18 Dec 2021
December 18, 2021

R is for Restriction…

Saturday 18th December 2021

Blog No.156/ Blogmas No.18

Restriction is a small word for such a big fetish. To Anyone that doesn’t know much about it, they would think wrong things about it. If you are really into it then it can be very arousing and erotic if you are in the right frame of mind.

Mental restriction…

I Will Restrict You, Mind, Body, And Soul…

For someone that is not familiar with their mistress, mental restriction is the best way to ease their uncertainty. To tell them to put their hands in a certain position is much more comfortable for their ease so that if they don’t want to continue or feel they need to move their arms ect they can.

Cuffs and Rope…

When they are happier in your presence then cuffs and rope can

Restrictive Hogtied…

be introduced. A connection between the mistress and sub is essential for the session to flow just right when using physical restriction equipment. Depending on the type of cuffs you can have the wrists and ankles immobilized separately or hogtied and have them linked together. This all depends on the mobility of the subs joints. I am all for pleasurable pain that lasts for hours but not pain that they have difficulty with for days after the session has ended.

Suspension restriction…

Now, this is very exciting to use in a session. Again depending on the sub’s mobility and fitness is depending on what position you are able to suspend them in. I have hooks in the ceiling of my dungeon so this is possible. Like Japanese rope art if you suspend the sub in a beautifully decorative way the sub’s limbs will be restricted but they

Nipple Chopsticks May Not Seem Much But Have You Tried Them???

have no cushioning from the rope on their body. So if the sub is inexperienced this could be very uncomfortable for them. The heavier the body the more painful the rope will be on the flesh. Restrictive rope art is much more pleasant on a bench as your body weight will not discomfort you at all.

Smaller Restrictive Equipment…

When a sub needs to be put in restraints it doesn’t only have to be cuffs or rope there are lots of other ways. Cuffs can mean Metal Thumb Cuff, Metal Handcuffs ( police role play), Leather Cuffs, Armbinder, Humbler, Ball Crusher of multiple materials, Testicle Weights, Chastity Devices of all shapes and designs. The list can go on. 

Leather Body Bag With Detachable Hood…

Restriction is applied with this body bag. From your neck to feet it has multiple leather strapping to further restrict all movement. If you have an itch then you have to sort it before your incased. To have your full body in restrictive wear it can be very exciting to have your control taken away. To be teased from all angles and not be able to do anything about it can blow your mind. If you have fully given your whole being to your mistress for the session it makes the time

Full Restrictive Leather Body Bag With Detachable Hood

together that bit more intense. Leather has no give in it, unlike faux leather or material. So if you are getting your body bag customized then be sure to add on a few inches in places so it fits you with no sore patches. 

Lucy’s Fetish Closet…

If you wish to have one of these leather body bags including a hood yourself CONTACT ME and we can discuss your requirements as they are customized. If you wish to change the design that is possible.

Restriction is For Everyone…

Even if it does not appeal to you there are ways around these things to take part in this but by your rules. I do my session by asking and fully understanding what the client wants first before even walking into the dungeon. Restriction can take place anyway. It does not have to be a BDSM setting. CONTACT ME if you are interested and we can discuss it further.

Sunday 10th October 2021

Blog No.138

Well hello, sweetie…
It has been a while but I have been extremely busy all in all. I really can’t afford to be writing a new blog (time is of the essence) but I would like to let you know about the new additions to my Fetish Dungeon that maybe you can enjoy someday.


The reason I have bought these things and had them erected in my fetish photo studio Is that I want to place them on my shop on Lucy’s Fetish Closet website that I’m still working on.

It is so much fun finding amazing things to show you. A lot of stress and a lot of time is being spent doing all this homework but it will be worth it in the long run.

I have found anything from erotic biscuit cutters to chastity cages or even a full leather heavy-duty restriction bag with an attachable heavy-duty hood to match.

I found out it was better to have the hood that’s not attached to the main part of the sack as then it can be used with the different hoods if need be.

Mistress Lucys Fetish Dungeon


I have found I have become more of a perfectionist with this 2nd website than I have with this one. I know I have not designed this one and it was sculpted by a professional website designer (Thank you, Peter, much appreciated) but I have put a fair bit of content in it.

As it is with everyone, we have to start off at the bottom (excuse the pun), and as we get more confident and much more experienced we can if we wish go on and expand to big and better things.

Don’t worry I am not giving up this website, far from it. This is my early years of becoming a mistress. Without this website, I would not be what I am today.


I can’t believe it has been 14 years that I have been in this industry. As I say we all have to start somewhere and I am grateful for all the experiences I have gone through to get me here today.


One of the things I have learnt and that is patience. Woweee building a website and especially my own has proved that I don’t know when to be happy.

I have been advised to build it basic and then add on to it from there on. I just find more amazing things to ad on. I’m like a child in a candy shop.

As I mentioned earlier, I have become a perfectionist in more ways than one. I know I can not learn everything overnight but I want your experience to be fantastic and not disappointing.

Maybe you come across a small mistake that makes you think I have failed at producing a so-called fabulous website that everyone has waited so long to see.

Being a Lone Trader…

Doing everything on my own is tough. I have learnt many things in these months since I started putting my thoughts into a project but having to trust someone with all the work I have done would be heart-wrenching.

Fetish Handcuffs

I know I have to someday, otherwise I am going to live a shorter quality of life with many grey hairs (i can see more appearing day by day lol).

That’s business and if we want to be our own boss then we all have to go through it.

Sound advice…

I was speaking with a friend the other day and he was telling me about the same worries he had. His were on a much larger scale but still in the same context.

Having to give up a very successful business through no fault of his own. Contracts falling through because of the economy changing.

Then his workers not being satisfied even when he was practically giving them the shirt off his back. In the end, he decided to give it all up and work alone.

Some of Mistresses Equipment

Being the only one in your company has its benefits and disadvantages.

Benefits – You can work when you want and do what you want.

Disadvantages – Saying no to clients is difficult in some trades. In the back of your mind, you don’t know when the next job is going to be with you.

Although now it’s catch 22 for my friend. As he is so particular and perfect in the way he does things he has become very popular.

Word and mouth have spread and everyone wants him. It’s great to be in demand but only to a certain level.

There is only a certain amount of hours in the day. Only a certain amount of appointments he can take in 1 day.

Now it has got enough work to cover him for 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for the next 3 months.

Conundrum…  Does he take on help or not? That is the question.


I can totally understand what he was saying to me because if I’m not careful I could be in the same situation.

Being self-employed is very tough sometimes.  What I am is slightly different. Although if i took everyone that contacted me for an appointment I would be similar.

Lockdown and the past couple of years have made me think as it has done with most of us. As I take actual appointments I need to have multiple streams of income and not rely on meeting appointments.

Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy sharing my skill and enjoyment with all of you but the pandemic has really tarnished it.

Before all this pandemic situation started I was not apprehensive of meeting new clients. Now it’s like I have to ask a string of questions even before I think about inviting anyone to visit me. It’s a must and unfortunately not my fault.

Social Media…

So as you see, my absence on social media has been me sitting around doing nothing as some people tend to think and have mentioned.

It’s been far from it. I have a list of things to do around the house and in the garden etc that I really want to do (D.I.Y is my hobby) but I don’t have the time.

If I do, then the website sits waiting for another day. Trust me I annoy myself. I am more excited to get it launched than anyone on this planet.

As I know what I want to achieve and I know I can do it, I want it launched yesterday. Until it is at a standard that is flowing I will not launch it.

Now I know why e-commerce websites are so expensive to build with professional website developers. Then it is the basics that they give you.

As then I have to have my personal touch to make me mine.

Fetish Wall Of Pain or Pleasure!!

So what you see on this website has been at least 4 or more years of work. Not constant just bits and pieces here and there but it has still taken time.

Mmmmm maybe I will become a website developer once I get over the tribulations of building Lucys Fetish Closet.

There are no links to it at the moment until it is launched. Then don’t you worry everyone will know about it.

Then I will be blogging about how I’m getting only 2 hours of sleep a night because I’m on social media 24/7 lol sod’s law isn’t it.

Well, I think I have gone on enough now with my life update and need to get back to web designing.

Take care sweetie. Stay safe and healthy and talk soon…