21 Apr 2021
April 21, 2021

Update On Mistress Lucy’s Barber Dungeon

Wednesday 21st April 2021

Blog No.135.
As most of you know I have been working on sculpting my establishment to accommodate my appointments as much as can for some time now.

The Barbers Dungeon 21/04/21

As the years have passed by I have been getting more niche-type appointments instead of ‘a bit of everything’ appointments as like other mistresses who may be more comfortable doing a bit of everything.

I do very much prefer niche appointments as then I know what to prepare for.  In the past, I have always looked at other dungeons and guided my decoration from their designs but never been totally happy with it.

So over the last lockdown, I have put a bit of me into the area and made the space into what I feel comfortable playing in.

Don’t get me wrong, playing to some people means totally the opposite to my type of fun. When I mean play I mean controlling my sub and slaves in outfits that make them tremble at the knees and quiver in their subspace of fantasy.

So here are a few photos of my dream barbers Dungeon. It still has a little bit to be finished but as one of my clients that knows me for around 10 years said “You will never finish decorating. As when you have finished one project your mind will wonder about another” and that is so true.

The Dark Side That Could Be Darker…

At the end of the day, it’s only lighting and a different wallpaper to change the scenery and ambiance.

I will put more up-to-date photos in my gallery for you to look at over the next few days.

So do let me know if you would like to visit my Barbers Dungeon. As long as you are healthy and virus-free I will be happy to accept your request if it abides by my ruling.

I do have the essential equipment at the point of entry to my establishment EG: a Forehead thermometer, home testing kits.

If I feel that you are not to my level of health requirements I will either decline your appointment or ask you to take a test. The results can be seen within 10 minutes but the full result is in 30 minutes.

A good percentage of my clients are respectful and if they have any symptoms of any kind and they think is out of the normal they are respectful enough to postpone their appointment untill they are fit and well again.

So I will be happy to take any inquiries by email or texts.  Then we can arrange to converse on the phone if need be.

Stay well and safe and most of all keep smiling…