05 Feb 2022
February 5, 2022

What A Month Its Been…

Learning a new skill from scratch is quite difficult until you know how. Then when you know how it’s the maintaining and upgrading it when it needs it. Nothing easy and if it is it’s not worth pursuing it.

Mistress Lucy – 05/02/22

January itself was a strange month as I launched Lucys Fetish Closet on 1st January at @12 midnight. Before then I had had this project under wraps and no one could see it, which was comforting (like my baby) but then when it was out in the open it made me feel different about myself.

I would sit looking through it and think “wooooow i have just made that website”. It took a while to sink in but I think it just has now.

2021 was a big eye-opener for me. As you would have read before, I have always wanted to have an e-commerce website (for the 14 years I have been in the industry) so I can do as I please and show you all that is possible.

I have looked at many youtube videos to see the process from the influencers that have started similar businesses. I realize that I am nowhere near as popular as they are and the reaction to my website will not be as explosive as it was and is with them.

Over time I am hoping that I will make decent sales but I think first it will be ‘The Dark Side’ subscription that could take off much better.

The interest in that project has been amazing. It is because you will be able to take your own fantasy journey from your own device. Choose who you want to be at that moment in time and then switch to another character when the last emotion has worn off.

I appreciate everyone that has helped me and stayed by my side since it began. Believe me, this is only the start as I have many ideas for photos, videos, and more.

If you want to try your hand at being a master or mistress, Sub or slave then The Dark Side will show you that way. This is not going to be anime or Simms but a real journey that will help you bring your wildest BDSM fantasies to life (well from your device).

Then if you wish to act out your fantasies that you have seen on your device then there may be an opportunity for you to do so in the future. This is something else I have in mind but that will be a project that I will have to get other people involved in. I will keep you updated when I can.

Well, I just wanted to update you on the progress of Lucy’s Fetish Closet as I have been extremely busy with taking appointments when I can together with working on projects in the back office of both websites.

I will keep you posted on my social media every day and do message me whenever you wish as I love to hear from you.

Take care in all you do and talk again soon…

24 Dec 2021
December 24, 2021

X is for X-rated…

Friday 24th December 2021

Blog No.162/ Blogmas No.24

Although It’s Not An X-rated Image It is As Risky As I Can Be, As This Is A Non-Login Website…

Wowee Who would have thought that December could have passed so quickly. I must admit it has been difficult to fit the daily blogmas and my website work on the same day but I got there, well nearly there. As we still have today and tomorrow of Blogmas and then 6 days of December from then on. I will see about 2 blogs a week from January onwards. Random subjects but will still be interesting. 
Now I know I have mentioned that other letters are difficult to find a fetish for but this is really difficult as nothing came up when I googled it. So all can think of is X-Rated. 
18 Plus…
X-rated is, as we all know not for under 18 years olds but I think and I know you think that kids know a lot more than we let on. I’m not going to go on like that as I will show my age but times have changed.
What Is Classed As X-Rated?…

Hog Tied And Waiting To Be Roasted. Risky In Words And The Rest Left To Your Imagination…

Laws these days are good for one and not for another. it’s the same as when adult websites will not allow BDSM photographs but they will allow females with all showing all their wares on non-login websites. This means underage kids can look at it all   Crazy but it will still get through the rules in one way or another. 
Different Opinions As To What Is Explicit And What Is Normal…
As I am in the industry I feel that BDSM and naked male bodies are normal to me (I have a different normal to everyone else) but to someone that is a regular lifestyle and X-rated viewing is a luxury at weekends maybe would think it is not normal. I do not mix with females in my line of sessions. There are more guys that are interested in seeking a mistress to session with than females. Then when they do contact me I am very wary and give them a lot more questions to reply to than I would a guy.
Contact me…
On this point, I would mention to contact me and we can converse about your fetish but I don’t take part in anything that you would call X-rated. If it is along the line of BDSM or anything on my likes list then do CONTACT ME and yes we can converse about it. 
I will look forward to any one of you that abides by what I have requested and hear from you soon…

Thursday 19th December 2019

Postmas Blog NO.19.
Whatever your fetish might be it is always unique to you. Starting your journey to introduce your personal fetish to another human being is a big step.

You may not be interested in the other things we talk about but I have planted the seed that you will never forget.

You may dismiss it and think you’re not interested in that particular subject but over time you will carry on in your everyday life and something will come up in conversation at some point that will remind you of what we have conversed about.

Look Into My Eyes…..

It plays with your mind like a catchy tune of an annoying advert.

You can’t stop thinking about me for whatever reason you feel that you are attracted to me.

Even now there was something that drew you to my website. My boyish looks or my dominating stature. Whatever it is you won’t forget about me.

Maybe in a week, month or year or more you will return to take another look at my intriguing persona that only I can perform at its best.

I am unique in every way, I have done that on purpose.

No one else can give you what you want because I am the only one that can give you it the Mistress Lucy way…….

I will look forward to receiving your messages. You will contact me.….I know you will because you have read all the way through this blog to the last line of my content.

I’m waiting for you……