Daily Blog Extra

Firstly thank you for taking the time to look at this Daily Blog Extra of my website.

I have been in fetish photography for some time but only recently decided to take that next step and look for something a bit different and unique.

Its Easy To Disguise Height With Photography If Its Required

So if you are or know of anyone that is 4 ft and under in height then please contact me and we can converse more on the topic.

I am looking for mild to extreme topics but only fetishes that you are comfortable with. Everything is done with your concent and it is a collaboration between you and me.

It can be a one on one meeting or it can involve other like-minded people or the same as.

Be Proud Of What You Are As You Are Beautiful In Your Own Special Way

I am totally open-minded and your happiness is my top priority.

Any other types of individuals that I am looking for I will add to this section but if you think you are of a different nature then do contact me and I will see what I am looking for at that particular time.

I am not looking to do pornographic photo or video shoots but fetish shoots that are specific niche orientated.

This is not a get rich quick arrangement but it can help your business in the long run.

So contact me and I will look forward to hearing from you…