09 Nov 2020
November 9, 2020

Acknowledgment for gratitude…

Monday 9th November

Blog No.124.
To become the very best you can be is not possible alone. We all need help in one way or another. Starting from the beginning can be like running on the spot if you don’t have the correct knowledge.

I did start on my own as I really didn’t think that I would be were I am today, 11 years on. It took me a while to realise that mistressing was my chosen vocation and that it would take over my life as it has.

Many people, when starting to dip their toe into the industry don’t know whether they will like it or not. They hear about it from a friend or see something on the internet and think it takes a freaky type of person to delve into the dark side of the imagination. Depends on how deep your prepared to go as to what your comfortable and willing to open yourself to. There is many mild and extreme fetishes but not all is everyone’s cup of tea.

May 2017

To the normal person (what is normal these days) a job in the adult industry is not a proper job. How wrong they are. It is much more than a full time job, it is a job that will take over you whole being as a person and in return it will give you the life you once dreamed of. Freedom to do as you please, when you please and charge how much you want to for anything you do.

To apply for this dream job you have to have a certain type of mind set other wise you will be eaten up by the different type of savoury/unsavoury people that are in this industry. The unsavoury individuals are the ones that are jealous of your success or frightened of you because of what you will dominate them to do by manipulating their imagination to what they really deep down like but are hesitant to expose it to anyone else but themselves. There are also very nice people in this fun filled fetish world. People that want to help and see you blossom into a amazing mistress etc.

I was happy plodding along doing my own thing for quiet a few years. I developed my skills of various different fetishes to entertain my own imagination as well as my clients of all walks of life. I grew to understand the moto to the saying ‘ Never judge a book by its cover’. When I accepted this I met and got to know a lot of fabulous people that helped me progress in my journey of freedom. I say freedom because this is the life i am living now. Maybe not right now (pandemic national lockdown) but now as in i have piece of mind that i have grown a client list that will be loyal to me and be with me through good and tough times. I don’t really call these type of clients, clients as they know me much better than a regular client. They are very much friends, They have allowed themselves, visa versa to become deeper into the mistress relationship than as if they just wanted a one off BDSM session with just any mistress.

This also is the same for web designers, social media influencers or business/project assistants. To give me what I want and need for my business they have to get to know the real me which is much deeper than Mistress Lucy.

For example….

To find a great or even excellent website designer is trial and error. There are many out there preaching that they have a portfolio of what fancy website designs they do. Charge high end prices but lack the customer service skills that gain the trust of the quality client.

As we all know, firstly finding a quality client is hard enough in any business but keeping them is easy when you know how. I had been looking for a web designer for a good few years. I had got to a stage in my career where i need to go to that next level and being on social media wasn’t enough. To be looked at as a profession mistress I needed to exhibit what I could and can do in a professional format that clients could see for themselves. Asking questions over phone calls and emails was all well and good but to be on the serious mistress websites I had to have my own website with my name in the domain name.

So my friend was looking on a site one day (as you do) and he came across 2-3 websites of mistresses that where offering similar services to myself. He said in passing conversation that I  should check them out and investigate if I could have a website similar to theirs. The websites looked fantastic but there was one that really stood out to me but i thought that it looked far to expensive for me.

I contacted all 3 mistresses and enquired about where they had got their professional looking websites from and the pricing. I didn’t get any reply’s from them but in the time I was waiting I noticed at the bottom the first page of the website business name and details. My friend also pointed that out in a later conversation. I contacted the web designers with all the same details, what I wanted and the price and how I would go about getting my name on the web address. They all came back with different prices and time scales. As I was mentioning before about customer service, I don’t know these people so I have to go with the inclination I’m getting when they reply to me.

The first was far to expensive for what I could afford at the time and it was an abroad business. I’m not against abroad but you hear of so many scams from oversea countries.

The second was a bit slap dash with his etiquette and that gave me a unprofessional image of the business even though the website i was guided to looked very professional.

The third replied to me with a very friendly approach, professional but very polite. I think if i remember rightly, his email was brief but said its best to chat on the phone first of all and he can explain things better. I was very naïve when it came to technology so i had to start from somewhere. My phone was my life line to my clients and nothing else. We spoke that same evening and Peter was a very pleasant guy to talk to. Not to techi or immature with his explanations but just enough for me to understand the basics.

Nov 2020

2-3 years on from that conversation we are very good friends and as you can see, he has built and kept running a fine specimen of a fabulous website. Many think building and running a website is easy but listen to me now… there is more than you see to run any website let alone a professional website. Behind the scenes is security walls and protection from hackers and lots of other things that not even I would know about.

So I would highly recommend Peter @ Elite UK Mistress. Recommendations are better than cold searching sites your not familiar with. He is very good on design of all types of websites (not just mistress websites), upkeep and price. He has been in I.T and computers for many years.

You can see his website by clicking this link www.eliteukmistresses.co.uk or contact his email on info@elitemistresses.co.uk and he will discuss with you all you needs to help you build your business the way you would like it to be.

I am extremely happy with Peters services and how he has help my business grow over the years.

Your a star sweetie and very much worth your weight in good a much more. Keep up the good work…