21 Dec 2021
December 21, 2021

U is for Urolagnia…

Tuesday 21th December 2021

Blog No.159/ Blogmas No.21

This may be a familiar fetish with yourself or not, even so, when you realize what it is you will understand why less than 5% of the world have enjoyed it or not enjoyed it. The fetish called Urolagnia is commonly known as water sports.
An interaction that could offend some people if their partner was to accidentally do it during their intimate time together or may enjoy it. There are many things that can be involved in this fetish topic but I will only be talking about a couple of them today.
Sexual Act…
It can be known as a sexual act if the person consents to it happening or it can be an insult that is performed to show hatred. When you are involved in such an act you much make sure that the person’s urine does not make contact with you if you have a cut or an open wound.
Urine is not hygienic to consume and can transfer germs from one person to another via the open wound. Yes, it can be exciting to have a woman squirt on you but that is something completely different.
Female Squirting…
Female squirting is in with this fetish but it is a weaker fluid than urine. The gland tissue that produces fluid (located at the G-Spot) guides the fluid to the urethra but it back steps to the bladder when the woman has a moment of extreme excitement. This is the same as when a guy produces pre-cum before ejaculating.
The First Time It Happens…
When it happens to a woman it is a bit confusing at first. When a guy experiences it from a woman he becomes either excited and interested even more or disgusted until he understands what it really is. Even when he understands what it is he still may be degusted depending on what fetishes he is into.
A Word Of Advice…
If you have a partner that squirts, enjoy it when it happens (obviously have loads of towels ready to save the area you are laying in from getting soaked, and then you will have to sleep elsewhere) as it will not happen every time. Please don’t expect it to happen every time. Most females, don’t know when it happens until it does. Also, don’t be disappointed in your partner if she can not do it when you want it to happen. Most females can not do it on command. If they do then it is not true squirt. It is pure urine. 
When will it happen?…
If you are treating your female right and touching her right she will be much more relaxed and then her body will reward you for what you would like to see. One thing there is to take into consideration…if she has a bad day at work or she is stressed in any way then her body will shut down even if she wants to have intimate time with you to try to destress her. Sometimes the human body does not always have contact with the brain when you want it to. 
Have patience…
You can not rush a feeling. When it is ready to give your lady a ride of her life, not even she will know until it happens. So as I say have patience and in time you will be gifted when you’re not expecting it. 
Everyone loves nice surprises. So embrace it when it is given to you. If you don’t embrace it and show her you’re not excited by it then just be ready for a cold shoulder from her. Turning the sexy mood off in an instant is a very good way for cutting short your intimate time. Also, that may end your intimate time permanently because a woman never forgets a brush-off.  As a female is very good at making things seem ok but deep down she will wait for the right time to get her revenge. 
Don’t contact me for this fetish…
Now although I always say at the end of a blog “Contact me if you are interested in this fetish”. For this fetish, I will be happy to do a therapy session (talking and explaining) with you to improve your intimate time but I am not offering a service of me doing this fetish.
I thought I would mention this in case you had other ideas. So do CONTACT ME if you need some therapy. 
03 Dec 2021
December 3, 2021

C is For Corporal Punishment…

Friday 3rd December 2021

Blog No.141/ Blogmas No.3

Corporal Punishment sounds quite aggressive and yes it is when it is given in the way it should be many years ago. These days it is very much a niche that people enjoy when it is given within their pain thresh hold limitations.

Trust In Your Mistress/Master…

Nov 2021 – Restraints may need to be used to give administer the punishment you deserve

Having trust in the person that is administering the CP is very much a top priority.
If a Mistress/Master is dishing out the punishment they need to know what your pain level is.
The Mistress/Master has to remember that you have come to them for pleasure (even if it is painful).
If they don’t administer the correct level that you are happy with you will not come back.
So to show genuine skills as a Mistress/Master it is vital so that they are respected in the highest form.


Having the right surroundings is not always necessary depending on the scenario that is needed to take you to your fantasy/subspace.

Hoods and Masks…

Sometimes you may prefer to be hooded or masked for visual deprivation. So the surroundings do not matter but it helps to intensify the atmosphere of what you may observe before you are hooded.

Oct 2021 – Humiliation can be part of punishment as well


The only emotions that you will feel are hearing and adrenaline.
The sounds of the Mistress/Master going through their cupboards to see what to use for your next
stage of punishment will raise their temperature to a level that will heat your entire body.
Adrenaline is a very arousing feeling. Waiting in anticipation of what painful or pleasurable thing you will next encounter.
Keeping you on your toes in your imagination is most important. If the intensity cools off this could ruin or even stop the whole experience.

Contact me…

So if you are a lover of Corporal Punishment that would be administered by a highly skilled mistress contact me and we can talk further about your requirements.
Take care in all you do, stay safe, and talk soon in the next blog.
12 Mar 2020
March 12, 2020

What Are You Afraid Of?…

Thursday 12th March 2020

Daily Blog NO.103.
When it comes to being frightened of something our bodies can react in so many different ways.

We have in our minds a fantasy that you long to transfer into reality but we are frightened that if we do it may not be the same as in our dreams and thoughts.

To find the perfect person to be that other character in your scenario must be right other wise it will crush the long term imagery that you have yearned for for so long.

PVC, Leatherette, Corsets or Bottoms. What’s your fantasy?

It may be a figure that you have looked up to and you have put them on a pedestal in reality but in your dreams you have wanted to do things to her that you know that she would disagree to.

She’s a figure is of a dominant stature, you would love for her to boss and humiliate you to the point where you actually question your loyalty to yourself.

She manipulates you in a way how she likes things done. She doesn’t care about what you want because all that is important is her needs.

You want to tell her your true feelings but that would ruin the dominant relationship that you have with her.

You have to keep this fantasy with you for as long as you can but the erg is so strong that you cant think of anything else but her.

The one thing that holds you back from bringing your fantasy to reality is…

I will leave you to finish the sentence as every individual has there own fetish fantasy.

if you have a dominant fantasy that you would like to bring to reality contact me and we can converse about it some more.


20 Jan 2020
January 20, 2020

Online Or Reality?…

Monday 20th January 2020

Daily Blog NO.51.
When you have been thinking about a fantasy for a while It gets to a certain point in your life when keeping it in your imagination doesn’t do it for you anymore and you want the real thing.

Its ok deciding whos going to be in your fantasy but its finding that special person or persons to act it out with you.

Not just anyone will do as if you choose the wrong person or persons they could burst your bubble in an instant.

Some people when looking for special people and of course the special moment in your life to go ahead with this scenario they can be looking for ages even years.

It’s so important to them that they become ocd on the matter. The details are precise that it can be off-putting to a degree you could give up looking after a while.

Your scared your dream could be ruined and you don’t want that to happen.
So there is another option that some times works depending on what your looking for…webcam.

This means either video chat which is a 2-way interaction or just watching someone doing something EG: watching Mistress making a cup of tea.

I can be anything. So without leaving the comfort of your own home, you can have interaction with whoever you wish.

This sometimes leads to a meeting if you like them and you feel confident you will enjoy the time with them.
Also, there’s no risk of wasting your time by bursting your dream bubble, if you know what I mean.

So if you have a BDSM Fantasy that you would like talk about contact me and we can converse some more on the subject at hand

www.onlyfans.com/mistresslucylew – For more risky videos and photography that are not allowed on here.



04 Dec 2019
December 4, 2019

Sounding has nothing to do with sound…..

Wednesday 4th December 2019
Postmas NO.4.
The world of BDSM and mistressing is extremely larger than anyone can imagine.
It can range from the mild teasing to things that are best not mentioned as they are on the cusp of being taboo. I don’t want to get myself into trouble.

Hygiene is always a must with any toy

I  will only talk with the clients that are interested in those type of fetishes.

The one topic of fascination that has been popular with my clients is ‘sounding’.

This is normally a medical practice that is performed to gently increase the urethra to take out any obstruction.

Many guys have found this to be an arousing stimulation (obviously not when they are with the doctor but when they are with their mistress).

It tests your will power and how long your hormones will keep you on the edge of climaxing, never tipping you until mistress says you can or lets you.

I am into the art of edging and sensing what your body is saying to me. How you react at every motion I make with the sounding implement. As it stroke the inside of your uretha with the tender loving care that it needs. Heightening your sensitivity with every millimeter it moves. Slipping and sliding with the lubricant will drive you crazy as you’ve never felt before

Electric Sounding Stimulation

I have added to my collection of sounding equipment over the years and just recently added some new rosebud implements.

The varieties come in all different lengths and shapes eg: straight, curved, bumpy (I’m using novice language so everyone understands what I mean).

They are all made for extra stimulation including the electric stimulation sounding plug.

So if you are interested in exploring your taboo side with me or even start because you haven’t tried anything like this before, contact me and we can talk further

I will look forward to conversing more with you about the kinky side of your fantasies……..