06 Feb 2020
February 6, 2020

What Is Happiness To You?…

Thursday 6th February 2020

Daily Blog NO.68.

The word ‘Happy’ has so many meanings as each individual has their own special meaning.

To me, happy is be able to have enough coming in to pay the bills and extra leftover for luxuries but to others, it could mean family or relationships.

I am true to myself. That is what makes me happy…

I know money is not everything as material things are just objects but being able to pay your way keeps the unwanted letters from coming through your letterbox.

Many lucky people have won the lottery and think they are set up for life. Depends on how you spend it is to how long it lasts you,

If you are wise and not over-excited about what you can afford then you will be set up for a good many years.

I think the meaning of being happy is loving yourself and being comfortable in your own skin whatever you look like and then others will like you for being you.

For many years when starting in this industry I was trying to be like someone else and not my true self. As time passed and I began to understand what I wanted out of life I then relaxed and the true me shone through…

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24 Dec 2019
December 24, 2019

Happy Kinky Christmas Eve To You All…

Tuesday 24th December 2019

Postmas Blog NO.24.
Well, girls and boys its that time of year to whether you have been good or bad but in Mistress Lucy’s eyes good is being bad in a kinky type of way.
As you have been reading all my Postmas Blogs and have got an insight into how Mistress Lucy’s mind really works.

I am a human being like everyone else but living the Mistress life full time for 10 years changes the way I look at things completely.

May 2011

Emotions for one thing. My heart has become tougher in the way that I don’t hurt easily. Thick-skinned I think the saying goes.

I used to be very sensitive and take a lot of things to heart if someone was to call me nasty names ect

Now I don’t think anything of it. Maybe it’s the change of eating etc that I started 19 months ago.

They say it takes time for anything to happen when change occurs. Finally, my body loves the skin it’s living in.

Shame its taken 47 years but that’s life sometimes.

July 2017

I definitely think that has to be something to think about… ‘Being happy in your own skin’.

It’s like the foundation of a building. If that is not secure enough then the whole house when built is not going to last very long.

It’s the same with life. If you don’t love yourself then no one else will. I am saying that on a happy note because it is perfectly true.

What I am about to talk about is not a lecture, far from it but just my experience and how it has made me feel 100% better.

So even if you do one thing to change yourself for the better then that’s better than not making the effort at all.

So these are the steps I try to abide by to keep me healthy/healthier:

1. Eat A Healthy Food Plan Every Day –

Oct 2018,

I try my best to do this every day but we all waver every now and again. What is satisfactory to one person is not to the next. We are all built differently.

I eat 2 meals a day. Overnight oats when I wake at whatever time that is in the morning (as it differs from day to day).  Then a hot meal around 5-6 pm as any later plays havoc with my digestion system.

I have learnt what I can eat at different times of the day and night if I get the munchies. If I don’t stick to these rules, I know it for sure.

2. Eliminate Un-Natural Bad Foods –

Febuary 2019

I have stopped all red and white meat from my food plan. Yes, we are carnivores (so the topic of conversation would agree to disagree) but some peoples insides find it hard to digest it more than others.

I have very little fish and diary (maybe cheese every now and again but not often).

I have found my taste buds have got better and every taste is much sweeter and sharper without dairy that was coating my tongue and masking the true flavours.

I am more plant-based than I have ever been in my life. I get a lot of my vitamins from fruit salad and vegetables.

I do not have a cooker or microwave. The only electrical appliances I have in my kitchen are a kettle, blender, fridge and a washing machine.

I have soya juice (I call it juice because it’s not milk as we all recognise it to be) instead of milk on my porridge (I’ve tried water but I have to put extra flavour in with it eg: sugar etc and I don’t like the taste).

April 2019

I cut up 1 x mango, 1 x banana and squeeze 4 x oranges and put it all in the flask blender. Pure natural juice to keep me going throughout the day, yummy natural sugar.

I have peppermint tea as a hot drink although it’s nice hot. warm or cold and water when I feel like it.

My downfall is sugar in my peppermint tea which I know its wrong but it’s nice. I don’t have many sins in food and that’s one of them.

If I fancy a naughty treat I don’t deny myself of it but I don’t need much of it as I did before.

3. Cut Out All Pills And Potions – (only if they are hindering you)

May 2019

I say I did this is because I was on the pill for 15 years or more. The reason I started taking it (skin issues and contraception) isn’t the reason why I was taking it now. My skin is clear from eating natural products and I am celibate by choice.

Being an old-school mistress does affect your mindset when it comes to an active lifestyle.

So I decided it was hindering my lifestyle (unwanted chemicals) more than benefiting it. I stopped it cold turkey as they say.

I didn’t have any side effects like some women do (dry skin, tiredness, depressed). Within 1 month I notice some amazing bonuses to my whole being.

No mood swings and emotional ups and downs (not that there were many but I had to train myself to control them when they occurred).

Ladies problems were a breeze but you don’t need to know about that.

Fewer migraines (I did suffer with them on a regular basis, that would knock me for six when they did occur) and a totally chemical-free lifestyle.

4. Exercise –  (is not my strong point but I’m working on it)

September 2019

Yes, it is best to do as much exercise as your happy with but I cut it out completely when I started this change. Basically to see how I would feel and what it would do to my mind.

I used to be a gym bunny years ago. So going from every day to not at all was a big leap for me. Over time I did miss it but my lifestyle was busy so I didn’t miss it in terms of I need to fit it in.

The days would go by so quickly and before I knew it I was clearing up my workspace and getting ready to sit down for my 2nd meal of the day.

As in myself, I feel that I need to do something for a feel-good factor but not for a major exercise routine that’s going to change my shape completely.

As I say I’m happy in my own skin the way I am.

Over time it may change my shape a bit but that will be without putting major effort into it. Whos to know when and if I have the time my mind may change direction.

5.Meditation and crystals –

18th December 2019

Now don’t worry, I’m not going into this topic too deeply as I know its not everyone’s cup of tea.

I’ve only mentioned this because it has helped me in my personal and appointments life a great deal.

To relax and know how to relax in the art of meditation is a must. This has helped me immensely.

I am no reiki therapist or spiritualist but the advice I have been given on this topic has changed my way of thinking a lot.

These 5 rules I have tried to stand by have as I say changed my life in such a short amount of time.

This is why I have mentioned that loving yourself is so very important. We only have only life so don’t waste it.

Conclusion Of My Life-Changing Journey…

20th December 2019

Throughout this part of my life, yes I may not be as toned and trim as I was when I was full-on at the gym but I feel happier and healthier in myself more than I have ever been.

If you want to change then do it for yourself and no one else. Your the only one that can make that change

If you would like to know more about turning you’re life around and loving yourself the right way then contact me and we can converse more.

If not then no worries and thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully enjoy this Christmas Eve Postmas Blog and maybe your find another topic to contact me about.