20 Dec 2021
December 20, 2021

T is for Trichophilia…

Monday 20th December 2021

Blog No.158/ Blogmas No.20

December 2021

Everyone that has a beating heart has the means to accommodate this fetish. We all have different colours of it and it has a valued purpose to every one of us. Some of us lose it through illness, stress, or skin complaint, and others get rid of it because they hate it. 

Have You Realized What iI Is Yet?
Yes, you guessed it… Body Hair. Hair is Loved in so many different ways that it can cause all sort of emotions in individuals.
What Type Of Hair?
Hair in general comes in so many different forms that when on different parts of the body it sets off many emotions. Hair can be on the head, facial hair (men or women),  Body hair (as in all over the body in a lite form on women or men) forearm hair armpit hair, pubic hair leg hair, toe hair. It doesn’t matter where the hair is there will always be someone somewhere that will love your hair.
Why Does It Arouse Us?
Attraction is in the eye of the beholder. It all steams done to how we were brought up as a child. If you were used to seeing your family members with natural hair then you will accept hair in all its integrity. If your mother was again hair on women or untidy hair on men then you will grow up absorbing these ways.  
Hair around the world…
In many parts of the world, the cultures are all for nature’s way regarding body har on both sexes. They may not have the means to shave or wax and so the hair grows freely. So women may grow better chest hair or beards than men or vice versa but even still it is accepted. 
Why Do We Have Body Hair?

I Don’t Have Much Hair Here (I’ve been tweezering for 20 years)

Hair is strategically placed on our bodies when the animal was created in the year dot. Animals over time have kept their hair but as the human being has evolved we have naturally reduced the amount of hair to be acceptable in many ways. Some of the individuals of the female species have chosen to remove their armpit, pubic, and leg hair to be more attractive to the opposite sex…but is that proven to be attractive to the opposite sex? That is the question. The real reason hair is placed on our body is to protect certain areas as a hygiene barrier.
Trichophilia Fantasy…
Overtime man has developed a fascination for the female hair pattern on various parts of her anatomy. The attraction is down to individual fantasy. Whether it is above board and in a visual type of way. By stroking the hair on her head or is it in a sexual desire to taste or feel the hair on his face. Either way, he has a Trichophilia fetish and he has it bad. 
Hair Fascination Can Be Addictive…
Depending on what type of hair fetish you have it can control your imagination to an extent that you look at everyone you meet in your everyday life. You may have been attracted to your partner because of the hairstyle or body hair. Keeping your fetish alive can be testing at times especially if your partner has had a change of heart and decided to shave or cut it off to remodel her/himself. At that point you need to look elsewhere to get your fix.
Mistress Lucy’s Hair…

I Became A Princess For Day…So Not The Real Me…

Over the years I have always kept my hairstyles natural or coloured, short or shaven. As I have grown older I have found that a shaved style does not suit me as well as when I was slim and younger. So i am going into phase 2 of my career and I am growing it longer. How long is a different matter, I’m not sure.
My subs and slaves seem to be a fan of the longer look with all the creations of my wigs and hairpieces that i put together in my many alter egos.
Shall Mistress Grow her hair…or not?
I did manage to grow my hair before I came to Northampton back in 1999. I grew it for my wedding. I did not feel like me. As I felt it had to be in a long hairstyle for the style of the dress. I loved the dress, off-the-shoulder, big long skirt with a bustle at the bottom of the spine. Absolutely beautiful. Size 8/10 I managed to get down to (but that was through stress. I wanted the day but

My Traveling Days – Blonde Didn’t Last For Long (bleach not healthy for my hair)

I was not happy with the guy. That’s another story for another time). Made from brush silk. When I think back I wish I had had it the way I wanted it but I did not have the persona that I have now. A lot has changed since then. It did not last. Hence the move to Northampton in the year 2000.
So I would like to grow my hair again but without hair colour. I think being able to set it and put it up in all different ways would be fun. I also could get my hairdressing kinksters to have a better time in session than they are already.  I could be their model by washing, blowdrying, setting, perming ( water as a makeshift perm lotion and neutralizer) Colouring ( using conditioner as a makeshift colour). I have hair long enough to do this now. 
Trichophilia appointments…
If you have a hair fetish of any kind (only head and body hair, NOT pubic hair) then CONTACT ME  and we can discuss your requirements.
11 Jan 2020
January 11, 2020

New Hairdressing Fetish Cape And Haircut…..

Saturday 11th January 2020

Daily Blog NO.42.
Over the past year, I have decided to cut my own hair because I have not found a hairdresser competent enough to please me. In this time I have been able to design what I think is a style that suits my hair type and face/head shape.

It’s taken me a few haircuts to find what I am happy with but I think I am finally there.

My style is a basic clipper cut, contouring from NO.1. to NO.8. guard. We all have different skull shapes unique to the individual which unfortunately some hairstyles doesn’t look as good with some shape heads as others.

I have developed a bony head with my weight loss and change of eating recently.  I  have got to accept that I won’t get the smoother no.1. blend silhouette as I would have had years ago.

Before My Haircut

Oh well, That’s life. That’s what happens when growing older but I’m still happy.

I have to be in the mood to cut my hair otherwise I don’t feel that the outcome is what I particularly like and aim for.

So as you can see from the photographs that I woke up in the mood to go that bit shorter this time.

The reason being is that when my hair gets to a certain length when I wake and my crown sticks up, it lays very strange at times.

So the only way to sort it out is to have a shower which I love to do every morning but it then plants that seeds in my mind that I need a haircut very soon.

This firstly happened yesterday morning when I greeted the postman by not having the chance to looking at myself before answering the door to him.

After My Haircut

He probably didn’t notice but I sure did when I went to check after I closed the front door.

Also lately I have been looking out for some different hairdressing capes, to my disappointment I have not found anything but the normal production line cotton, cheap nasty looking plastic or children’s capes.

So as I mentioned in a previous blog that I have bought a sewing machine with vouchers that had been tributed to me on amazon.

So last night I started on my first design of BDSM, hairdressing, Fetish Capes. Although I didn’t need to use the sewing machine for what I wanted to do. At least it was a start.

Now I haven’t seen anything like this online or anywhere as I have been looking for a while now. So, as far as I know, this is my unique design and there will be more from where that came from in the near future.

Whatever material I can make into a cape and whatever I can attach to it to make it fetish I will give it a jolly good go and I won’t give up till I succeed.

What you see me wearing when I cut my hair today is my first attempt at this design but as I make many more I will get better and the end result will be more to what I really want and at a satisfactory standard. I do have high standards in a lot of things.

So keep watching this space for more weird and wonderful Fetish items.

If you would like an experience in my BDSM Hairdressing Salon contact me and we can converse more about the topic.