19 Feb 2020
February 19, 2020

Psychrophilia Is A Strange Fetish or is it?…

Wednesday 19th February 2020

Daily Blog NO.81.
Now I have come across some strange fetishes but this on is mighty weird. I don’t know anyone that likes being cold from this wintery weather we are having but to be cold on purpose is another level altogether.
Sometimes you have to adapt if your in that climate for some reason but to be cold on purpose is a fetish on its own.

Wrapped Up Warm

I had a client contact me a while ago and he asked to be taken to a muddy park on a rainy day (which is quite easy at this time of year) and make him walk across the grass so he unintentionally but intentionally slips over and gets muddy and wet and mainly cold.

Although the medical experts say that it is good for the body if you have injuries such as joint arthritis etc as it helps the blood flow around that area. Throughout my research, for this topic, I have a conclusion that it doesn’t seem long term beneficial but only for extra energy after the cryotherapy has been completed for 3 minutes.

From reading the title of the treatment, I think after being in the -264 degree freeze chamber for 1 minute I would be crying also…

So if you would like a Psychrophilia session contact me and I will sure to arrange it for you.

Friday 7th February 2020

Daily Blog NO.69.
Disclaimer: I have received consent at the beginning of each session before we have started to use the substances in play.

Well, what a topic of discussion today. It will bring a lot of tears to many people’s eyes that read this. As they may or may not have had an experience with one of these substances in the past.

Well, What Are You Waiting For…Hot Or Cold????

It may have been by mistake by not washing their had properly before going to the toilet or visited a mistress that has the same ideas as me.

I have had a few experiences of fun (fun for me not so much for them lol) with subs that have not behaved and needed punishment whilst in my care.

Depending on the thing they have done wrong, it all depends on what substance I will use.

Sometimes they don’t even know it is happening until their areas are reacting.

As the saying goes ‘Great Balls Of Fire’ or it may be ‘Iciballs (icicle lol get it lol).

They are warned before we start (as I have mentioned in the disclaimer) so I know they are not allergic to anything in the cream.

It is all good to have fun at the time but not to have an allergic rash that they have to seek medical help over afterward.

To feel the slow build-up to coolness on your balls is very invigorating and yet once arrived at the peak of the moment it can be a feeling of euphoria in the strangest way.

This type of play with either the cold or heat cream is a particular niche for a very individual person…

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