14 Dec 2021
December 14, 2021

N Is For Neck…

Monday 14th December 2021

Blog No.152/ Blogmas No.14

Now I had trouble finding a fetish for the letter N. I have been getting fans to ask about hairdressing topics that I can blog about so all I could really find was the word Neck. This would also include some hairdressing terminology as in the nape of the neck etc.

The human body Is A Fetish on It Own…

Officer Lucy – Short Back And Tidy Nape

I understand that any part of the human body has a fetish attached to it. Including knees but that’s a K. When I first was aware that the neck became a fetish was when I started in the industry 14 years ago. Things developed on my need for fetish knowledge and so I looked more into it.
The Neck Is So Sensitive…
The neck has so many sensitive and arouse mechanisms in it that there is too many to count. To touch or go anywhere near it and it can set the hormones and endorphins to make amazing feelings rush through your whole body.
The Nape Of The Neck…
The hair on the nape area (back of the head near the neck) if brushed in a certain way can give you a feel-good factor or a really good feel-good factor.

Short and tidy Hair. neat Nape

Some characteristics of hair growth at the nape area can look very interesting to a neck/hair lover. Just the feel of it when they touch the short hairs can set off arousal emotions on them let alone on the person that hair they are touching.
Visually Satisfying…
Too many hair lovers if the nape is not trimmed and neatly visual then they are not interested in that particular person. Everyone has their own preferences. If hair is cut in a short or long style you have to remember it grows. Which is the beauty of it as then we can have a different hairstyle every time if we wish.
Qualified Hairdresser (30 Years)…
If you an interested in the hairdressing fetish then CONTACT ME and we can talk more about your requirements. 


11 Jan 2020
January 11, 2020

New Hairdressing Fetish Cape And Haircut…..

Saturday 11th January 2020

Daily Blog NO.42.
Over the past year, I have decided to cut my own hair because I have not found a hairdresser competent enough to please me. In this time I have been able to design what I think is a style that suits my hair type and face/head shape.

It’s taken me a few haircuts to find what I am happy with but I think I am finally there.

My style is a basic clipper cut, contouring from NO.1. to NO.8. guard. We all have different skull shapes unique to the individual which unfortunately some hairstyles doesn’t look as good with some shape heads as others.

I have developed a bony head with my weight loss and change of eating recently.  I  have got to accept that I won’t get the smoother no.1. blend silhouette as I would have had years ago.

Before My Haircut

Oh well, That’s life. That’s what happens when growing older but I’m still happy.

I have to be in the mood to cut my hair otherwise I don’t feel that the outcome is what I particularly like and aim for.

So as you can see from the photographs that I woke up in the mood to go that bit shorter this time.

The reason being is that when my hair gets to a certain length when I wake and my crown sticks up, it lays very strange at times.

So the only way to sort it out is to have a shower which I love to do every morning but it then plants that seeds in my mind that I need a haircut very soon.

This firstly happened yesterday morning when I greeted the postman by not having the chance to looking at myself before answering the door to him.

After My Haircut

He probably didn’t notice but I sure did when I went to check after I closed the front door.

Also lately I have been looking out for some different hairdressing capes, to my disappointment I have not found anything but the normal production line cotton, cheap nasty looking plastic or children’s capes.

So as I mentioned in a previous blog that I have bought a sewing machine with vouchers that had been tributed to me on amazon.

So last night I started on my first design of BDSM, hairdressing, Fetish Capes. Although I didn’t need to use the sewing machine for what I wanted to do. At least it was a start.

Now I haven’t seen anything like this online or anywhere as I have been looking for a while now. So, as far as I know, this is my unique design and there will be more from where that came from in the near future.

Whatever material I can make into a cape and whatever I can attach to it to make it fetish I will give it a jolly good go and I won’t give up till I succeed.

What you see me wearing when I cut my hair today is my first attempt at this design but as I make many more I will get better and the end result will be more to what I really want and at a satisfactory standard. I do have high standards in a lot of things.

So keep watching this space for more weird and wonderful Fetish items.

If you would like an experience in my BDSM Hairdressing Salon contact me and we can converse more about the topic.