Wednesday 5th February 2020

Daily Blog NO.67.

When you decide to take a rule of celibacy to yourself, is it the same thing as chastity?

When you have been active for the past younger years it becomes a way of life that you know no different. Just like when you learn to speak.

If you are brought up in England then you are taught English or if you are brought up in Italy for example then your taught to speak Italian.

Until you are introduced into a different way of thinking you know no different.

Chastity can be performed in many ways to the individual needs

Sex is not the be-all and end-all to everything. Its what you choose to be the priority of your daily routine.

Chastity is something that can be physically as well as mentally controlling but can also be associated with celibacy.

It’s all in the mind for it to work. Train your mind to go without it. Just like going without chocolate, it’s possible.

If you give the control of your sexual ways to another person you must stay loyal to them for as long as they say.

If you break that rule you then you will feel that you have betrayed your controller. Normally when you climax it a great euphoric feeling of a release that will make you happy.

Trying to keep what you have done to yourself is not good because you will feel a burden of guilt from that moment onwards.

So think before touching the forbidden place. As time can not be turned back to right the wrong that you have just done.

If you feel you would like some control in your life then contact me and we can converse further about the matter. For more risky Videos and photographs that are not allowed on here.



19 Jan 2020
January 19, 2020

Chastity or Castration?…

Saturday 18th January 2020

Daily Blog NO.49.
When an individual is thinking of the topic chastity they think of it for a reason and the reason is very personal to them.
For whatever reason they want this to happen they have to do research and homework on it before it can take place.
Chastity can be taken light-heartedly or it can be taken very seriously. It depends on your reason for proceeding with this transition.

Metal Chastity Cage

There are many ways your can experience can take place:

Temporary Chastity – This can be mentally being told not to do something or have you pathetic member tied with a lace or silicone band and then removed at the end of the session.

Periodic Chastity – This is when you will have to purchase a chastity device yourself because it needs to fit your size relatively comfortable for the time you are locked in it.

Long term Chastity – Now this has to be taken much more seriously because long term can mean 1 month to much longer. Depending on what your mistress whats to do.

Permanent Chastity – This should not be taken light-heartedly because this is life-changing.

Cute Little Sheep Barrrrh…

The Permanent chastity can go to the extreme leaves of castration (in human terms is vasectomy or hysterectomy). Depending on how you look at it.

Many couples make a decision to stay loyal to each other and so make a pac between them and their love will keep that pac in place.

As in others will do something physical as in apply chastity with a device. Male and female chastity devices are obviously different and they are out on the market to purchase.

A different type of chastity that is extremely permanent is Castration. It can be performed at the doctors/hospital in a day surgery appointment.

Like animals, a couple of snips and jobs down but it needs to be done by a professional. Other ways are like the sheep, elastic band around the testicles and leave it there until they drop off.

A painful way but if it means no more lambs then it has to be done.

I am not saying I will castrate you but if you would like a chastity session contact me and we can converse some more…