06 Dec 2021
December 6, 2021

F is for Forniphilia…

Monday 6th December 2021

Blog No.144/ Blogmas No.6

As I have been searching through the fetishes I have come across some very strange but interesting ones but also some ‘wow, really’ ones. Some that will turn your stomach in the sickest ways but for me to write about it I have to agree with it in some way.

Today is F for Forniphilia…
This confused me at looking at the title as it is nothing like the fetish it is supposed to be. Forniphilia is the love of being human furniture. 

Being under my shoe boy, where you deserve to be…

I have come across some clients that have wanted to serve me to anything I will say. Yes even resting my tired feet on them on all fours to be my footstool. If I’m feeling extra wicked I will tell them to lay flat on the floor face down and then i will place my feet on them and push them into the floor. Depending on how naughty or good they have been.
The thought of a sub wanting to please their mistress is a pleasure for them but also arousing in all ways of the word.
Obey Your Mistress Or Else…
Having to be still in a certain position is stressful on the body as well as the mind. To be in one position for a length of time you have to go into a subspace where your mind is detached from the aches of your body. 
Whether you laying on a carpet, stone, or wooden floor it will be uncomfortable to the limbs at any length of time. That is what your mistress wants, so you will obey her. 
If you are interested to be my footstool or seat for your punishment or pleasure then CONTACT ME and I will see if you are of adequate sub material that I can use.
Take care in all you do and stay safe. Talk again tomorrow in the next blogmas if not before.