Tuesday 19th July 2022

Blog No.171

Oh, my life, it is so flaming hot at the moment. It just shows us that we have been mistreating the world so much over the last 100 years or more that mother nature is punishing us for what we have done.

Extreme Temperatures

I don’t work well in the heat. English weather normally is comfortable between 20 to 25 degrees. I have been abroad in previous years but it seems that international temperatures are not so dry and are sauna-like, unlike the English temperatures that we have been experiencing.

I was shocked when I went up to my BDSM rooms upstairs and the heat was stifling even with the windows open and worse with the windows closed. I was at least 41 degrees.

It’s amazing how cats that have fur coats will sit out in the heat or find the warmest part of the house and be fine. Us humans just can’t cope with any type of heat and we have no fur coats on (well if your crazy you put a fur coat on a warm day) lol.

I always have youtube on the tv for background sound. An influencer called ‘Lost Leblanc’ had a video titled ‘Why I Left Home’. He is Canadian and left home a good many years ago. He made this video recently to try to help people who have an indecisive mind to make a decision about their present situation. To a lot of people, they would say that moving out of England is a better life. I would say in my case I love my home and my furbabies so home is where my heart is for sure.

Yes, this country is falling apart but so is the rest of the world. It is always best to stay where you know you feel safer. Bills need to be paid but they can wait in a lot of cases and we can get by in one way or another.

There is a saying that English people are never happy with the weather. If it’s cold, it’s too cold and when it’s hot, it is too hot. Well, that is what England has been like and will never change. A lot of things recently have changed but it’s how we deal with them mentally is how it affects us. If we let it get out of control then we only have ourselves to blame. Nothing stays the same forever and sometimes things have to change for the better of that person.

Everything happens for a reason and it has a solution to solve it.

So in conclusion to what I have mentioned today…If you are unhappy with the way your life is, change it to make yourself a better person. Don’t jump into anything in the spare of the moment but plan your next move stage by stage and eventually you will get there. May bee slowly but you will get there.

I will leave you with that thought and bid you safety in all you do x