27 Dec 2020
December 27, 2020

Christmas Day Haircut…

Saturday 26th December 2020

Blog No.127
To all of us this year we are having to change our family Christmas according to the pandemic tier situation unfortunately.

My Christmas was very much the same as previous Christmas days as i stay at home with the cats and we do as we please.

This year i had a lazy lay in and then a chilled breakfast of toast and a almond milk coffee whizzed up in the Ninja which is like a bullet blender, I find i can do most of what i want in it and it was half the price of a bullet blender.

Just Before My Haircut And Straight Out Of The Shower

I then went for a shower to freshen up as i wanted to take some photos for my onlyfans page.

As i was drying my hair (as it is now long enough to style) i thought it needed a trim. I had let it grow for a good couple of months with only cutting around my ears. So the back and everywhere need a look at.

I put the whole procedure on my onlyfans page if you would like to take a look.

By the time i had finished and styled it I was very pleased in deed. Its amazing what a trim in places does to make it look as if you had a whole haircut.

Takes Time to Become Skilled At Cutting Your Own Hair

I do my own hair only because a millimetre to a hairdresser, well most hairdressers is 1 inch.

I was devastated many a time when all i would ask for is a very light trim and i would come out like Shaun the sheep and very annoyed.

It takes 2 months to grow and 2 seconds to cut off…not impressed at all.

My Christmas day photo shoot turned out well as you can see.

A little taster of what is on my onlyfans page.

Well it takes so long to prepare for (Christmas Day) yet it is over in a cough and a splutter.

Christmas Day Photo Shot

As i sit up in bed on Boxing day night typing this for you (and listening to storm Bella as she throughs a tantrum up and down our street with the heavy rain fall that she seems to be having fun and games with) I wonder how i am going to have time to fit all these new ideas for 2021 and carry on with mistressing.

Don’t worry i wont give up anything as it has taken me 11 years to get where i am today and I’m loving every minute of it ( well not the pandemic but everything else).

I have grown closer to a lot of my regulars throughout this past months and unfortunately had to say good bye to some of them because of their selfish ways but that’s there lose.

So I think we are all glad Christmas is over and done with and we can welcome 2021 into our lives and hope its better than the year we presently are in now.

Keep healthy and safe and don’t loose your smile as it makes everything much better to see you happy as much as you can.

Don’t hesitate to drop me an hi if you feel like it as a chat online or over the phone is always nice to break the day up as they say…


15 Oct 2020
October 15, 2020

Corsets and Satin for Mistress…

Thursday 15th October 2020

Blog No. 122
Corsets have always been top priority in my likes list when it comes to outfits and dressing up. All shape changing attire feels fantastic, hugging the body in all ways possible and making  you look like you would only dream about.

The most fabulous thing about them is that they can draw you in at least 3 inches or more on your waist but the only negative thing about them is getting into them.

Its not like a loose fitting t-shirt that slips on very quick and easy. Its more like a 2 person job.

Emerald Stain Heavily Boned Corset

When admiring a statuesque female in a corset, the onlooker normally admires what he can see but never admires her for the before hand task of putting it on.

To get a perfect shape there should be a particular position you should stand in so your maid can pull those laces in to perfection. Making sure each lace is set just right and the underlaying piece of material under the laces is flat enough to join both sides of the corset together.

If it doesn’t and there is a gap then the corset is the wrong size.

When it comes to my appointments it can be difficult to have all the sizes and colours of the corsets in stock for all my clients. So I have to compromise on the clients shape and what garment is chosen.

Corsets can be made in all different materials, anything from latex to lace. I have grown to love satin corsets which helped me make my mind up into purchasing the emerald green satin corset (that you see me wearing in the photo).

I have had corsets from this company before and they are very well made and very hard wearing. They need to be heavy duty really as when your laced into the garment the laces are pulled in very tight around your waist/rib cage and the strain on the eye holes and hook fasteners is immense. It has to be to get that fantastic hour glass shape.

Look fantastic with an Blouse or on its own

We are not all built to a size 0 but not to worry because corsets are also made for the fuller figure, whether it be male or female you will be happy with the shape that it gives you.

Only with the right size corset will it feel like a second skin. If the wrong size is fitted it can feel uncomfortable in a way that you just want it off sooner than later. Also an ill fitting corset it can make your outline look horrendous.

When the bones of the corset draw your waist in the excess flesh has to go somewhere. In most cases it will give you more of a bust than you thought you could ever have, even on a guy.

This is what I was mentioning about a wrong corset size. If you are in the wrong size it can push your excess flesh in the wrong places.

Also the flap of material that is under the laces is there for a reason…

It is there to stop the laces pressing on your skin. As laces pulled tight on bare flesh can cut in/chaff and be extremely painful.

If you needing to wear it for a long amount of hours and your mistress expects you to bend in all different positions then you need to be as comfortable as you can.

Truthfully i think corsets were design by an angel and the devil together because it make the our shapes look heaven sent but it gives naught/wicked thoughts to any onlookers…


12 Mar 2020
March 12, 2020

What Are You Afraid Of?…

Thursday 12th March 2020

Daily Blog NO.103.
When it comes to being frightened of something our bodies can react in so many different ways.

We have in our minds a fantasy that you long to transfer into reality but we are frightened that if we do it may not be the same as in our dreams and thoughts.

To find the perfect person to be that other character in your scenario must be right other wise it will crush the long term imagery that you have yearned for for so long.

PVC, Leatherette, Corsets or Bottoms. What’s your fantasy?

It may be a figure that you have looked up to and you have put them on a pedestal in reality but in your dreams you have wanted to do things to her that you know that she would disagree to.

She’s a figure is of a dominant stature, you would love for her to boss and humiliate you to the point where you actually question your loyalty to yourself.

She manipulates you in a way how she likes things done. She doesn’t care about what you want because all that is important is her needs.

You want to tell her your true feelings but that would ruin the dominant relationship that you have with her.

You have to keep this fantasy with you for as long as you can but the erg is so strong that you cant think of anything else but her.

The one thing that holds you back from bringing your fantasy to reality is…

I will leave you to finish the sentence as every individual has there own fetish fantasy.

if you have a dominant fantasy that you would like to bring to reality contact me and we can converse about it some more.