12 Jan 2020
January 12, 2020

Women That Like To Dress Like Men…

Sunday 12th January 2020

Daily Blog NO.43.
There are many types of women in this world that are very happy in their own skin.

As the media says “A female should look like this and do it like that” but it’s not an everyone’s opinion of what a woman should be like.

What your reading is the views of the reporter who put the article together. Its what he/she thinks in their mind what a female should be like.

I am only talking from what I feel like on this topic. So please don’t take any of the following statements to be against anyone.

I am a very independent and dominant female. Whatever stage of my life I have been in I have always put my look together on the basis of what I have felt like at that present moment.

I do have my girlie moments when I choose to put a dress or a skirt with a feminine blouse and heels but I’m still me underneath it all.

female uniform in a masculine world

Some ladies feel more comfortable in trousers or jeans and like to look more on the masculine side but this doesn’t mean they are butch, lesbian, bisexual or gay. Whatever you want to call it.

Now, look at me…to anyone that doesn’t know me they would firstly judge my appearance and assume what they think I sexually am in their eyes.

Very short hair, masculine features, No makeup, non-feminine outfits (not like a sexy, girlie, female is interpreted EG: Pinup girl or Escort)

Now you would be wrong. I am very straight with no tendencies towards women.

I may look at a woman in a nice outfit and admire her but that is it.

I have a male partner that I have been with for 9, coming up for 10 years. He likes me the way I am because I am genuine and not fake in my nature.

I am not saying this to put a point across but to really mention that no one should judge anyone before you know all the facts about them.

Just because a female likes the basics of life doesn’t mean she bats for the other team. I say this in the nicest possible way with a comical twist to my manner to make this topic light-hearted.

So let’s all appreciate all walks of life and treat them as equals as we are all human beings just like the next person…