05 Dec 2021
December 5, 2021

E is for Eproctophilia…

Sunday 5th December 2021

Blog No.143/ Blogmas No.5

There’s No Room For Flatulence Here…

Latin words always make a fetish niche sound so mysterious and knowledgeable. That’s why I do my homework on these subjects. So today it is Eproctophilia and yet it is unrecognizable to what it is in the title. Unlike tablet is a table in french. Easy to know what it is. So have you given up on what it means?

Ok, this fetish is Flatulence, Farting, Botty Burps, Breaking Wind, Tooter, Fluffing, Booty Cough, Gassy, Trumpet, Foghorn, Duck Call, etc and the list goes on.
When we were kids or even now when we are adults if someone fluffs at an inappropriate or not expected time it becomes hilarious. Especially if they are not known to do that and then they do. It can be pant wetting at times.
Started in the industry…
Until I started in the industry I did not know that it was a turn-on to have a female let go on his face or near him, let alone he would pay to feel such an experience.
Some people are extremely gassy as they may have a varied way of eating. In return, it will let out a strong odor that is powerful enough to burn your nostril hairs.
Yet others won’t produce and air and you will never hear them pass wind (or they might hold it till they are alone). As they say “you are what you eat” and you sure are.
So Funny…
I Have experienced a few moments of embarrassment but I do remember one time a good few years ago when I went on holiday to Greece (early 1990’s ) I and my ex-husband went away with another couple that we had met in our local pub. We were departing from Heathrow and had some time to wait as we had got to our boarding gate early. The seats we had picked were in 3’s so Chris decided to sit on the floor. It was a rubber design for easy cleaning. He had some music on his earphones but we could all hear it if it was turned up to a certain level. He decided to rock backward, forwards, and side to side to the beat of the music as a little sit-down dance to pass the time. On one of the side-to-side rocks he let out an almighty fart that he thought wasn’t going to sound…but It did. I have never heard a fart echo in an airport as much as what this did. He didn’t need a microphone to be loud, the hollowness of the terminal did that for him. The embarrassment that showed on his face was a picture. He hung his head in shame and ask me “did anyone hear that?” The whole terminal was in hysterics.
So if anyone has a fetish for Eproctophilia don’t contact me but for any fetishes that are on my FETSH LIST do CONTACT ME.
18 Feb 2020
February 18, 2020

Why do we love Eproctophila (Flatulance)…

Tuesday 18th February 2020

Daily Blog No.80.
When you were a child if someone near you farted or botty burp it was funny and everyone wet their pants because when your a child everything is funny like that.  When you grow older in your teens to pass wind is nasty. Then when your an adult in some cases flatulence becomes a turn on and is labeled a fetish.

in a guy’s case, it is not such a turn on because many eat all sorts of flavorsome things, etc and it is not the most pleasant of smells. When a female does it, to a guy if they were sitting on their face it would be a turn on.

To have a naked female body anywhere near a guy they would not care if she was to pass wind etc as they are not concentrating on the noise or smell if they have a pair of breasts etc staring them in the face.

If you’re a kinkster who loves the act of eproctophila on you then it can make all kinds of emotions race. Depending on the way the female eats is depending on the aroma she will let out.

If you have a weak stomach then in some cases your fetish might be limited to continuing to search for that special gust of wind that will pass your way…

I am not very flatulent even though i am plant based more than anything with my diet so I can not offer this service, sorry.

Even so it would be nice to hear from you for any other fetish that I offer. Contact me and we can converse further…

PS. In some blogs, it is very hard to think of a image to add to the content so you will have to use your imagination lol…