12 Dec 2021
December 12, 2021

L is for Life Size, Realistic Dolls…

Sunday 12th December 2021

Blog No.150/ Blogmas No.12

With the way the world has progressed to this present day, to meet a partner to have fun with can be frightening to many people. So this fetish today is very surreal or strange or both to some people and yet the ideal solution to happiness to others. “nd best will do some may say.

You’ve Guessed It…

Red and Fiery, Gorgeous

From the title, you have guessed what I am talking about. Mainly in Asia, they make life-size dolls of all shapes and sizes. Many shopping websites use them for modeling without anyone knowing. As many would say “They are the future. Just like robots”.
Fascination At First Sight…
I saw an article online about a certain company that I will not name as the dolls here horrendous. I sat and stared and thought how ridiculous they looked. Months after that I was still hooked on this topic and continued to do my homework on the many companies that boasted how beautiful and realistic their dolls were.
Being Drawn Into A Topic I know Little About…
After reading multiple amounts of reviews I was swaying to the idea of maybe purchasing one to see if the content that these websites were writing about was true.
At the time I was thinking of starting my 2nd website and thought maybe she would come in handy to dress up and advertise the items that I will be selling. Also if I decided to do a photoshoot at 2 am then she would be here to do so instead of calling my friend to visit me to help me.
Have I Found The Right One…
I decided on a particular website to concentrate all my homework on as they had the best-looking girls and some of the shapes and sizes were very realistic.
Build Your Own Female… 
The one thing that really fascinated me was that you could customize her. Height, eye colour, face look, breast shape, cock/vagina attachment or built-in, slim or curvy or both, larger curvy shape with a large bottom it was endless what you could order her to look like.
Experiment About to Commence…
I eventually decided that I would order one for an experiment.

Perfect Hair Model

When I had chosen my desired shape of female I sat there hovering on the payment button for about 5 minutes.
All these things were going through my head of what she really would look like and be like. Is it a con or not!!!. That is why I hesitated for around 6 months to really think about it.
Payment With My Anxiety…
After I had checked everything to make sure I was happy with it I closed my eyes and finally click the button. 
A wave of anxiety came over me as to whether I had made the right decision or not. When I had calmed down I thought “oh well it’s paid for now, just have to wait for it to arrive”.
Cost For Quality…
The cost was not cheap but it was not that expensive either compared to what you can pay for them. The extra requirements and the cost of the doll were separately charged as it was shown on the invoice.
That was a bit of a shock but I didn’t want her turning up looking like a frog with lipstick so I agreed to pay for (hopefully) quality. 
Delivery Updates…
The delivery was with UPS couriers. They were very good at informing me about every stage of where the package was and how long it would be before it was with me. 
One other cost that was unexpected was a customs charge. It was a fairly heavy package as she weighed exactly the same as a human being. I did think “shit I hope there’s not a human being in the box”.
Now I Wait…

Red and Lacy, Very Sexy

It was around 5 weeks that I had to wait (probably a week to make her and 4 weeks to post her to me at the rate of the international postage these days).
When I had an email to say what day the package would arrive I decided to clear a cupboard out for her as I ordered the hanging support to keep her looking brand new for as long as possible.
As she is made out of TPE (flesh-like material) if you lay her down for too long she will mis-shape EG: flat bottom or dented breasts and no likes a dent breast now do they!! T
The Day She Arrives…
When I saw the UPS van pull up outside my house I felt anticipation but also excited to see if the company I bought her from really was what they say it was.
The guy pulled the box out from the back of the van and hoisted it up onto his shoulder. “ok” I thought “it’s not that heavy”. Little did I know.
Humorous Delivery Guy…
When he put it inside my door he laid it flat on the floor and commented about a dead body being in there as a joke. I looked at him sheepishly and said “I bloody hope not” as he walked away down my pathway to his van. 
It took me about 30 minutes before I had the courage to open the box. I don’t know what I was expecting her to turn up looking like but it looked like a coffin.
Opening The Box To See What I really Had ordered…

Suspenders and lace ooh very nice

As I slide the scissors down the middle of the brown taped seal I was careful not to push it in too far as to catch her TPE flesh. That would be great to mark her when I haven’t even got her out of the box yet.
When I flipped open the 2 side flaps of the box I slowly looked inside to see what I would find. Half-heartedly thinking something was going to move or jump out at me.
Is It Moving Or Not…
The item was wrapped in a yellow cloth so I couldn’t initially see anything at first. So I moved a little bit of the cloth aside so I could see her for sure.
“Ok,” I thought relieved that it didn’t move. I began to finally unwrap from the top of the box so I could see all of her. “Jesus,” I said as I saw her head was apart from her body. I laughed with a nervous jitter as it looked like a decapitated human body at first sight. 
Fake Flesh Or Realistic…
I had to touch her to make sure she was a TPE doll and not a decapitated body. It was fine she was a doll but a bloody realistic one. I had to get her out of the box and upstairs to where she will be residing for however long I needed her. She was very heavy, 30kgs that felt like 100kgs when you dont go to the gym anymore. That was a task and a half. 
Now It wasn’t as if she came in 6 parts with her head, arms, and legs where separate. She came in 2 pieces. Her head and the rest of her torso.
It then dawned on me how the delivery guy must have been a bodybuilder. or something to carry her so easily.
Ideal House Mate…

Pinky and Perky

When I finally got her into place and sat her in the barber’s chair, I sat on the settee and pondered for 15 minutes. I had to now accept that I have a housemate that won’t speak back to me. Fantastic I laughed. 
My Conclusion…
I am going to give you a very honest opinion. This is why I have waited until now to do this…
After having her here for 12 months and using her for many photoshoots, I feel that yes she is worth it, and I’m glad I ordered her.
If I Was To Buy Another…
If I was to buy another then I would go for more of a harder silicone and better wearing. She would not be realistic to the touch with harder silicone but I am not looking for that. It’s just the look I want.
TPE marks and bruises very easily. The reason being is when she is lifted because the weight of the metal skeleton it puts pressure on the TPE material and moves it/marks it. Hence leaving the bruise-like marks.
If you are wanting her for a hands and feet fetish, then forget it. Those are two places that she is not pretty in and they don’t wear well. I’m just being honest as I mentioned.
Also, she is very cold to the touch. It mentions in the handbook that you can submerge her from collar bone down in warm water to heat her up to a human temperature. This is only if you do not have any cuts or splits in the TPE below the collar to the toes. If so you when water touches the
skeleton it will rust.
So as you see from the photos I have attached in this blog, she is very realistic for photographing but in person, she is not a substitute for a warm human being.
Final Notes… 
I would say if you want to try something like this for yourself take these points into consideration first of all…
  1. What do you want her for? Photographing or sexual needs.
  2. How often are you going to be using her? Moving her from her hook or using her when she is in the supported hanging position. 
  3. Are you going to be moving her around a lot? This depends on whether TPE or silicone is going to be best for you.
  4. What type of build and height are you interested in?
  5. The weight of the doll? Taller and thicker curves mean she will be much heavier than a short 4 ft, smaller chest, slim build female.
If you are a gym user then the weight won’t matter to you but to someone like me, it was a struggle sometimes to get onto the hook in the cupboard. The hook from her neck is so it will give her even support and will be less chance of mishappening her body parts.
Extra Information if needed…
If you need any help on this fetish topic then CONTACT ME and we can converse more about it.