Photography Studio

Earlier this year i mentioned about a Photography Studio that I was working on.


The way this year has progressed I have decided to incorporate it in with my Mistress Studio. Business has resumed again from beginning of July and it is doing well but I don’t want to go out and buy a load of equipment and it is not as regular as I thought may be.

We all have to be cautious in this present time of this pandemic year. I would rather have the money saved then feel comfortable to spend it.

What i would like to get is not cheap as buying cheap will not give me the quality in my work that I require.

So at the moment i will stay with my Huawei mobile phone for the photos as it gives me very good quality images that i am presently happy with.

Any up dates i will blog about on here. If you would like to have a photo session of any topic you require let me know. It will be of excellent quality but not with a professional camera which is what I’m look forward to purchasing in the near future.

It is best to let me know what topic you would like your photos session on so i can make sure i have all the required props and outfits that will be needed.

I don’t just do fetish photo shoots, I do also do vanilla family photo shoots as well.

Either way I will look forward to hearing from you…