05 Mar 2020
March 5, 2020

Anything to please my mistress…

Thursday 5th March 2020

Daily Blog NO.96.
When a sub is looking for either a first mistress because they are new to the industry or a new mistress because their previous one had retired ect they could be looking for a long time to find her.

To find the right one takes time and a check list of priority things that must be compatible with yourself. If these things don’t marry up then it could be a disaster waiting to happen.

The Stare Says It All

So the quay factors of finding a compatible mistress are:

  1. She offers what you are expecting from your mistress.
  2. You have to be attracted to her in some way. If not sexual then a bond between you that draws you to her for every time she summons you to serve her.
  3. How long has she been in the fetish/niches industry so that you will enjoy your experience in the session. Inexperience can ruin or even put you completely off a fetish that you have longed to enjoy.
  4. She is in a comfortable traveling distance from you.
  5.  She entertains in a location that you are totally relaxed in.

If all of these add up with the response you receive from her then your in a win win situation. For you to be totally comfortable with your mistress you have to be yourself 100%.

As if you are on edge and worried about something then it will unbalance your mind within your subspace. Which will end in a half hearted session on your side.

It is the same for a mistress when receiving inquiries. I, myself have to go through a check list in my mind.

The main reason being is this is my home I am inviting you into. I have had a couple of very disrespectful clients that decided to act completely different on arrival to when we where conversing on the phone.

That is a very silly way to be because when I sense you are not the person I require in my company then I wrap up a session very quickly and without you knowing it your dressed and being guided to the front door and your walking away from my establishment and will never be seen here again.

Over the years I have met a lot of lovely and kind clients that I honestly could call friends.. I say this because those type of people respectfully know my boundaries and never cross them.

If I decide I would like to do something that I am comfortable with doing I will then always proposition them or mention it before it happens. I also need to know their boundaries. Once I do then we are on a happy level…