Show Gratitude To Your Mistress

Tributes And Gifts

When searching for a mistress to accommodate the weird, wacky, or extreme niches you look at many before finding that right one. When you do find her you need to keep her sweet and happy. There are certain things I do appreciate and this that I have no need for. I will list some things that will help you stay in my good books and also the things that I won’t appreciate.

My Likes : 
Elements Rain Wear – www.elementsrainwear.co.uk 

I have grown to love PVC raincoats of the vintage design. So elegant and stylish. The following raincoats have caught my eye.

All coats in the same size – 2 XL for extra room when i have layers on in the winter. PVC is fragile so best to have more room than put stress on the seams.

These are the things that have caught my eye in either Black transparent, Magenta shiny, or Maroon Pearl…





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