01 Dec 2019
December 1, 2019

December Is Here ………

The First Day of December Festivities

Sunday 1st December 2019……

Postmas No.1.

To many of you, December has come around far too quick this year, not unlike every year.

I can remember feeling the hot rays of the 25th July when it was 36 degrees without any breeze at 2:30pm here in Northampton and all I could think about was a nice cold drink to cool me down. Now all I want is hot soup to warm me up.

This year I am feeling different about December and Christmas, in a good way. I fancied a real tree this year. I wasn’t sure of the type as there are so many to choose from but Tescos had a good range.

I bought it last night to be ready for the start of December to spread the Christmas spirit. Be it a small tree, it is perfect for what I want and where I would like to put it.

I have always stayed with an artificial Christmas tree before but a fresh tree always gives that natural festive vibe and as I am very much into the natural plant way of living I thought it would be very appropriate.

So this December I am going to try to post on my website every day or as much as I possibly can so I can spread the festivities the way I know how to.

Like the youtube community who vlog every day in December, they call it ‘vlogmas’. So I will call my posts in December postmas.

So please do keep an eye open and look out for daily posts. You never know it might become a routine for me. Heres hoping……