14 Dec 2019
December 14, 2019

Update on My BDSM Furniture….

Saturday 14th December 2019

Postmas NO.14.
Good morning everyone,
This is a bit of a different blog today as I’m a day behind even though this blog is dated yesterday.

Sorry, I did not update my blog when I had decided to pack up from upholstering my BDSM furniture last night/this morning but it was gone 2 am and I was very tired.

My brain has to be in blog mode to produce an interesting blog and when Mistress Lucy has a tired mind is not an interesting mind.

I started at 12noon and (still not quite finished now) worked on it until the early hours of the morning. I’m a perfectionist (to best of my ability), that’s why it takes me so long and also upholstering, is not my profession.

So for those who have been following my blogs even before December, your know that I have been looking for a carpenter to make me a spanking bench of which I was hoping for a customized one so that I could have it just the way I want it.

Time after time people who were so-called carpenters would contact me and say “Yes sure I can do that for you” and in the end fail to produce.

I think I had roughly 8 carpenters that were complete fails.

In business, if you do a good job then your client ( hence myself) will advertise your good name and then you will get more work.

People don’t seem to think this way. Still, I didn’t get exactly what I have wanted but it will look just as good and will do the job that I want very well.

One day I was looking on eBay at some other things and came across this advertisement for a carpenters bench. Very chunky and not really what I was looking for, so dismissed it.

As a few days passed I was still looking for a bench but everything looked commercialized.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am not commercialized and like to be uniquely different.

Kneeling Stool/Coffee Table

I went through my checklist of what I was expecting my ideal bench to perform for me and funny enough this bench ticked all my boxes.

The things I wanted for my bench were the following:

  • To be able to take any size and weight of person I have for any appointment.
  •  So that I have one piece of furniture to accommodate my BDSM and Massage clients.
  • If I wanted to have attachments to it I could EG: Gyno supports, Stocks, St Andrews Cross (but my version), etc…
  • If I wanted to have a cage underneath the table part then I could.

When having a piece of furniture made out of wood it is very versatile to do as I please with it.

Although metal is great and it really looks the part all I can do is hang things off of it and attach this to it (as I do not have welding skills) but I feel that it is not as sturdy as a solid wood frame.

To have anything like A St Andrews Cross or Stocks etc attached with wood I can attach with sturdy bolts and take off if I require.

I do like to put my own twist on things on many occasions.

So as you can see from the images I have attached to this blog the end result I like Is unique but clean cut.

Sometimes when having so much equipment it is difficult to be clean-cut in the design of my entertainment room but in my furniture, I will be this way.

Having many pieces of furniture will clutter up the floor space. Being compact will give more space to move around in.

I use my entertainment room as a photographic studio also. With backdrops for the male to female transformational photos as well as other things.

So I hope you enjoyed this update and when I have received the next delivery of spray glue I can start on the larger bench.

As the bench I did yesterday is the kneeling stool to the spanking part of the bench.

Big and bulky is the best type of multi-use furniture so it can take anything I want to do on it.

So do contact me and we can converse more. I will be looking forward to receiving your inquiries on any service that I offer……