14 Feb 2019
February 14, 2019

The tantric way in everything……….

I have had many clients contact me to ask about certain services and how I perform them. Well I am not going to tell you Mistress Lucy’s secret formula but since I welcomed the tantric way into my life everything has changed dramatically.

For someone that doesn’t know anything about tantric it can be very daunting and nerve wracking.

This is why I don’t mention it and mingle it in with my skills automatically. Well I don’t know any different now because its my way of life.

Then by the time they have been taken out of this world and back again they don’t know what’s hit them lol but all they know is that wasn’t something that they have ever experienced before.

As they come back around to reality while they get dressed they are bewildered as to what happened.

All I can say is “once you experience the tantric way nothing else will do”.

I will look forward to receiving your enquiry from all you curious gentlemen that are wondering why they haven’t heard of my skills and seen my website before.