09 Dec 2021
December 9, 2021

J Is For Judicial Corporal Punishment…

Friday 10th December 2021

Blog No.148/ Blogmas No.10

How time flies when you having fun. Welcome to day 10 of Blogmas. What would you say a fetish is for the letter J? As far as I can think of there isn’t a specific one. Apart from Japanese Rope Art/Torture or a fetish that is a popular one that has a different name to it.

Constable Lucy But Mam To You

What is Judicial Punishment?…

Judicial Corporal Punishment is a little like corporal punishment but ordered by the law. It was a law in many countries at one point but not so much now.
It can be found to continue in British colonies and Muslim-majority states. I will not go into which actual countries as that could be a controversial topic.

Fantasy / RolePlay…

These shoes may be unappealing but they hold the authority to put you in your place…

Roleplay on this fetish is quite popular. I have clients making up fantasies of being sentenced by the court of law to visit me for a punishment they will never forget. With this, I tend to mix a few frightening mind games into it to make it a bit more realistic.
I have a policewoman outfit with a white shirt (with lapels and badges etc) and black tie black skirt and very unattractive flat black tie-up shoes. This is matched with thick black tights. This sets the scene when I answer my front door. Sometimes I am requested to have just office attire because of what they see in their fantasy. entails. 
Either way, it does not make any difference to the punishment I will give them but it does to the client who requested this roleplay. 
Open-minded Mistress…
I am a very open-minded mistress and as long as it has nothing to do with sexual acts with underage or animals I will listen to what you are requesting. Whether I say yes to the scenario, I do not know that answer until I have heard your fantasy. 
Contact Me…
If you have a unique fantasy that you would like to act out at a place you and I will only know about then CONTACT ME and we can converse more on your request.
Take care in all you do, Stay safe and talk soon in the next blogmas.
03 Dec 2021
December 3, 2021

C is For Corporal Punishment…

Friday 3rd December 2021

Blog No.141/ Blogmas No.3

Corporal Punishment sounds quite aggressive and yes it is when it is given in the way it should be many years ago. These days it is very much a niche that people enjoy when it is given within their pain thresh hold limitations.

Trust In Your Mistress/Master…

Nov 2021 – Restraints may need to be used to give administer the punishment you deserve

Having trust in the person that is administering the CP is very much a top priority.
If a Mistress/Master is dishing out the punishment they need to know what your pain level is.
The Mistress/Master has to remember that you have come to them for pleasure (even if it is painful).
If they don’t administer the correct level that you are happy with you will not come back.
So to show genuine skills as a Mistress/Master it is vital so that they are respected in the highest form.


Having the right surroundings is not always necessary depending on the scenario that is needed to take you to your fantasy/subspace.

Hoods and Masks…

Sometimes you may prefer to be hooded or masked for visual deprivation. So the surroundings do not matter but it helps to intensify the atmosphere of what you may observe before you are hooded.

Oct 2021 – Humiliation can be part of punishment as well


The only emotions that you will feel are hearing and adrenaline.
The sounds of the Mistress/Master going through their cupboards to see what to use for your next
stage of punishment will raise their temperature to a level that will heat your entire body.
Adrenaline is a very arousing feeling. Waiting in anticipation of what painful or pleasurable thing you will next encounter.
Keeping you on your toes in your imagination is most important. If the intensity cools off this could ruin or even stop the whole experience.

Contact me…

So if you are a lover of Corporal Punishment that would be administered by a highly skilled mistress contact me and we can talk further about your requirements.
Take care in all you do, stay safe, and talk soon in the next blog.