08 Dec 2021
December 8, 2021

H is for Hooks…

Wednesday 8th December 2021

Blog No.146/ Blogmas No.8

Wow, This one was a test between Humiliation, hoods, hooks yes I know that they all come under BDSM but if you have an interest in one particular thing then that becomes an individual niche/fetish for you.

One Of My Favourite Fetishes…

Now as I have been in the industry a long time I have a fetish for all of them in totally different ways but I did pick Hooks as my favorite out of the 3 choices.

Hood, Collar, and Hook

It’s because they are different. Not everyone likes them but they can be used in so many different ways. 
Just because they look gruesome doesn’t mean they have to be. Although you see in the image in this blog this is a mouth hook and nose hook.
If someone wants to be restricted in a way of speech deprivation these little beauties are perfect for that job.
As we are at the height of the pandemic (unfortunately) I have not had the opportunity to use them as much (due to hygienic values). I am always very tip-top on hygiene and cleaning all my equipment (in boiling water etc as guidelines tell me to) but because viruses can be carried from one to the next I always like you to have your own implements.
If you have been to visit me or would like to become a regular client and have these implements involved in your session you will need to arrange with me to have your own.
This is quite simple. If you pay for them in advance I will order them for you and they will be here for you for your next appointment.
I have a few clients that have already done this and I keep your things separate in a box or bag (depending on how much you have) so that it is safe and clean away from other clients’ things.
The other option is that you bring the items with you to each session. Either option, I am fine with it.
Other Options How To Use Hooks…
I have recently had hooks installed in my ceiling in my Dungeon/BDSM Room. This is for the leather

Hook, Cuff. Latex Hood, Chastity, Leash Restriction

swing that I use for suspension sessions. I have also found that the hook in the ceiling doesn’t only have to be for that.
It can be for restricting subs that like to be punished with suspension, even full weight off the floor. This could mean Japanese Rope Art but that’s a different fetish to talk about another time.
As long as you are under 20 stone (that’s the ceiling hooks capacity) then you can be suspended in whatever position I care to put you in. Depending on your health obviously. So as you see Hooks arent that unfriendly as people think they are.
If you have a hook or suspension fetish and would like to pursue it further then CONTACT ME and we can talk more about your requirement.
02 Feb 2020
February 2, 2020

Benched BDSM Strict Haircut….

Sunday 2nd February 2020

It is only natural to be intrigued at different things in life and wonder why!!!

I myself are fascinated by doing things against the grain. Some things have to be kept to a certain ruling but if I can find a way of twisting the normality of something, I will.

Are you needing a punishment haircut/head shave?

If you say to me it can’t be done then I will say “ok, we will see about that”. I will try it in my will power to conquer it. I will fail if I have to but not without giving it a blooming good go.

As like the greatest strong man Eddie Hall once said when told that 500kg deadlift was impossible to do and has never been done.

With him, it’s all about strength in the muscles and body but I will only do something if it only betters me in my mind. I have too many injuries from my past to be pushing my body like that now.

Even sweeping up after a haircut makes my backache, unfortunately. Due to a back injury in 2002.

So when it comes to being unique in mistressing I perform fetishes to the best of my knowledge and then twist them to become unique to mistress Lucy.

A bench haircut has been done before but not in the setting of my entertainment floor.

Something to discipline your backchat or naughty thoughts maybe!

You will be laid out on a bare board PVC covered bench, face down and then placed in a way that your head will hang over one end.

I will handcuff you in a starfish position so you can not move. As I decide on the clipper guard or no clipper guard to use your imagination will play havoc with your senses.

Not knowing what is going to happen next. The click of the bar on the clippers turns on. Normally it would not frighten you when hearing in a normal barbers shop but in this position, you immediately feel vulnerable.

Mistress pulls at your ear and whispers sinisterly “are you ready Sonny Jim”. Dam” you think this is more nerve-wracking than a roller coaster ride.

Mistress is far from soothing as the clippers glide over your skull. Holding your ear to still your head as she takes every last hair you have just grown for the past 4 weeks from you bald and even balder head now.

As it falls to the floor passing your vision you feel you want to say goodbye to it forever but you know it will grow back faster than you really want it to.

If you want to be terrified on my PVC hardwood bench then contact me and see what you will be brave enough to ask for.

If you want to see the video to this haircut then it is on my only fans page www.onlyfans.com/mistresslucylew