09 Dec 2021
December 9, 2021

I Is for Isolation…

Thursday 9th December 2021

Blog No.147/ Blogmas No.9

Today’s fetish letter was a difficult one. All I could think of was isolation. This could also be known as subspace. This is brief and to the point blogmas today as it is testing on the brain as to what to write about without repeating myself too many times.

The meaning can be in many ways…

Isolation can mean many things but it depends on how a person’s mind works. To me, it means

Isolation With A Hood. Must Of Been A Very Naughty Sub…

being hooded and taken out of reality so you be in your fantasy world. Isolated from everyone and everything. 
It’s a bit like confinement or incarceration which again can mean ‘Confined in a cage for your
punishment’ or incarcerate you for a period of time for you to repent your sins’.
In BDSM there are many ways to demonstrate the meaning of isolation but my favorite is ‘Isolate your mind from reality so you can float away into your fantasy world of no judgment’.
So if you would like to be taken to your isolated fantasy world CONTACT ME and we can converse more on your request.