Wednesday 1st December 2021

Blog No.140/Blogmas No.1a

When the month of December approaches us, some of us love the idea but some are totally off the idea of Crimbo joys. For the past couple of years, we have been forced to compromise on our love of Christmas because of social distancing and not being able to see our loved ones when we want to.

Alternative Christmas 2020

I have had a different outlook on Christmas the past couple of years and decided to have an alternative Christmas look to my decorations. I tried it the first year and failed unsuccessfully as it looked like a 2-year-old painting of a Christmas tree.

Then last year I decided to have a 7ft slim artificial tree and dress it in fetish/BDSM items. It worked well but I wanted to do something different again this year.

So I looked on Pinterest (as you do for ideas) to what I could make for myself. So this year I decided to have a wall tree.

Now the cats were very well behaved last year. None of them tried to climb to the top but Tommy did try his best to tap a bauble every now and again when I wasn’t looking. Little bugar lol.

So having a wall tree would be like a picture on the wall but made out of chains. I tried red rope but when the lights went on it just didn’t look right.

Alternative Christmas Tree 2021

After 3 attempts I ended up with what you see in the photo. I am quite pleased with it. It looks better with the lights on than off but I can’t have both ways with the chain effect.

I may see if green matte tinsel will make it look any better but i don’t want to cover or drown out the look of the chain.

For those who will be accepted for an appointment this month, you will see it in person but for now, you can admire it from afar.

My decorations will be mild and minimal. I planning on re-decorating the hallway (when I have time) so maybe next year it will be a decorated Christmas just the way I would have always dreamt of.

The problem with me is that there is never enough time in the day for all the things I have to do. Hay ho I will get them done eventually.

Take care in all you sweetie, stay safe and talk in the next blogmas