22 Dec 2021
December 22, 2021

V is for Voyeurism and Vicarphilia…

Wednesday 22th December 2021

Blog No.160/ Blogmas No.22 

Time to get Christmassy

As I sit at my laptop with my mug of coffee and 2 mince pies (sorry just eat them) and chocolate biscuits trying to feel Christmasy, I think of how I am going to put today’s blogmas together.
A Combination of The Two Fetishes Flows Perfectly…
Vicarphilia is a very different type of fetish but it’s one that we all have in our list of likes without knowing it. It’s the desire to listen to naughty stories of people’s experiences or to converse with a friend/mistress/therapist about sexual adventures. This combined with Voyeurism is a perfect combination for today’s blogmas.
Why do we love watching…
Watching any sexual/fetish act is arousing in the mind of the kinkster. We all have our own fetishes that we like more than others. These would be more arousing to us than the less interesting topics. 
Voyeurism also can be a learning process as well as a topic of interest. If the couple that is performing in front of you are expecting you to join in in due course, then observing how and what they are doing will give you an insight into how they would like you to do things. Not every technique is favorable to everyone.
At the end of your time together is a perfect time to talk about and go through what happened, how you felt whilst you were tending each other, etc… This can also be a very sexy time for all of you. Maybe acting out what your trying to say may give you all an opportunity for round 2. Everyone needs a breather in between ejaculations. Respect each other’s time and requests and you could have yourself a long term relationship with a very handy couple of friends.
Therapy Service Only… 
If you are in need of a Vicraphilia Therapist then do CONTACT ME and we can arrange a date and a time to converse about your request. This type of therapy is ideal on the phone or WhatsApp/skype video calling.
My tributes are dependant on how long you would like but we can discuss that when you contact me.