08 Dec 2021
December 8, 2021

Home Testing To Please Mistress Lucy…

Wednesday 8th December 2021

Blog No.147/ Blogmas No.8a

I have had a few clients contact me expecting me to see them just like that. Now we are at the height of a pandemic and there are new viruses being found amongst us every week and month near on.

Lateral Flow home test (pack of 7)

You need To Take This Seriously…
So I have decided to do a blog on this so I can point you in the direction of this so I don’t have to keep repeating myself. I’m not against mentioning to everyone that contacts me about home testing but it’s better to read about and then you will get all the information correctly. Then you can go back to it if you have to recap.
First Aid Kit Essentials…
As I think everyone should have a lateral flow home test pack of 7 in their first aid kit with the plasters and antiseptic cream (but not everyone does, unfortunately).
My Pandemic Rules…
So my pandemic rules apply to everyone that is new or I have not seen for a length of time goes as follows…
If you are a brand new client that I have not met before…
  • If you do not have a pack of home tests go to https://maps.test-and-trace.nhs.uk/ There you will be able to sign in and they will give you a code to take to your local chemist so you can collect your tests. When you have them please send me a photo of them by email.
  • 3 days before your appointment I require you to take a home test and send me the result in a photo to my email.
  • Then do the same again on the morning of your appointment. I will do the same for you on the morning of your appointment also.

If You Are A Regular Client…

If you have seen me multiple amounts of times then there is a certain level of trust already there on both sides. I would trust in you that if you had any symptoms of anything that you postpone your appointment to save me from falling ill and of cause I would do the same for you.

If I have not seen you for a while then i would expect you to oblige in taking a test on the morning of your arranged appointment and send me the results in a photo form Whatsapp, email, or normal text.

If you do not agree to do what I request… 

If this sounds like a lot of work to you then I’m sorry you are not the client for me and I’m not the mistress for you.

I have had to say goodbye to many clients through the lockdowns because they were bored or were just thinking of themselves.

Yes, the lockdown was there for a reason, so abide by it.

I Am Extremely Serious About my Testing… 

Life is too short to not care. If I am at home not seeing anyone/no appointments then I will take a test after my last client and if I have been shopping I will take another one to make sure.

There is no need to take a test if it’s just me and the cats and I’m not seeing anyone. If i have my normal 3 appointments a week I do the same for the client as they will do for me. I will send them my test result as well.

I have had some clients contact me and refuse to take a test as they are not ill. So all I can say to that is “Sorry you are not my type of client. Good luck on your search but do be careful in the future who you meet and how you meet them”.

It is so unfortunate we have to do all of this now but I will not be able to understand people that don’t regularly home test and wear face masks in closed-in shops.

This May Be Controversial…

I hate to say this but they are just very selfish people. I’m sorry if this is a controversial subject but I am very strict on this. Even people that have been fully vaccinated are still catching the viruses. Does that not tell everyone something!!!!! 

I am not going to continue this blog for too much longer as I can talk for ages on the subject because I am very passionate about keeping my health.

I Will Leave You With This Thought…

So I will leave you with this thought “If you do not have respect for yourself by looking after yourself with masks and tests etc then that shows what a kind of person you are and you are not welcome to visit me”.

Sorry to be so harsh but listen up people this is our way of life now so deal with it…

If you have any more questions etc then CONTACT ME and we can discuss your point of view.

19 Jan 2020
January 19, 2020

Chastity or Castration?…

Saturday 18th January 2020

Daily Blog NO.49.
When an individual is thinking of the topic chastity they think of it for a reason and the reason is very personal to them.
For whatever reason they want this to happen they have to do research and homework on it before it can take place.
Chastity can be taken light-heartedly or it can be taken very seriously. It depends on your reason for proceeding with this transition.

Metal Chastity Cage

There are many ways your can experience can take place:

Temporary Chastity – This can be mentally being told not to do something or have you pathetic member tied with a lace or silicone band and then removed at the end of the session.

Periodic Chastity – This is when you will have to purchase a chastity device yourself because it needs to fit your size relatively comfortable for the time you are locked in it.

Long term Chastity – Now this has to be taken much more seriously because long term can mean 1 month to much longer. Depending on what your mistress whats to do.

Permanent Chastity – This should not be taken light-heartedly because this is life-changing.

Cute Little Sheep Barrrrh…

The Permanent chastity can go to the extreme leaves of castration (in human terms is vasectomy or hysterectomy). Depending on how you look at it.

Many couples make a decision to stay loyal to each other and so make a pac between them and their love will keep that pac in place.

As in others will do something physical as in apply chastity with a device. Male and female chastity devices are obviously different and they are out on the market to purchase.

A different type of chastity that is extremely permanent is Castration. It can be performed at the doctors/hospital in a day surgery appointment.

Like animals, a couple of snips and jobs down but it needs to be done by a professional. Other ways are like the sheep, elastic band around the testicles and leave it there until they drop off.

A painful way but if it means no more lambs then it has to be done.

I am not saying I will castrate you but if you would like a chastity session contact me and we can converse some more…

04 Dec 2019
December 4, 2019

Sounding has nothing to do with sound…..

Wednesday 4th December 2019
Postmas NO.4.
The world of BDSM and mistressing is extremely larger than anyone can imagine.
It can range from the mild teasing to things that are best not mentioned as they are on the cusp of being taboo. I don’t want to get myself into trouble.

Hygiene is always a must with any toy

I  will only talk with the clients that are interested in those type of fetishes.

The one topic of fascination that has been popular with my clients is ‘sounding’.

This is normally a medical practice that is performed to gently increase the urethra to take out any obstruction.

Many guys have found this to be an arousing stimulation (obviously not when they are with the doctor but when they are with their mistress).

It tests your will power and how long your hormones will keep you on the edge of climaxing, never tipping you until mistress says you can or lets you.

I am into the art of edging and sensing what your body is saying to me. How you react at every motion I make with the sounding implement. As it stroke the inside of your uretha with the tender loving care that it needs. Heightening your sensitivity with every millimeter it moves. Slipping and sliding with the lubricant will drive you crazy as you’ve never felt before

Electric Sounding Stimulation

I have added to my collection of sounding equipment over the years and just recently added some new rosebud implements.

The varieties come in all different lengths and shapes eg: straight, curved, bumpy (I’m using novice language so everyone understands what I mean).

They are all made for extra stimulation including the electric stimulation sounding plug.

So if you are interested in exploring your taboo side with me or even start because you haven’t tried anything like this before, contact me and we can talk further

I will look forward to conversing more with you about the kinky side of your fantasies……..

21 Aug 2019
August 21, 2019

A Tribute Gift With A Medical Theme…

Dr. Lucy

Now I always like a gift in whatever way it may be but something that is useful and I can use many times over is even better.
I had a client contact me a week or so ago requesting a medical appointment with a difference (well it would be a difference for me as it is something that I have always been intrigued about but never been able to practice it).

Poppers have always been used in my sessions if it is required (the client always has to bring them) but this was using relaxers in a much more professional way.

When Mr. X (as I will call him to keep his identity secret) contacted me and we conversed on the telephone we were speaking for well over 60 mins. If you are not intriguing to my intelligence then the conversation will be to the point and short.
He has been looking for a mistress that is willing to learn another part of her career that she would like to expand with and to.

The medical field I have never been trained in EG: A physician or nurse of any sort but Mr.X has been and this is why he is searching for the ideal mistress to take him to the clouds and back.

As we were in-depth conversation he explained that he had all his own equipment and would bring everything with him. My barber’s chair looked ideal for the scenario he was looking for as it reclines to a flat position which is much more relaxing in this situation.

When we had finished conversing. I actually sat for a while thinking about the proposition that had just been put to me. Truthfully it made me a little excited about the future to come.

When the day came for the appointment to take place I could tell Mr. X was just as excited about our meeting as he was traveling from Bournemouth (Northampton is 150 miles each way). That is true dedication for a client to have to his mistress.

The equipment he had brought with him was in 1 large and 1 small suitcase. He looked like a traveling salesman (I jested with him when i answered the door).

The session went very well. He had requested a 4-hour appointment so that he could teach me a lot about the Anesthetic play.

The set up comprised of a rubber face mask which was attached to a glass bottle with a tubular hose amongst other components. The poppers could be gauged by a dial which had levels 1-5 levels on it, this went up in 1/2 notches.

It was a very slow and controlled time together but it was extremely interesting instead of just giving the client the bottle to sniff from which is a regular thing for most cases.

When the session had finished we sat and had a cup of peppermint tea and exchanged feedback to see where we could improve next time.

I am very much looking forward to our next meeting because unfortunately, I can not purchase the equipment he has as it was bought in the 1980s (but in pristine condition). I can purchase up to date equipment but it’s knowing where to find it.

When I do purchase these items it will include anything from anesthesia breathe control equipment to needle play.

Only when I am fully trained by Mr. X will I advertise such services.

I will be putting together a wishlist at some time in the near future so I will know what is going to be needed to have a fully equipped medical room.

Look forward to receiving your inquires…