25 Dec 2021
December 25, 2021

Y is for Yeastiality…

Saturday 25th December 2021

Blog No.163/ Blogmas No.25

It is now Christmas day which means lots of lovely treats, sandwiches and cakes, pies and trifles. I hope once you read today’s blogmas that you won’t be put off of all those baked yummy goods.
What Is Yeastiality?
Well, my good little kinkster Yeastiality is having intimate times with baked goods. Yes, you guessed it. Sticking your todger in a cherry pie. Just like the film ‘American pie’. He got very curious (as you do or do you?) as to what a juicy, soft, filling of a cherry pie would feel like if he submerged his hard thallus inside it.
Unfortunately, he got caught by his dad (how do you explain that one with cherry sauce dripping off your pubic hair !) Sorry, but I couldn’t resist saying that. A totally hilarious film for the subject it was about. I only watched it once as when you know what’s coming (excuse the pun) it’s not so funny a second time around.
I also ask myself the same question but if the kinkster can not get a female to act out his fantasies with then why not???? As they say “No cherry pies were hurt in this experiment and they weren’t wasted as I’m sure they were consumed….or maybe not.  As a prank, they could have offered the pie to a family member when they went home. That would be quite funny. Thinking about it if he really had a good time with the pie it would be completely demolished and would not be recognizable as a pie anymore.

Can’t Beat A Good Glazed Doughnut…

As I am typing this I am physically giggling to myself lol I have a wicked imagination sometimes, well all the time actually.
If you are not a fan of cherry pie then maybe an apple pie or even a ring doughnut. Maybe a mini one depending on the girth of your throbbing erection. It’s only what I have been told…I don’t actually know this information…or do I !!!!!!!
On that note…
I will bid you a Happy Christmas. Enjoy all those baked goods that will be on offer to you and let your imagination run wild whilst chopping through the succulent sweetness but do have respect for your elders. As granny doesn’t want to be munch through the black forest gateaux with yummy desperation to find a short and curl sitting on the cherry 2 inches from the end of her nose.
As we all know dentists are expensive and so are false teeth. If they drop to the floor as her bottom jaw falls to her chest in shock horror, they may bounce and break. You don’t want to cover that cost. Do you????
Contact Me…
So If you are in knead of a cherry or apple pie experience or a ring doughnut, BDSM fantasy put into reality CONTACT ME and we can converse about your requirements and I will see what sweet concocktion I can whip up for you.
So cake care in all you do and stay safe this holiday. As you don’t want to trifle with stupidity and wreck the rest of your festive cheers. As you would feel a right doughnut if you do.