24 Dec 2021
December 24, 2021

W is for Waist Sculpting And Worship…

Thursday 23th December 2021

Blog No.161/ Blogmas No.23

“Please accept my apologies as this Blogmas is late but I have had a build-up of things to complete and I was unable to fit this in in the time frame of the 23rd December. Please enjoy and let me know what you think if you wish.” 

When looking for fetishes for certain letters of the alphabet it is testing, very testing indeed. I didn’t want to do just normal fetishes but I couldn’t think of anything else apart from whipping which is part of corporal Punishment and wrestling which is something I don’t offer. Then I thought… Waist sculpting is a fetish for small waists.
When It was First Brought To Our Attention…

Thursday 23rd December 2021
Blog No.161/ Blogmas No.23

Waist sculpting is a very old fetish that goes back to Greek times and before. The terminology for sculpting garments changed through the centuries
The first recorded corset-style garment was recorded in Crete, Greece 3500 BC, and worn by the Minoan people. The garment was worn to accentuate the curves of the torso and uplift the bustline as they did not have bra’s in those days. As a young woman would grow through her teens and into her adult life she would be made to wear a corset continuously so her form would grow in the shape of the cotte. Both Minoan men and women were trained this way. The particular cote that you see in the image is called a ‘Zona’. which was only designed for women at that time.
In The Later Centuries…
In the 12 century, the boned stiffness was sewn into the dress that madam would require. In this era, there were no undergarments such as corsets. The dress would have customized boning where the torso needed it to make the female look her very best. 

Thursday 23rd December 2021
Blog No.161/ Blogmas No.23

Skipping a few centuries as trust me I love doing this research and I could write a book on corsetry and waist sculpting but this is a blog, not a lecture or book so I need to keep it compacted and to the point without boring you too much”. 
In the 17th Century, a female-boned undergarment was introduced as an easier way to sculpt the waist and keep it minimal. This was known as a ‘Stay’. It was a very basic design but because it was at the beginning of something big in the fashion world there was plenty of room for improvement. It was designed without a front closure and only laces at the back for tightening and keeping in place. Being that it was a foundation garment to be worn under the lady’s clothing it had to be minimal but sturdy.
In the 18th Century, the stay evolved into becoming known as a corset. This was much more structured and the design became a little more adventurous. As from then on it became a fashion that everyone wanted to wear, even men. 
The Last Few Centuries…


The 17th, 18th, and 19th Centuries have become a mixed fashion evolvement. As you see from the image,  the stay has changed and is now known as a corset. Going from a classic form to an underbust and overbust and many more exquisitely detailed designs that have been used as undergarments and over the top of clothes to make a statement in an outfit, you would feel confident in.
In all of these cottes, stays, and corsets they have all been abiding by the one job that they have and that is to give the form a better silhouette and make the individual feel better about themselves.
I am a big fan of corsets, I have been for years. Although on me I am not a lover of waist sculpting in the long term. I do love to wear them to sculpt the body I do have right now. I
It doesn’t matter what size you are, if you feel good in all you wear then the confidence will radiate from you. 
Corsets come in all sizes so if you want to wear one to give you a better shape and to make you feel good then go ahead and do it. 
Life is far too short to worry about what people think. Yes, there may be someone else that looks better than you but if you’re comfortable in the skin that you were born in then that is all that matters.
Don’t Ever Forget…
You are unique and beautiful in your own way. So love yourself and then your find everyone else will be drawn to you.
Contact Me…
If you feel you would like to have some training on corsetry and what you need to feel and look better then, by all means, CONTACT ME and we can converse about your requirements.

Disclaimer – The information for this Blogmas was taken from numerous amount contacts that I have added the sources for you to look at if you wish.

07 Mar 2020
March 7, 2020

Does Hair Give You Confidence?…

Sunday 8th March 2020

Daily Blog No.99.
Since I have decided to shave my head a lot of different questions have come into my thoughts. One of them is ‘Does Hair Give You Confidence?’

You have heard a lot about me and my experiences in my hairstyles recently because it is something I am passionate about.


It has been and is my trade for the past 30 years and when something is in your system then that is what rules your life.

Going back to the question in the title of this blog…Hair is just a sign of whether your health or not.

As we get older all of us have hair thinning troubles but that doesn’t mean we are unhealthy it just our hair pattern as we get older.

The hair that we still have grows at a good rate depending on what we eat and what country we live in.


I say this because like plants we need to have food, water and sun. Other countries have longer and warm hours of sun than we do in England (where I am based) which means everything grows better there.

To consume a healthy plan of food is not always the case of a plant based plan and only that. We all need a treat every now and again and unfortunately  tasty treats are not always the healthiest.

So when a plant is feed the right amount of nutrients,  watered correctly and is kissed the right amount of times by the sun it grows its absolute best way it knows how to.

When it comes to humans if we have deficiencies and neglect ourselves then our hair will grow but not so fast and not as healthy.

07/12/19 – Human Hair Wig

So when we ask ourselves the second question that steams from the first question ‘Where does our confidence come from?’ the answer is definitely not all due to our hair.

Confidence comes from within not from your hairstyle. As you can see I have shaved my hair off (well its growing back a bit now but I would do it again any day) and I am still confident in all I do.

This blog could go on forever and a day as it is something else that I am passionate about together with hairdressing.

I may make a E-book about my lack of confidence experiences because it has been a 10 year or longer recovery phase that I have been through.

I would love to share it with you and help anyone that needs a boost of confidence ect to build your self love up like I love life right now.

If you would like to contact me about anything at all then I would love to hear from you…