17 Dec 2021
December 17, 2021

Q is for Quiet Sessions…

Friday 17th December 2021

Blog No.155/ Blogmas No.17

Losing All Control Of Your Bodily Functions…

A quiet session for many people would be the worst type of session possible but for some, it is what they desire from a mistress. Not that they can not stand her voice but because the silence takes them deeper into their subspace.

Craving Silence…

To have a voice talking throughout certain times interrupts the journey that the sub is traveling on. To break the silence with words could ruin the session completely.

A Mistress’s Point Of View on Silence…

For a mistress to take a silent session it also helps the intensity for her gradually increase as the minutes pass. It may feel like time is standing still but it also is able to block out the outside world to give the atmosphere your own personal feeling.  

Make Your Own Atmosphere…

Being Restricted For A Better Sub Space…

For a sub that is encased in the bondage that his mistress has chosen for him means he can place himself in his mind anywhere he wishes. He could be in a summer’s field on mistress bench with the sungrazing his bare flesh that is exposed. Hearing the birds sing and the breeze flowing over his body. Another option, He could be in a dark and dingy cellar where he is kept hostage. Tied up and bound in BDSM attire for his mistress’s amusement. She will come to him when she wishes.
These scenarios are of the sub’s own choice unless he has discussed them with the mistress before the silence commences. Then she can act accordingly to make whichever scenario feel a lot stronger than the other one.

Short And Sweet But To The Point…

Although this blogmas is short it is to the point.S on that note I will love you and leave you to think about whether a silent session is for you.
Do CONTACT ME if you have any questions and you would like to be introduced to silent sessions. 
Take care in all you do, stay safe, and talk soon.

Tuesday 10th December

Postmas NO.10.
First appearances go along way in everything everyone does. Business or pleasure, it doesn’t matter. If you like something or someone the first time you see them either in person or online you know that you want to know more about them.

I was told many years ago “it doesn’t matter what you wear, it’s you they are coming to see”. That is true but also very wrong.

A Mistress Who Is Serious About Her Fetishes

Anyone that thinks that way will not do well in anything in life.

I always say, everything about an appointment matters. The place you have the client visit you at. The atmosphere in the room you take the appointment in, scent, sound, and vision are so extremely important.

I never have anyone else in the house when I take an appointment. Reason being that if the client hears something in another part of the house he is going to be on edge and unsure. This makes bad chemistry for a well flowed and comfortable appointment.

You may say it is not safe to be alone with a stranger…

A Stern PVC Look That Works Well

True but I always go with my instincts. If I don’t feel comfortable with the first emails, text or greeting I have on the phone with a client then I say “Sorry I’m not interested”.

Some females just take the appointment because they want or need the money.

Yes, we all need the bills to be paid but I don’t feel I need to take every appointment that contacts me.

The more experienced one becomes the more of a bespoke niche you can offer. Finding something that no one else offers is perfect but difficult.

So if you are a refined gentleman that is looking for that particular something in the fetish world please contact me and we can converse more of an in-depth nature.

I will look forward to hearing all about your wild and wonderful fetishes.