07 Mar 2020
March 7, 2020

Mistress Lucys Change of Heart…

Saturday 7th March 2020

Daily Blog NO.98.
From the title of this blog you most probably are thinking this is a big thing that is happening but in reality its just an evaluation of life in general.

I have taken the mistressing very seriously over the past years and still do but now I have thought about what the next phase of my career is going to be.

Yes an old school mistress is a very committed role to take on and something that can be very enjoyable indeed.

I have controlled my fun for some time to build this role to the level of what I require.

So now that I have and I’m very happy with it I have desired to steer in in a slightly different direction.

Nothing that Is too different but in a way to make things a little more interesting and edgy.

As you will know if you have been following me for a while, I don’t like doing the same old routine forever ( I have done with my cleanliness/hygiene routine because that’s a must) but anything else I get bored to quickly with.

So having new ideas will make things better and more exiting like you’ve never experienced before.

So watch this space oh curious ones…