22 Jul 2021
July 22, 2021

Are You Confident In Your Fetish Life?

Thursday 22nd July 2021

Blog No. 137.
This may seem like a very direct question but it is a question that a lot of people lack confidence in this subject.
They keep it secret for their own personal reason but doing this could make you lose out on fun times with your partner.

Confidence is a necessary thing to have in all you do. I say this because if you are not happy in general with your partner then they could lose interest in your relationship.

I have been mistressing for 14 years (time flies when you’re having fun) and throughout that time I have learnt a lot about relationships.

How so many guys are secretly visiting a mistress to fulfill their fantasies because they’re frightened to ask their partner to act out the fantasy in their intimate times.

Putting your partner on a pedestal can sometimes fog over your true feelings for certain fetish topics. As you don’t want them to think of you any differently that may hinder your home life.

Being a dominatrix mistress has opened up my mind in so many ways and one of them is listening to guy’s problems that they have at home.

I don’t pry but ask questions that helps me get to know why they like certain fetishes.

A lot of the time I believe that if they were to approach the subject of their fantasy to their partner in a certain way then eventually they would have a better relationship at home.

Many say that they are very happy with their wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend but if they were happy then why are they contacting me…

When a new client looks at my website they will think that an Old School Mistress like myself would only be handcuffs and caning in sessions.

My sessions are not always hardcore and toys. I am a mistress with a difference.

Through the years I have been classed as a unique mistress because of the services I incorporate in my sessions or can do depending on what the client requires.

To have a near on perfect session I always like to chat with you to start with. The reason being, so I can understand why they like a certain fetish and where the reason stems from.

Call this therapy if you wish but it is not only chatting on a settee but the appointment has a physical side to it as well.

I show you mentally and physically how you can connect deeper with your partner in ways that you may not have thought of before.

Don’t misunderstand me by thinking I will get physical with you in a sexual way. That is not what I mean as I am not that kind of mistress.

The way I connect with you is helping you become more confident in how to make your partner feel more attracted to you. How to open her mind up to accepting your fetish.

It will not be instant but over time it will happen. Be patient and you will be able to reap your reward.

I understand that not every relationship is a physical one but a bit of intimacy in or out of the bedroom towards each other will always make you smile and love your partner more than life itself.

So if you are in need of a confidence booster in whatever way you feel EG: Submissive or Dominant, Mindful or Physical then let me know by messaging me on my CONTACT PAGE and we can discuss the subject a bit more.

Whether it’s a phone session or you would like to visit me, either way, I would be glad to converse with you via email, text, and then call.

Stay safe and healthy and hope to hear from you soon…




Wednesday 14th July 2021

Blog No.136

Good evening sweetie (or good morning or afternoon depending on when you are reading this post),

Wow does time fly when you’re having fun or not…

It has been a while since we have last spoken on here. As they say never enough hours in the day.

My 2nd website (Lucys Fetish Closet) has taken up so much time and it is has taught me a lot. I know many that have released websites for new business ventures have made and launched their websites quicker.

I have been learning from scratch and building and doing everything myself. Yes, there have been friends that have been willing to help me but I think if I teach myself (as there are many successful entrepreneurs that are self-taught in many things) if something goes wrong then I will know where it went wrong.

In online business, we all have to learn how to trust people and businesses. I say this because even working on my own I still have put my website in the hands of hosting companies. They are the ones that can only deal with that side.

As a mistress, I am used to being in control of everything that I have within my business. So the trust issues that I have always had have taught me a few lessons, uncomfortable lessons but I have got through them eventually.

The launch of the website is near. It is due to be released on 1st August, fingers crossed. I have to give myself a deadline to work towards otherwise I could spend forever perfecting it.

The subscription section has to come later so I can spend time on that and build it will confidence. Trying to do everything at once is becoming impossible. So things have to be done in sections to be able to complete them to a particular standard, my standard.

So apart from the website I have been self-isolating and keeping myself healthy and away from the crazy crowds of the pandemic.

It has not been good in a way as I developed anxiety about people. If you are invited into my home for an appointment then I am fine.

If I have to go out of my front door and away from my house I am a complete mess inside. I still wear a mask for the whole time I’m out and never take it off. I also wear glasses with just glass to protect my eyes.

Call me O.T.T but I have to. It may have got a lot deeper than that and I will admit I am afraid of dying and leaving my kitties behind ( I have to stop listening to the media as it’s mainly their fault pandemic anxiety is amongst us). If I didn’t have them then I don’t think I would be like this.

Now you have seen the soft side to mistress Lucy. Yes, I do have a soft side as well as being a hard-nosed bitch sometimes.

Thinking about it and I am not getting morbid on the subject but nobody wants to leave this earth before their time. Let alone to something that we can control such as the pandemic.

If only everyone was as careful as the sensible ones then we wouldn’t be in this mess we are in right now (don’t get me on my soapbox about public mass gatherings and football matches etc). That’s a whole different subject to talk about.

Well on that note I will say bye for now and plod on with the rest of my website. I will keep you updated. Don’t worry if I’m not on social media too much but I will be when I can.

Stay safe and healthy and talk soon…




21 Apr 2021
April 21, 2021

Update On Mistress Lucy’s Barber Dungeon

Wednesday 21st April 2021

Blog No.135.
As most of you know I have been working on sculpting my establishment to accommodate my appointments as much as can for some time now.

The Barbers Dungeon 21/04/21

As the years have passed by I have been getting more niche-type appointments instead of ‘a bit of everything’ appointments as like other mistresses who may be more comfortable doing a bit of everything.

I do very much prefer niche appointments as then I know what to prepare for.  In the past, I have always looked at other dungeons and guided my decoration from their designs but never been totally happy with it.

So over the last lockdown, I have put a bit of me into the area and made the space into what I feel comfortable playing in.

Don’t get me wrong, playing to some people means totally the opposite to my type of fun. When I mean play I mean controlling my sub and slaves in outfits that make them tremble at the knees and quiver in their subspace of fantasy.

So here are a few photos of my dream barbers Dungeon. It still has a little bit to be finished but as one of my clients that knows me for around 10 years said “You will never finish decorating. As when you have finished one project your mind will wonder about another” and that is so true.

The Dark Side That Could Be Darker…

At the end of the day, it’s only lighting and a different wallpaper to change the scenery and ambiance.

I will put more up-to-date photos in my gallery for you to look at over the next few days.

So do let me know if you would like to visit my Barbers Dungeon. As long as you are healthy and virus-free I will be happy to accept your request if it abides by my ruling.

I do have the essential equipment at the point of entry to my establishment EG: a Forehead thermometer, home testing kits.

If I feel that you are not to my level of health requirements I will either decline your appointment or ask you to take a test. The results can be seen within 10 minutes but the full result is in 30 minutes.

A good percentage of my clients are respectful and if they have any symptoms of any kind and they think is out of the normal they are respectful enough to postpone their appointment untill they are fit and well again.

So I will be happy to take any inquiries by email or texts.  Then we can arrange to converse on the phone if need be.

Stay well and safe and most of all keep smiling…

Saturday 17th April 2021

Blog No.134.

Good afternoon Sweetie,

I hope you are well and have kept well over the few months that have passed.
Now how do I start…It’s been a little while since I last spoke to you but after 5 months of lockdown, we are now on the first or second stage (  don’t know which stage we are in but I know it’s either of them) of a slightly better life. Although Monday the 12th April people went a little bit crazy on the celebrating and I just hope that does send us plummeting back into another lockdown again.

I have been extremely busy with burring my head in the website business as like before. I am plodding through it but the thing that is slowing me down is perfection.

I’m not saying it has to perfect in a professional way but perfect in my way. As the years have gone past I have become a perfectionist in certain things and my mistressing and career (which really I can call it that now) are definitely one of those things that I am particular in.

I feel that I owe a lot to you. As without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today. You’ve helped me grow my confidence in many areas that once upon a time I wouldn’t even try to attempt, let alone succeed in my dreams.

The new website has also helped me decide to be the true me. I still am Mistress Lucy but to do business you can not have anything to hide.

So that is why you will see in many places I will be my own name and answer to my real name. I will say one thing though… if you want to session with me I must be known as Mistress Lucy and stay as Mistress Lucy or lucy on a friendlier point.

It puts me in the right frame of mind as trying to switch at the flick of a button is possible but you won’t get the best out of me that way.

A few people in the past because they have seen my real name on my email address they have addressed as that. I have been very annoyed with them back then.

This is why I say you need to address me as you mean to go on.

So I thought I would keep you updated with is going on with me at the moment. Many have thought I have given up mistressing because I have not been on social media so much lately.

I am still here but the website takes up so much time, you wouldn’t believe.

At one point I was working nocturnally for a good few weeks. This was because I would get into what I was doing and just continue on till my eyes would refuse to stay open anymore.

I did know at some point in the previous weeks that were getting closer to now that I would have to get back into a normal (I’m never normal lol) but a going to bed at 12 midnightish and getting up at 9amish ( i say ish because some times it was earlier and sometimes it was a little later). So I would be in routine for taking my appointments again.

So Monday 12th April arrives, the week starting back taking appointments….

It felt a little strange I will admit. I felt like a beginner again. I have moved my upstairs around to benefit the popularity of my appointments so everything was in a different place. Finding out where things were was a bit daunting ( like in someone else’s Dungeon) but i familarised myself with everything fairly quickly.

I was lucky as my first appointment was a gent i had known for a while and he wasn’t too hardcore. A little chatting whilst a trim of the outgrown hairstyle he was wearing and then mild tie and tease to satisfy his needs.

I always go with the flow. If you have a checklist in your mind and then the body language doesn’t agree with what you are doing it needs to change to accommodate his happy side of kinky.

I only take 1 appointment a day. As i prefer to take 2-3 hour appointments. Then if it goes overtime then it’s not a problem.

I don’t do what I do for only tribute but bills need to be paid. So this is why I say if it goes over time because we are enjoying ourselves (or i’m enjoying myself teasing you lol) we can carry on and I won’t ask or expect any more tribute.

I will say…Many have gifted me with extra tribute and actual gifts but that is completely down to you. I am not demanding in any way and do not expect it.

The rest of the week was my long-term eager clients/friends that were desperate for haircuts and another pair of hands on them in whatever way I chose to do so.

Being used to my own time for the past 5 months or longer has made me do as I please. Having appointments does give me a routine as I’m sure you agree.

I now truly know that mistressing is in my blood. I knew that before but the experience over the years has made me realize that I will never change.

The sad news of Prince Philip’s passing has made me also realize that I may have Mistress Lucy engraved on my headstone.

‘Mistress Lucy a powerful but hard businesswoman, that wouldn’t take any backchat from anyone. She will be missed but will be tattooed on every heart that she has punished’.

I’m not being down on the subject but just being reflective. As we all have a good thing or 2 that we would like to be remembered for.




I Hope You’re Being A Good Boy????

Wednesday 10th March 2021

Blog No.133.

Good evening sweetie 😊

I have decided to change my blogs a little. Addressing it as if its a message to yourself seems a little quirky, don’t your think? 😏

So if you have been trying to contact me lately I’m sorry I have not replied or replied as quickly as I normally would.

The website that I am presently putting together is taking up more of my time than I imagined.

Take a look if you wish to but it has got a coming soon page on it.  So I can hide it from you until I am happy.


I would like to have a big launch day that will unveil it in all its glory. So you can look through it and let it unleash all the emotions you could possibly experience 😏

It’s extremely interesting but very time-consuming. So if your not web savvy then like me before, I used to ask my web designer “can you change this for me please?” and expecting it to be done in 10 minutes it’s not always the case.

Now I have learnt more about it I am learning to respect him more and when we talk I.T as your call it 😆 (ark at me as if I know what I am talking about) I understand more of what he is saying.

So I do apologize for not responding but if you want to get through to me quicker then please text me and then we can arrange to talk if need be.

Appointments are literally resting on the lockdown rules but saying that when I do resume bookings I will only be taking my regulars for the first couple of months at least.

I would love to take everybody’s appointment but I am still very cautious of peoples were abouts and how much connection they have had with everyone else if you know what I mean.

Sorry to be short and sweet but I just wanted you to know that I am still Mistress Lucy and I haven’t neglected you but if I could lengthen the number of hours in the day to 36 or 48hours that would be very convenient.

So if you can do that for me I would much appreciate it 🤣

So on that note, I will bid you a good day (even though it is not that of a joyful day with the weather) and I will look forward to hearing from you 😊😷🙏