09 Feb 2020
February 9, 2020

Is Very Short Hair On A Female Acceptable?…

Sunday 9th February 2020

Daily Blog NO.71.
Disclaimer: I am not ill or a lesbian or anything like that. I am a healthy, heterosexual female that is confidently comfortable having very short hair.

I have always had short hair I would say most of my adult life. I have gone ultra-short twice in the past. Once for a good cause and the other because I wanted to start fresh because of having to much color build up on the hair I had at the time.

It’s amazing though because stereotypically a woman should have long hair because that’s what the statistics say that the opposite sex likes.

These days anything goes and there will always be someone out there that finds every look of a human being attractive in some way or another.

Each time I have needed a haircut I have always had visions of just thinking “dam it” and shave it all off but always thought its not the right thing for an older woman to do.

I’m not a normal female (as everyone that knows me will agree). I am a straight female but I have a mistress personality but thinks like a guy.

As I have decided to delve deeper into the fetish scene than I ever have done in the past I have taken a few moments over the past week to see how big the bald female haircut is and whether I should do it for the 3rd time.

Click on image to see the full photograph

Whilst cutting my hair yesterday as it needed it drastically because I looked like an overgrown tennis ball ( the sides grow outwards now that it’s short) I kept thinking about taking the NO.1. all over.

I decided on a NO.1 at the side and a NO.4 on top (as you can see in the video I uploaded on onlyfans) .

I woke this morning having this very strong feeling of shaving my head again.  The reason it has been playing on my mind is that I have characteristics in my hairline at the front that will not sit right if not cut short enough.

So this evening I took the clippers to my hair again (what I have left of it) and took it to a NO.2. on top and a 1/2 blend at the sides.

I had a shower afterward to wash away the tiny clipper cuttings of leftover hair. It felt great with the water flow over me from above (i have a waterfall shower head from the ceiling) very cleansing.

All I can say to everyone who is against or dislikes ultra-short hair on women “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

Hair does not make a woman beautiful its the person she is that shines through much more…