27 Mar 2020
March 27, 2020

Anxiety, What Starts it and why….

Friday 27th March 2020

Blog NO.113.
We are all different in our own special way and no one is out together wrong.

When it comes to what un-nerves us and rocks our world in a bad way is a different matter.

Anxiety has so many different ways it can affect us.

I used to have terrible anxiety attacks before I would fly. The only thing that would get me through it was because I would look forward to the destination.

It would mostly be hot beachy places so it would calm me down. Over time I would teach myself how to go through the different stags before a holiday as it would always start 4 weeks before hand.

I have not had a holiday for 6 or more years now so have been anxiety free in that whole time.

Since the beginning of March when this whole CV19 virus started to build up I have had these attacks some back.

They have not been as worse as the flight ones but even so they have come back with a vengeance.

Its the not knowing that stresses us out. As I mention in my video message on onlyfans that this is something we only have seen in films (eg:Contagion 2011) .

Its strange how when Scott Z Burns an American screen writer wrote this back in 2011 or before got a lot of the facts exactly right to what is happening today.

I will not be watching the full length film of it as I watched a trailer of it and it was scary enough for me.

I say scary because it is very much reality now but back then when people watched it with interest it was fiction.

Every film has an ending and I don’t want to know how this is going to end until it does…

15 Mar 2020
March 15, 2020

Media Hype…

Sunday 16th March 2020

Daily Blog NO.106.
I have tried not to blog about this but is in the media so much that it is driving a lot of people crazy who are perfectly healthy.

Every time I turn on my laptop in a happy mood all I am face with is CAVONAVIRUS hype all the time which then makes me unhappy.

Happy Days

The media are at fault a lot of the time when it comes to making mountains out of mole hills.

The symptoms they say are:

  1. Coughing, which I do every now and again as it is natural to do so to clear your throat.
  2. High temperature above a certain number, well I get a little warm if I have lots of layers or I am busy and you get warm.
  3. Blow my nose, well I blow my nose to clear my air ways and that is only natural.

All this unnecessary worry is making people ill because their immune system will get low because they worry and then they catch a cold or something.

Yes if you are of a certain age you always have to be careful of catching a cold ect but if you are particularly healthy then sure you don’t need to worry about it…