22 Jul 2021
July 22, 2021

Are You Confident In Your Fetish Life?

Thursday 22nd July 2021

Blog No. 137.
This may seem like a very direct question but it is a question that a lot of people lack confidence in this subject.
They keep it secret for their own personal reason but doing this could make you lose out on fun times with your partner.

Confidence is a necessary thing to have in all you do. I say this because if you are not happy in general with your partner then they could lose interest in your relationship.

I have been mistressing for 14 years (time flies when you’re having fun) and throughout that time I have learnt a lot about relationships.

How so many guys are secretly visiting a mistress to fulfill their fantasies because they’re frightened to ask their partner to act out the fantasy in their intimate times.

Putting your partner on a pedestal can sometimes fog over your true feelings for certain fetish topics. As you don’t want them to think of you any differently that may hinder your home life.

Being a dominatrix mistress has opened up my mind in so many ways and one of them is listening to guy’s problems that they have at home.

I don’t pry but ask questions that helps me get to know why they like certain fetishes.

A lot of the time I believe that if they were to approach the subject of their fantasy to their partner in a certain way then eventually they would have a better relationship at home.

Many say that they are very happy with their wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend but if they were happy then why are they contacting me…

When a new client looks at my website they will think that an Old School Mistress like myself would only be handcuffs and caning in sessions.

My sessions are not always hardcore and toys. I am a mistress with a difference.

Through the years I have been classed as a unique mistress because of the services I incorporate in my sessions or can do depending on what the client requires.

To have a near on perfect session I always like to chat with you to start with. The reason being, so I can understand why they like a certain fetish and where the reason stems from.

Call this therapy if you wish but it is not only chatting on a settee but the appointment has a physical side to it as well.

I show you mentally and physically how you can connect deeper with your partner in ways that you may not have thought of before.

Don’t misunderstand me by thinking I will get physical with you in a sexual way. That is not what I mean as I am not that kind of mistress.

The way I connect with you is helping you become more confident in how to make your partner feel more attracted to you. How to open her mind up to accepting your fetish.

It will not be instant but over time it will happen. Be patient and you will be able to reap your reward.

I understand that not every relationship is a physical one but a bit of intimacy in or out of the bedroom towards each other will always make you smile and love your partner more than life itself.

So if you are in need of a confidence booster in whatever way you feel EG: Submissive or Dominant, Mindful or Physical then let me know by messaging me on my CONTACT PAGE and we can discuss the subject a bit more.

Whether it’s a phone session or you would like to visit me, either way, I would be glad to converse with you via email, text, and then call.

Stay safe and healthy and hope to hear from you soon…