Blog No.179

Good morning sweetie and Happy Christmas to you,

It has been a while and I know in previous years for December I have done special things to celebrate but sometimes other things take my time up more than my mistressing. So apologies for the lack of updates this year.

Who would have thought that 2023 would go by so fast and yet so much has happened in a short amount of time?

Smokey – 16 years old (2020)

So are you having a Fetish Festive Christmas this year?

For many, they will have the traditional Christmas of inviting everyone together for Christmas dinner and watching the Queen’s speech at 3 pm (ops sorry King’s speech). I still can’t get the hang that we have a king now and not a queen. She reigned for 50 years of my life and that is a hard routine to change.

The word family is a controversial topic I know but it all depends on how you were brought up and with what type of parents. To me, my true family is my furbabies. Anyone who has followed me for a while will know that since I moved into my home just under 20 years ago my furbabies have been my everything.

Yes, they talk to me (no I’m not a crazy old cat lady. Well not crazy yet). They give me hugs and comfort when it is needed and just being in my house makes the 4 walls, a home. That is all I ask from them and obviously, I give back my unconditional love forever for them.

Tigi – 17 Years Old (Younger Photo)

So unfortunately 2 years ago on the 11th of this month Smokey my eldest pusscat and will always be my first love (because he is and was slightly older than Tigi) passed from a horrible Thyroid illness. He declined over a month previous and was comforted by his sister Tigi til the end whilst cradled in my arms.

Tigi didn’t take his passing well and for a good 12-18 months after would hide for hours on end wanting to be alone and when she came out she would opera sing calling for him at the top of my staircase at random hours of the day and night.

Taylor – 10 Years Old (Younger Photo)

Everything was normalish as could be, right up to the end of November 2023, Then, if I think back she started to act a little different as she went off her food and treats that she normally liked. I was very observant of her as I wanted to see if it was her depression that was taking her eating habits away or if she was ill. This went on for 14 days. For the last 5 days, she barely had anything to eat or drink. I tried to get her to take some small quantities of food and water throughout the day and night but she wouldn’t even lift her head to acknowledge what I put there for her.

To this day, I still think it was her depression that she gave in to. Yes, we all have to get on with life in general after a bereavement and yes it takes time to heal a broken heart but with cats/animals it affects them differently. Many species of the animal kingdom live only for one partner. I know Tigs was Smokey’s Sister but sometimes that is enough for an individual. For Tigi, Smokey was her everything.

Sandy – 13 Years Old (Younger Photo)

I think she struggled with her emotions more than she let me know. She passed at 11:20 pm on Sunday 10th December 2023. Unfortunately not peaceful. As soon as she felt her time was up she was very vocal to her last breath. Calling out to Smokey, maybe saying “I’m coming smokes, wait for me on the green fields at Heaven Gate. I won’t be long”.

It is terrible when a loved one leaves you but when you see them suffer for so long I am grateful that her broken heart has been healed now by being with her brother again. When Smokey passed it was painful but I had Tigs to cuddle up with as she was Smokey’s blood family. Now that she has passed as well I have Gorgus who is the next eldest but it’s not Tigi or Smokey. I love and cherish all my furbabies the same but they were my first kitties and I will never forget them.

Gorgus – 17 years old (Present Day Photo)

Gorgus is gorgeous, and very loving in her own way but since Tigis has gone she has been very understanding and affectionate, more so than ever before. She even sitting right by me whilst I type this blog. Bless her.

Each time a furbaby passes it breaks a piece of my heart away and gets me ready for the next time. This is not a nice thing to think about but the more kitties one has the more times your heart is bound to be broken.

Tommy – 15 Years Old (Younger Photo)

I’m a gluten for punishment. I have had 9 furbabies over the past 19.5 years. 4 were strays that walked into my garden and didn’t leave (they know where there is a loving home), but unfortunately, they are no longer with us due to underlying illnesses that took them.

2 were given to me as brother and sister (Smokey 17.4 years old, and Tigi 19.5 years old), Sandy was born in a neighbor’s shed a few gardens down from me and escaped to my garden (don’t know how as he was weeks old when I found him) Tommy was unwanted and Taylor was rescued from a friends dog that he cornered their back garden. 

Then last of all is Bertie. They say cats warm to you for a reason. He walked into my garden in May 2022 when Smokey passed in the previous December. As he is a white cat maybe he’s Smokey’s messenger disguised as an angel. He is around 2 years old now. A whirlwind of energy but he has been put in his place a few times by the elderly generation. It’s like putting a 20-year-old in an old people’s home. We are all subdued and calm and he wants to play and run around all the time when he is not stealing the other kitties’ beds.

Bertie – 2 years old (Summer 2023)

So this is a message I would like to leave you with…

Please love your furbabies with all your heart and treat them with lots of playtimes and treats as they will give you so much pleasure in return.

Sorry this was not as a fetish-related blog as you may have expected but my furbabies have been taking up a lot of my emotions and time lately and this topic of cracking down on unloved and unwanted animals needs to stop. If you don’t think you can give the love that they will need don’t say yes to a furbaby in the first place.

I know a lot of my clients and friends have furbabies themselves and shower them with lots of love that they deserve. Thank you for doing that and you will be rewarded unconditionally with your furbabies love.

So have a very furbaby-cuddly Christmas and I will catch up with you before the new year MLx


Blog No.178 – Lucy’s Fetish Closet Blog No.2

Black Rubber Court Shoe With Red Heart Motif £40

Anyone that loves fashion or/and footwear would have heard of Vivienne Westwood. She was a legend in her own right. Quirky and eccentric yet a very clever lady.

To have a designer mind you have to have your own way of thinking and don’t let anyone sway you. It is so easy to copy other designs and put your own ideas to them but to reconstruct a shirt for example and build your way is an art in itself.

When it came to shoes there were no others like them. If there were, they would have copied her designs and not the other way around.
To think of making shoes out of rubber was a genius idea. The padded sole may stop you from soaking the

Black Peep-Toe Kitten Heel Sling Back Shoes With Red Emblem £50

whole shoe in a bowl of water but there is no need to. Just run it under warm water and wipe it down with a cloth or sponge and you have nice clean shoes again. Do that on any other shoes and the fabric will be ruined whether it be leather or PVC etc

Rubber Fetish…

Anyone that is a Rubber/Latex kinkster they will understand that the feel and sound of the movement and touch of it is fabulous in its own way. To find shoes that would go with their latex stockings, bodysuit or skirt is a dream come true.
When latex is worn correctly it can look amazing. Oiled to give it that beautiful sheen when the light bounces off it. Absolutely fabulous darling.

A Kitten Heel Looks Cute With a Seamed Stocking

Size 7 to 8…

So it is time for me to sort out my closet and pass these gorgeous shoes to another that deserves them.
Although the black court shoes are a size 7 they could fit a size 8 foot also. When you in latex stockings or tights it will grab perfectly to the shoe itself.
The sling-back shoes are very Audrey Hepburn type of look. They are also a size 7 but are a close fitting shoe so if you are in between a 6 and 7 then they would fit lovely. They have an adjustable strap at the heel where you can make them tighter or looser depending on the fit of your foot. Again they would go very well with latex hosiery.
When I first saw this design of shoe I was amazed at how the whole shoe was made out of one molded piece of rubber. Then a padded insole was placed just so for more comfort to the ball and heel of the foot.

Mistress Lucy Shoe Collection

Very Comfortable…

They are very comfortable and I am in 2 minds about whether to sell them but I have to, unfortunately, to make more room in my shoe closet.
They make the ankle and calf look so elegant that cladding your lower leg in latex is the only real way to do this footwear justice.
The peep-toe of the sling-back, kitten-heel shoe just gives you a glance at the toe to make you intrigued as to know how the whole foot looks out of the shoe and in the hosiery of the lady’s choice. Very attractive to the eye indeed.

Rubber Shoes that you can have for your own…

So if you are tempted to buy any of these most flattering shoes then message me and we can discuss it from there.
I will look forward to hearing from you sweetie x 
16 Mar 2023
March 16, 2023

The Update On Lucy’s Fetish Closet…

Blog No.177 – Lucy’s Fetish Closet Blog No.1

Let me update you briefly so that you will know a little about the situation even if you haven’t known about me before.

I decided to create a website to sell fetish wear in 2020 and launched it on December 31st so I would go into the new year with a grand entrance.

Oh, dear was I so wrong about it all. So, continue reading and I will let you know the full story…

How It All Started…

I have always had the idea that I would like to have my own fetish website right from when started 17 maybe even 18 years ago. Somewhere I could share my love of corsets, wigs, etc, and sell them to all my admires, cross-dressing sissy maids, etc…
I have a few friends but not many know about my hobby. So the few that knew I told them my ideas and they loved it. It’s best to have people like the same thing and then I could be myself and not have to hide anything. As regular people don’t understand the fetish world.
My ideas were always going to be elaborate as I had multiple amounts of thoughts and to mix them all up to connect with each other would be so much fun. Little did I know that it wasn’t that easy, designing, yes but actually building it, no. As a beginner, it was a massive task.

Keeping Myself Occupied During Lockdown…

So being that we were in lockdown for most of 2020 I thought it would be a good idea to start the website then to occupy my mind. I love being in my home with my kitty cats anyway but keeping me busy is essential as I get bored very quickly when I don’t have anything to do.
I had always had an interest in web designing for years. I tried to do it twice before, it was a complete fail as I tried to do it cheaply and at hardly any cost. Of course, it failed even before I started. This time I thought to myself I am not giving up until I succeed. I could say that I had the capital this time. We managed to raise £10k between us. Would it be enough? Not sure but we were going to give it a go.

Researching The Topic…

I first started looking at youtube videos on how to build a website with word press. I was advised that this was the easiest website for beginners to adapt to. I had been researching for years but I was much more serious about it now. I had tried to follow the videos previously only to come to brick walls each time. The reason was that the video was a year or 2 old and the word press that I was working with had been updated several times in that space of that time. So the screens that I could see on my laptop were different from what was on the video.

A Helping Hand Just At The Right Time…

Skipping a couple of days later, I received a phone call from a website that I had looked at online one night whilst browsing. I must have pressed an inquiry button and forgotten about it. I randomly answered the call. I very rarely pick up unexpected calls that I don’t know who it is.
The chap was very nice and he was saying all the right things that I need to hear at that moment. As I was not having any luck starting my website he was a breath of fresh air.  So because he was experienced in that field of intelligence I automatically warmed to his conversation.
We spoke for about 30 minutes and concluded to have another phone call to talk over the details of the website that I particularly wanted.  After the 2nd phone call, I agreed that I needed professional advice and maybe someone to start my website with the basics. I then could edit it myself according to my plans.
At the end of the business transaction, he ended up starting me on a word press website theme that I could very easily adapt to and build what I wanted with it.

A Lot Of Late Nights/Ealy Mornings…

Many nights I stayed up into the early hours of the morning. Learning how to make pages and linking them with permalinks and buttons to interlink everything together. (Wow look at me as if I know what I’m talking about Ha Ha Ha). Really making the pages so enthralling and interesting to the kinkster that they would want to click onto the next page and next page and never want to stop.
I was like a kid in a candy store wanting to try every sweet that there was to offer. My brain grew from a pea to a brussel sprout size within weeks Ha Ha Ha It was a standing joke amongst my friends.

100mph Thought Tank 24/7…

Each day I would open my eyes from resting my stressed brain and automatically be thinking what the next thing I had to do for the website. One of the things that really worried me was that I would be sharing these ideas with my partner friends and then not be able to deliver and show them the website. Many a time I had doubt in myself but it was because I was learning as I was building this amazing idea into reality. Every time I had an ounce of doubt, an ounce of confidence in another idea would counteract the doubt. I didn’t want to be all talk and no action as this was an amazing project and I so badly wanted it to happen.

So Much Fun Spending Money…

In between days of working on the website, I would take time out and do some online shopping for the products that I was planning to list on my website. As a woman, I was in my element. Females and shopping are like duck and water it just goes together so well. Dangerous in some cases but in my case if I didn’t have any products I had nothing to sell my avid onlookers.

Interaction Fetish Subscription…

As I was halfway to the completion another idea came to my thoughts. An interaction fetish subscription section. “Dam,” I said, “this could be wild to play when is fully finished”. As I mentioned before I have mad ideas sometimes and most of them are bigger and more expensive than I could ever afford to do.
If anyone is interested in funding the idea then by all means message me and we can chat about it. As unfortunately I never got to start it, let alone complete it.

Payment System…

As the seasons changed and the months passed so it was getting closer to finishing the project but there was one last major thing to put into place… the payment system.
One of my friends was a business tech guy that knew a lot about computers and behind the scenes. He was also very good at researching a subject and finding out how it worked even though he wasn’t familiar with it.
We tried to connect with Paypal in the right way they liked us to do it. There are lots of rules and regulations with this company and what a palaver that was. 

Descretion Is Key…

When it was finally set up I then thought that customers won’t want Lucy’s Fetish Closet on their bank statements. Not having done this before I didn’t realize until it was too late to change. So I tried to change the email address that was connected in the back office so the receipt email the customer would receive would not have the website name on it.  I was trying to think of all angles so it was a smooth operation and not have any paper trace connected to Lucy’s Fetish Closet but it was becoming impossible.
The only way would be to change the title of the website and that would be an enormous job to do.
Maybe I was thinking too hard about this and because of that, I was causing most of the mix-up because I wanted to change too many things and it was just complicating everything.
At this point, I wish I had taken up the offer that the chap who helped me start all of this. I didn’t take it because he quoted me £10,000.00 for a fully-fledged website. Wow so much money when I could do it myself.

Respect To All Web Designs…

Now, sitting here typing this blog I am in ore of all website designers (especially the chap who is running this website for me). There is more going on in the back office than you realize.

Launch Day…

So when we got the website to a level of what we were happy with we decided on a launch day and stuck to it. Being that it was new years eve my friends had partners and wanted to be with them. I was fine with that as I like my own company.
The launch day came and I was a bag of nerves. I kept going onto the website to see if everything was working and connecting right but by 4 pm I stopped. Otherwise, I would have probably done something that would have mucked it all up. Then it wouldn’t work at all.
I decided to get dressed up for the occasion to make it feel special to me. After all, this was my baby, and my friends were just silent partners (which they had agreed on at the beginning).
11;30pm I checked on where the release button was to launch the website so I would be ready. Right, I’m all ready and sitting waiting. Coffee in one hand and stroking a kitty cat in the other who was on my lap to keep me calm.
5. 4. 3. 2. and I pressed the button to set the website live. Now because the fireworks from neighbors went off at the strike of 12 midnight it made me jump and look away. So I didn’t see if the button was pressed in the correct way. I sat there in confusion. I went onto my phone to see if it was live and it came up with the coming soon page. ” OMG,” I thought. So I texted a friend “can you check the website on your phone or laptop please?”.
Sometimes because my devices are logged and recognized to the website, my devices may react differently to other people’s devices that are not connected to my wifi.

Very Over Whelming…

Yes, they said they could see Lucy’s Fetish Closet in all its glory on their mobiles. I sat back in astonishment. I had to pinch myself to believe it  So what happens now???
I suppose because it was new years eve everyone had parties to go to etc and were busy. I had a few texts come through congratulating me on all my good work. Which I was really happy with but no orders. ‘Oh’ i thought maybe they are just browsing and will order tomorrow.
I ended up going to bed around 1 am as I was so exhausted from all the work and build-up to the launch. That night’s sleep was restless. I woke several times but was not tempted to sneak a look at the website. I thought I would wait til I actually woke properly.

Such A Shame…

In the whole 6 months that Lucys Fetih Closet was live I got 1 order for a pair of panties. It was such a heartbreaking experience that when the renewal for the website came around I went on and closed the site down. It’s not worth keeping something going if I’m not getting any comeback from it.

Ghosting Is not Nice…

I researched afterward about why I didn’t do well. For some Adult website owners, it is very hard to get recognition because there are lots of (again) rules and regulations on social media to do with this topic. It doesn’t matter how much you post about your website if the social media website doesn’t like you then they will shadow-ban you and no one will see your posts.
This is what happened to me on Instagram. I was on there for years trying to get some following and within 5 years or so I only got 400 followers. Twitter is different as it’s more lenient with images etc but even so.
The pandemic had a lot to do with it as well.  Everyone was holding back their money in many cases as they didn’t know what was happening from one month to the next and bills where their top priority.

Gaining Knowledge…

All in all, I gained a lot of experience from the project and it has made me much wiser on online matters but the world is still going through money troubles.
I think anyone that has succeeded online has had the right people in the business to help them and a lot of money to back them up.
I still have not recovered from the debt that the website has put me in and I will be struggling to repay my friends for a good few years to come.
Luckily they are very good friends and completely understand the situation.

Advice To Anyone That Wants To Build An Adult-Themed E-commerce Website…

So to anyone that is looking at building a website, do your homework first. Plan and plan again before you start anything. As it may look easy but there’s a lot more to look into before the manual build of the website itself.

Better Understanding…

At least if I have this opportunity again I will have a better understanding and knowledge to start the project at A B C and not be jumping in at D before starting with A, if that makes sense.
So the way forward with Lucy’s Fetish Closet is to use the title still but advertise the products in blogs with links to pages for the individual products (or something like that). I will update you as and when I do the blogs. As I will be releasing them one by one so I will trickle them into my social media and not overwhelm you with too many at the same time.

Contact Me…

If you would like to know anything else about websites etc or even purchase anything you have seen in my photography on my social media then I would be happy to hear from you.
Take care in all you do sweetie and stay safe, ML x
21 Dec 2021
December 21, 2021

U is for Urolagnia…

Tuesday 21th December 2021

Blog No.159/ Blogmas No.21

This may be a familiar fetish with yourself or not, even so, when you realize what it is you will understand why less than 5% of the world have enjoyed it or not enjoyed it. The fetish called Urolagnia is commonly known as water sports.
An interaction that could offend some people if their partner was to accidentally do it during their intimate time together or may enjoy it. There are many things that can be involved in this fetish topic but I will only be talking about a couple of them today.
Sexual Act…
It can be known as a sexual act if the person consents to it happening or it can be an insult that is performed to show hatred. When you are involved in such an act you much make sure that the person’s urine does not make contact with you if you have a cut or an open wound.
Urine is not hygienic to consume and can transfer germs from one person to another via the open wound. Yes, it can be exciting to have a woman squirt on you but that is something completely different.
Female Squirting…
Female squirting is in with this fetish but it is a weaker fluid than urine. The gland tissue that produces fluid (located at the G-Spot) guides the fluid to the urethra but it back steps to the bladder when the woman has a moment of extreme excitement. This is the same as when a guy produces pre-cum before ejaculating.
The First Time It Happens…
When it happens to a woman it is a bit confusing at first. When a guy experiences it from a woman he becomes either excited and interested even more or disgusted until he understands what it really is. Even when he understands what it is he still may be degusted depending on what fetishes he is into.
A Word Of Advice…
If you have a partner that squirts, enjoy it when it happens (obviously have loads of towels ready to save the area you are laying in from getting soaked, and then you will have to sleep elsewhere) as it will not happen every time. Please don’t expect it to happen every time. Most females, don’t know when it happens until it does. Also, don’t be disappointed in your partner if she can not do it when you want it to happen. Most females can not do it on command. If they do then it is not true squirt. It is pure urine. 
When will it happen?…
If you are treating your female right and touching her right she will be much more relaxed and then her body will reward you for what you would like to see. One thing there is to take into consideration…if she has a bad day at work or she is stressed in any way then her body will shut down even if she wants to have intimate time with you to try to destress her. Sometimes the human body does not always have contact with the brain when you want it to. 
Have patience…
You can not rush a feeling. When it is ready to give your lady a ride of her life, not even she will know until it happens. So as I say have patience and in time you will be gifted when you’re not expecting it. 
Everyone loves nice surprises. So embrace it when it is given to you. If you don’t embrace it and show her you’re not excited by it then just be ready for a cold shoulder from her. Turning the sexy mood off in an instant is a very good way for cutting short your intimate time. Also, that may end your intimate time permanently because a woman never forgets a brush-off.  As a female is very good at making things seem ok but deep down she will wait for the right time to get her revenge. 
Don’t contact me for this fetish…
Now although I always say at the end of a blog “Contact me if you are interested in this fetish”. For this fetish, I will be happy to do a therapy session (talking and explaining) with you to improve your intimate time but I am not offering a service of me doing this fetish.
I thought I would mention this in case you had other ideas. So do CONTACT ME if you need some therapy. 
05 Dec 2021
December 5, 2021

E is for Eproctophilia…

Sunday 5th December 2021

Blog No.143/ Blogmas No.5

There’s No Room For Flatulence Here…

Latin words always make a fetish niche sound so mysterious and knowledgeable. That’s why I do my homework on these subjects. So today it is Eproctophilia and yet it is unrecognizable to what it is in the title. Unlike tablet is a table in french. Easy to know what it is. So have you given up on what it means?

Ok, this fetish is Flatulence, Farting, Botty Burps, Breaking Wind, Tooter, Fluffing, Booty Cough, Gassy, Trumpet, Foghorn, Duck Call, etc and the list goes on.
When we were kids or even now when we are adults if someone fluffs at an inappropriate or not expected time it becomes hilarious. Especially if they are not known to do that and then they do. It can be pant wetting at times.
Started in the industry…
Until I started in the industry I did not know that it was a turn-on to have a female let go on his face or near him, let alone he would pay to feel such an experience.
Some people are extremely gassy as they may have a varied way of eating. In return, it will let out a strong odor that is powerful enough to burn your nostril hairs.
Yet others won’t produce and air and you will never hear them pass wind (or they might hold it till they are alone). As they say “you are what you eat” and you sure are.
So Funny…
I Have experienced a few moments of embarrassment but I do remember one time a good few years ago when I went on holiday to Greece (early 1990’s ) I and my ex-husband went away with another couple that we had met in our local pub. We were departing from Heathrow and had some time to wait as we had got to our boarding gate early. The seats we had picked were in 3’s so Chris decided to sit on the floor. It was a rubber design for easy cleaning. He had some music on his earphones but we could all hear it if it was turned up to a certain level. He decided to rock backward, forwards, and side to side to the beat of the music as a little sit-down dance to pass the time. On one of the side-to-side rocks he let out an almighty fart that he thought wasn’t going to sound…but It did. I have never heard a fart echo in an airport as much as what this did. He didn’t need a microphone to be loud, the hollowness of the terminal did that for him. The embarrassment that showed on his face was a picture. He hung his head in shame and ask me “did anyone hear that?” The whole terminal was in hysterics.
So if anyone has a fetish for Eproctophilia don’t contact me but for any fetishes that are on my FETSH LIST do CONTACT ME.
01 Dec 2021
December 1, 2021

Tis The Season To Be Merry And Bright…

Wednesday 1st December 2021

Blog No.138
Well, what another year it has been, and hasn’t it passed quickly. I thought I would pop on here and update you on all the goings-on of Mistress Lucy. Don’t worry I am not going to bore you with the website news that can be for another blog.

The reason I am blogging for you today is that I am going to a month of Christmas Blogmas. This means that I am going to do a blog a day for December.

Christmas Attire…

I am a mistress that does like a bright colour every now and again. So as it is the Christmas season as of today I thought I would be tasteful and bring out the scarlet red corset and glasses. I wish I had waited to do these photos until I had my nails done (sparkly red) but I have to take photos when I’m in the right mood and Monday was that time.

A To Z Of Fetishes…

I thought about doing the A to Z of Fetishes. I may have 2 blogs a day if there is something else I would like to let you know or ask you but I will do my best to stick to 1 a day.

Together with the 2nd website work and blogmas I will be a busy little mistress. I will be fine. The blogs may not be very hearty and long like before but I will upload one a day for you to get back into the way I am.


Apologies for neglecting my website but once the 2nd one is launched you will understand why I have been busy the way I have.

So Take care in all you do sweetie, stay safe and we will talk again in the next blog.

Sunday 10th October 2021

Blog No.138

Well hello, sweetie…
It has been a while but I have been extremely busy all in all. I really can’t afford to be writing a new blog (time is of the essence) but I would like to let you know about the new additions to my Fetish Dungeon that maybe you can enjoy someday.


The reason I have bought these things and had them erected in my fetish photo studio Is that I want to place them on my shop on Lucy’s Fetish Closet website that I’m still working on.

It is so much fun finding amazing things to show you. A lot of stress and a lot of time is being spent doing all this homework but it will be worth it in the long run.

I have found anything from erotic biscuit cutters to chastity cages or even a full leather heavy-duty restriction bag with an attachable heavy-duty hood to match.

I found out it was better to have the hood that’s not attached to the main part of the sack as then it can be used with the different hoods if need be.

Mistress Lucys Fetish Dungeon


I have found I have become more of a perfectionist with this 2nd website than I have with this one. I know I have not designed this one and it was sculpted by a professional website designer (Thank you, Peter, much appreciated) but I have put a fair bit of content in it.

As it is with everyone, we have to start off at the bottom (excuse the pun), and as we get more confident and much more experienced we can if we wish go on and expand to big and better things.

Don’t worry I am not giving up this website, far from it. This is my early years of becoming a mistress. Without this website, I would not be what I am today.


I can’t believe it has been 14 years that I have been in this industry. As I say we all have to start somewhere and I am grateful for all the experiences I have gone through to get me here today.


One of the things I have learnt and that is patience. Woweee building a website and especially my own has proved that I don’t know when to be happy.

I have been advised to build it basic and then add on to it from there on. I just find more amazing things to ad on. I’m like a child in a candy shop.

As I mentioned earlier, I have become a perfectionist in more ways than one. I know I can not learn everything overnight but I want your experience to be fantastic and not disappointing.

Maybe you come across a small mistake that makes you think I have failed at producing a so-called fabulous website that everyone has waited so long to see.

Being a Lone Trader…

Doing everything on my own is tough. I have learnt many things in these months since I started putting my thoughts into a project but having to trust someone with all the work I have done would be heart-wrenching.

Fetish Handcuffs

I know I have to someday, otherwise I am going to live a shorter quality of life with many grey hairs (i can see more appearing day by day lol).

That’s business and if we want to be our own boss then we all have to go through it.

Sound advice…

I was speaking with a friend the other day and he was telling me about the same worries he had. His were on a much larger scale but still in the same context.

Having to give up a very successful business through no fault of his own. Contracts falling through because of the economy changing.

Then his workers not being satisfied even when he was practically giving them the shirt off his back. In the end, he decided to give it all up and work alone.

Some of Mistresses Equipment

Being the only one in your company has its benefits and disadvantages.

Benefits – You can work when you want and do what you want.

Disadvantages – Saying no to clients is difficult in some trades. In the back of your mind, you don’t know when the next job is going to be with you.

Although now it’s catch 22 for my friend. As he is so particular and perfect in the way he does things he has become very popular.

Word and mouth have spread and everyone wants him. It’s great to be in demand but only to a certain level.

There is only a certain amount of hours in the day. Only a certain amount of appointments he can take in 1 day.

Now it has got enough work to cover him for 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for the next 3 months.

Conundrum…  Does he take on help or not? That is the question.


I can totally understand what he was saying to me because if I’m not careful I could be in the same situation.

Being self-employed is very tough sometimes.  What I am is slightly different. Although if i took everyone that contacted me for an appointment I would be similar.

Lockdown and the past couple of years have made me think as it has done with most of us. As I take actual appointments I need to have multiple streams of income and not rely on meeting appointments.

Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy sharing my skill and enjoyment with all of you but the pandemic has really tarnished it.

Before all this pandemic situation started I was not apprehensive of meeting new clients. Now it’s like I have to ask a string of questions even before I think about inviting anyone to visit me. It’s a must and unfortunately not my fault.

Social Media…

So as you see, my absence on social media has been me sitting around doing nothing as some people tend to think and have mentioned.

It’s been far from it. I have a list of things to do around the house and in the garden etc that I really want to do (D.I.Y is my hobby) but I don’t have the time.

If I do, then the website sits waiting for another day. Trust me I annoy myself. I am more excited to get it launched than anyone on this planet.

As I know what I want to achieve and I know I can do it, I want it launched yesterday. Until it is at a standard that is flowing I will not launch it.

Now I know why e-commerce websites are so expensive to build with professional website developers. Then it is the basics that they give you.

As then I have to have my personal touch to make me mine.

Fetish Wall Of Pain or Pleasure!!

So what you see on this website has been at least 4 or more years of work. Not constant just bits and pieces here and there but it has still taken time.

Mmmmm maybe I will become a website developer once I get over the tribulations of building Lucys Fetish Closet.

There are no links to it at the moment until it is launched. Then don’t you worry everyone will know about it.

Then I will be blogging about how I’m getting only 2 hours of sleep a night because I’m on social media 24/7 lol sod’s law isn’t it.

Well, I think I have gone on enough now with my life update and need to get back to web designing.

Take care sweetie. Stay safe and healthy and talk soon…

26 Feb 2020
February 26, 2020

If I Had A Barbers Shop Today…

Tuesday 25th February 2020

Daily Blog NO.87.

Sorry I did not upload a Daily Blog last night as I had problems with my login details but luckily I only had to wait 24 hours till I was rectified. 

Back in the day when I ran a barbers shop in town , if I had known about the fetish world back then like I do now the shop would of been so much more different than it was.
If i had a barbers shop myself i would call it ‘Fethair’. Sounds a little French but I like it.

I would call it that because ‘Fetish Hairdressing’ it wouldnt go down to well. So to abreivate is better on the eye.

I would have fetish days of outfits.

PVC Day At My Barbers Shop

Me and my staff would wear PVC on day then Latex the next ect…

You would feel comfortable to wear your silky panties and stockings under your alpha male trousers without anyone batting an eyelid.

May be even your matching bra set you have always wanted to wera to a barbers but nervous that some one will out you by noticing.

Sissy sets would have a room out the back so you can bring out your inner sissy for all the other sissys to admire.

I would do a haircut and a foot rub in a package price. I would name the package the ‘foot lovers haircut’. A haircut for the client and the client would I’ve the hairdresser/barberette a foot massage.

Another package would be ‘Short hair package’. Haircut for the client and the client would give a head massage to the hairdresser/babarrette.

Everything goes in my salon but desretion is the name of the game.

As we ive in an unexcepting world unfortunately. The Vanilla public accept what they want to and anything that is different they think is nasty or weird.

Little to do they know that they are missing out on alot of fun.

I would decorate my kinky kingdom in a way that anyone that was in to the fetish world would so know where i was coming from from would be rgular barbers for the vanilla clients.

It would be fun to see how many vanilla clients i could get to tell me their hidden kinks lol

I wouldnt set up a place like this unless i had the right staff with the same like mind and obviously they have a very high standard of hairdressing and barbering skills .

In my eyes it would take along time to arrange my ‘Dream Salon’.

Every angle of the shop would be photogenic. I would love to be able to do sessions in there buy then on a high street or in the public eye (even with blinds down ) it would be far to risky.

What i have at the moment is very pleasurable for my appointments so thats all good…

15 Feb 2020
February 15, 2020

Why Does Punishment Hurt So Much…

Saturday 15th February 2020

Daily Blog NO. 77.
Punishment hurts in so many different ways, you are having it performed on you because you have done something wrong.
Many like to have this one to them to give them pain because it’s their fetish, kink, turn on.

The punishment all depends on the wrongdoing they have done. We are not talking about crime but a milder version. Although if people that had done something drastically wrong came to a mistress and not wasted taxpayers’ money by going to court etc it would teach a lot of people not to do it again.

The punishment, in that case, would be bounded and gaged corporal punishment to the highest level on whatever part of the body that committed the crime.

Your Choice…

For example, rapists then 500 thrashes on their member of the hardest strokes, Stealing then (depending on the offense) 50 to 1000 strokes to the palms of both the hands. Injury by kicking, 200 or more thrashes to the soles of the feet.

You may think that the rapist should get more thrashes but if you have ever been thrashed or hit on the member then you know even 10 thrashes is painful enough.

The punishment is worse when the individual is tied up and restricted, which they should be as I can imagine that they wouldn’t want this to happen to them on this level even in a kinky session.

The choice is a prison sentence or a trashing of excruciating pain for 30 minutes plus on the body part that did the crime.

The person who will perform the punishment will be the person (or a close relative of the person if death or disablement takes place) who had the crime committed on or against them.

Brutal but justifyingly satisfying I think.

Pain, as I have mentioned before in a previous blog, can be satisfying if you come to a mistress for pleasurable BDSM etc…

I have asked many of my extreme clients why they like the pain to such an extreme level  They have replied, to bring back memories and to help them go deep into their subspace where extreme pain can only take them…

If you would like a role-play scenario then contact me and we can converse more on the subject.

I will look forward to receiving your inquiries…



Daily Blog Extra

Firstly thank you for taking the time to look at this Daily Blog Extra of my website.

I have been in fetish photography for some time but only recently decided to take that next step and look for something a bit different and unique.

Its Easy To Disguise Height With Photography If Its Required

So if you are or know of anyone that is 4 ft and under in height then please contact me and we can converse more on the topic.

I am looking for mild to extreme topics but only fetishes that you are comfortable with. Everything is done with your concent and it is a collaboration between you and me.

It can be a one on one meeting or it can involve other like-minded people or the same as.

Be Proud Of What You Are As You Are Beautiful In Your Own Special Way

I am totally open-minded and your happiness is my top priority.

Any other types of individuals that I am looking for I will add to this section but if you think you are of a different nature then do contact me and I will see what I am looking for at that particular time.

I am not looking to do pornographic photo or video shoots but fetish shoots that are specific niche orientated.

This is not a get rich quick arrangement but it can help your business in the long run.

So contact me and I will look forward to hearing from you…