27 Dec 2020
December 27, 2020

Christmas Day Haircut…

Saturday 26th December 2020

Blog No.127
To all of us this year we are having to change our family Christmas according to the pandemic tier situation unfortunately.

My Christmas was very much the same as previous Christmas days as i stay at home with the cats and we do as we please.

This year i had a lazy lay in and then a chilled breakfast of toast and a almond milk coffee whizzed up in the Ninja which is like a bullet blender, I find i can do most of what i want in it and it was half the price of a bullet blender.

Just Before My Haircut And Straight Out Of The Shower

I then went for a shower to freshen up as i wanted to take some photos for my onlyfans page.

As i was drying my hair (as it is now long enough to style) i thought it needed a trim. I had let it grow for a good couple of months with only cutting around my ears. So the back and everywhere need a look at.

I put the whole procedure on my onlyfans page if you would like to take a look.

By the time i had finished and styled it I was very pleased in deed. Its amazing what a trim in places does to make it look as if you had a whole haircut.

Takes Time to Become Skilled At Cutting Your Own Hair

I do my own hair only because a millimetre to a hairdresser, well most hairdressers is 1 inch.

I was devastated many a time when all i would ask for is a very light trim and i would come out like Shaun the sheep and very annoyed.

It takes 2 months to grow and 2 seconds to cut off…not impressed at all.

My Christmas day photo shoot turned out well as you can see.

A little taster of what is on my onlyfans page.

Well it takes so long to prepare for (Christmas Day) yet it is over in a cough and a splutter.

Christmas Day Photo Shot

As i sit up in bed on Boxing day night typing this for you (and listening to storm Bella as she throughs a tantrum up and down our street with the heavy rain fall that she seems to be having fun and games with) I wonder how i am going to have time to fit all these new ideas for 2021 and carry on with mistressing.

Don’t worry i wont give up anything as it has taken me 11 years to get where i am today and I’m loving every minute of it ( well not the pandemic but everything else).

I have grown closer to a lot of my regulars throughout this past months and unfortunately had to say good bye to some of them because of their selfish ways but that’s there lose.

So I think we are all glad Christmas is over and done with and we can welcome 2021 into our lives and hope its better than the year we presently are in now.

Keep healthy and safe and don’t loose your smile as it makes everything much better to see you happy as much as you can.

Don’t hesitate to drop me an hi if you feel like it as a chat online or over the phone is always nice to break the day up as they say…