

Instead, I received a call a few days later from a lovely gentleman introducing himself in a way that appealed to my ear.

He wasn’t sell, sell but very much wanted to know why I wanted to build a website and what subject on.

To tell you the truth I think he was a little intrigued by my mistressing skills but that for me to presume as I’m sure he wouldn’t say.

Well, long story short… He helped me in such a way that I really feel I have the knowledge to complete a very appealing website to your everyone’s fetishes.

I can’t thank Prem @Bosscatwebdesign  enough for the way he handled my requests. He really listened to my points of view and my continuous chat as I do go on a bit when I’m passionate about a topic.

So basically what he did for me (that could help you also if you’re interested) is he started me off on a home page on the website of my choice (meaning my domain name) and guided me in the right direction to video tutorials that would build me a website through my fingers and brain (what computer basic brain I have got). If I can do it trust anyone can.

There are some start-up costs:

  • Domain Name
  • Web Hosting
  • Security for the website
  • Video tutorials

I think that was it, I may have missed a couple of things but trust me it’s all worth it. I am not telling you to sell it but if something is working for me I will want to talk about it.

No problem if it’s not for you but I thought you would like to know what is happening in Mistress Lucy’s life right now.

So you are probably wondering what this new website is going to be all about…..Well, it is going to be the answer to all your dreams.

As anyone knows in anything you have to start off small before you can expand into something that will blow your mind.

It is a fetish website that you can buy all that your heart desires. Now as I say starting of small that means 2 or 3 niches to begin with then i will add to them as the website becomes more established.

I’m starting off with corsets and stockings with lingerie. Although corsets are an over-clothing garment they are very much an underclothing garment as well.

I am looking into cross-dressing friendly sizing making panties etc to your requirements. I know myself being different sizes throughout my life that the sizing matrix out in the world differs from one country to another.

So my i may not go for sizes like small, medium or large, etc but to something that will not make anyone’s size continuous at all but you will learn to love the size, shape, and height that you are.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

I am really excited about this to start for you all as it will be a technicolor world of total fabulousness and glorify that you never have experienced before.

When I have everything ready for launch day I will have a grand opening blog and it will be all across my social media.

So follow me on my social media links below and you can follow the journey of Lucys Fetish Closet from a small business to well, i don’t know how big it will get. We will have to wait and see.

Do contact me anytime and say hi and I will reply asap. Take care and keep smiling…

17 Jan 2021
January 17, 2021

Which Corset Is For You?

Sunday 17th January 2021

Blog No.132.

A Comfortable 28 to 29 Inch Waist. Anything tighter And I Won’t Be Able To Breathe Properly

Well now, this is a subject I am extremely passionate about. I don’t get passionate about anything these days but corsets I definitely do.

The first corset goes back to the 16th century that was worn by men and women in different outfits. Men for battle and women as undergarments to shape themselves for the outer clothing.

These days Corsets are worn in many different ways but mainly to give the women that hourglass figure.  We all crave to look like Dita Von Teese or close enough but we are not all shaped that way.

Corsets come in all different shapes and sizes but the main reason it’s worn is to give the wearer the feel-good factor.

I love my corsets because whatever shape I have been throughout the years it will always sinch in my waist and give me that bottom-heavy look that many don’t want.

I think these days the trend is coming back again as it did in the 1950s and 60s. Don’t get me wrong as the corset has never gone out of fashion as there’s always a female that wants to make her figure tighter than it naturally is.

There have always been certain years or decades that the cinched in the waist was more popular than others. I was watching a documentary on Danny La Rue last night. Men have to wear undergarments as they don’t have the waist and hips etc that a female has.

Now when wearing a corset for the first time it will be a learning curve for you. It is like you have to learn to breathe again. Comfort is the main thing because if you can’t breathe properly then you will feel very uncomfortable and dizzy.

Extreme Corsetry

There’s no point in being as silly as some females will go to even removing ribs to get smaller. This female in the photo was on a Tyra Banks chat show and her waist measured 18 inches but inside the corset, it is 15 inches.

Ribs are there for a reason, to protect the internal organs and if you move them around then you looking for trouble. The less time in hospital the better I always say.

The love of corsets can be so much fun though without being too serious about it. There are loads of different designs and materials that they are made out of.

A while ago a mentioned about I wanted to add a store to this website so you could purchase videos and photos. That is not possible.

So I have decided to make a completely new one (still keeping this one but i will link the 2 websites together through links you can click onto.

It will be similar to this one as in blogs and real life photography but it will be predominately an online store.

If there is anything you would like for me to look into researching for you to purchase then by all means let me know.

The content will be equipment and toys, corsets, compression garments, and shapewear and crossdressing items (silicone skin wear for body shaping as in boobs, butts, and bodysuits).

I think with the way this world is carrying on my appointments are going too far and few between so I am putting my knowledge to better use.

Each product that I will advertise will have a demonstration video (a handling video not how to use a dildo) and my opinion of it.  Its to help you get a realistic view of the item and not just a flat photo like some websites that a cold and collective and have the bare essential details on it.

It is in working progress at the moment so I will keep you updated as and when it will be live for you to view.

So I will look forward to hearing from you if you have anything to ask me.

Stay safe and keep smiling…

Sunday 17th January 2021

Blog No.131.

Everyone has their own funny quirks about them but when it comes to fetishes that’s another ball game completely (excuse the pun).

Before – Without Compression garment

Fetishes can make you have all different emotions and I have developed a love of a particular fetish over the past few months, well 2 actually but they both come under one title.


Now to many restrictions means being tied down and unable to move. Yes, that is right but too many that have sessioned with me they will know that restriction includes compression.

So for me to say I have been obsessed with restriction lately is an understatement. I have also become introduced to the fetish of compression as well which comes in the form of shapewear. This takes shapewear to another level that I thought I would not like but…I do very much.

It is a company that I was looking at because of a youtube video that I was watching one night. I like to watch plastic surgery documentaries, not for the construction side but the after-effects (what they look like before and after). It’s fascinating to me.

After – With Compression Garment. Not A Lot Of Difference But Just A Smoother Outline

I would never get anything done myself unless I really had to.

The garments that they are told to wear after a liposuction procedure, for example, looks really uncomfortable as it takes all your effort to get into it but when they are in it it looks amazing.

So I decided to investigate these garments and whether normal people ( as if I’m normal lol) can buy them or if only plastic surgery clients are allowed.

I found out that anyone can buy them. So I did my homework on the best one and decided to make a purchase.

There was anything from thonged panty girdles (tummy panel from hip to hip) to full-body compression suits (everything held in from neck to ankle).

Whatever you wanted they could make for you. I was in my element as when a woman gets to a certain age a little help goes a long way. Especially when she’s not a gym user anymore.

So I decided to get a 3/4 leg, high waisted bodysuit with a high back and straps. It sounds old ladyish but I don’t care. If it holds me in in all the right places and makes me look and feel good in my outfits then that’s all that matters.

I’m not having to undress for anyone. Clients tribute me to keep my clothes on and want to see me look fabulous in my outfits. So it doesn’t matter what I look like underneath my uniforms.

You never know, heavy-duty armor might be a turn on to some people lol. Unfortunately, we all aren’t perfect, and if we were what a boring world this would be. Being unique is beautiful in many ways.

So I had to wait a couple of weeks as it was coming from America but it was well worth the wait. As I opened up the envelope I pulled out this garment that I could only describe as ‘big enough to fit a broom’ size.

OMG, I said looking at it in disbelief. “That’s never going to fit my big arse,” but I was so wrong. It took a bit of pulling and pushing but in the end, I got it on.

From the homework that I had done of watching females putting on their compression garments, they had said that a good quality one will take a bit of getting used to.

When it’s new it is very tight but each time you put it on it stretches it out a bit and by the 4th time (which was the 4th time for me) it will be much more comfortable to get on.

I sometimes use mine with a waist trainer which holds up the bodice part of the garment but that is only when I don’t want to have the straps showing when I’m in a see-through blouse or strappy top. The straps are removable like suspenders on a corset.

The compression suit is reinforced with extra panels in places that are needed EG: Stomache, sides of thighs, and under the shoulder blades on the back.

When you’re squeezed in the bodysuit the excess flesh has to go somewhere. So to have the extra height at the back section is a godsend.

You may not think it but when you in a suit like this you will understand.

I am going to look into purchasing another but a short leg one as the 3/4’s version shows below a skirt heam. It is fabulous for trousers or if I’m wearing boots with a skirt but I can’t hide it when wearing a skirt if I want to wear shoes.

Oh, dear now you know my secrets to my new improved shape. I would love to say that I have lost weight and toned up at the gym but this pandemic has ruin life in one way or another for many.

Not sure I would say that I have turned into Mrs Doubtfire (Robin Williams in drag) but enhancements are for the better.

So for all you large panty and compression garments lovers, this one is for you lol

Oh, BTW this can be for women or men as it has an open gusset for easier bathroom trips as you wouldn’t want to get in and out of this too many times a day.

I wanted to try this underwear for me but also for my crossdressing clients. It will need to be customized so it’s for your body shape but will help to get that hourglass figure we all adore to have.

I also have a lot more to say about corsets etc so I will put together another blog. Lookout to see more on how my mind works, even though lockdown.

Stay safe and talk soon…

01 Jan 2021
January 1, 2021

Old Year Out, New Year In…

Friday 1st January 2021

Blog No.130.
Oh dear what a year we’ve had and aren’t we all glad its over. Me, including many have lost a lot of business over the past 8 months or more that we wont be able to get back.

So lets push that year under the carpet and start a fresh as much as we can.

This is going to be a short blog but i am just hear to wish you all a very Happy New Year and don’t let this pandemic get you down.

There are plenty of opportunities out their that you can do while your main career is perking up.

It seems to be that the internet is the main place to share your trade. Don’t think for example that there are many selling t-shirts so there’s no room for you to start selling.

Look at best selling designs and then tweak them to be your own personal design. Be careful of copyright laws though.

So as i mentioned make a new start with a fresh imagination and you will only gain from your labour as to how much effort you put into it.

Also let me thank everyone that has helped me through these rough times in 2020 and supported me in whatever way they could.

I am truly grateful. Your all get gold stars when i mark your homework books.

So stay healthy and smiling and i will talk to you all soon…