16 Dec 2021
December 16, 2021

P is for Persistent Punishment…

Thursday 16th December 2021

Blog No.154/ Blogmas No.16

This is extreme but persistent offenders will get this punishment…

Today may not be an obvious fetish but many have this fetish on their likes list without them knowing it. The reason is, if you like to have a fetish performed on you regularly and it is of a punishment nature then it becomes a Persistent Punishment. Persistent Punishments are both P’s and today is a P day.

Old School Punishments…

 A punishment back in the day use to be something you had to be performed on you by the teacher or if it was a very naughty thing you did then you would be marched off to the Headmistresses office. There you would be given an experience that hopefully would turn you off doing anything naughty again.

Persistent offenders…

Too many boys, a once time extremely hard caning or ruler across the back of the legs was enough to put them off but the odd crazy boy would continuously be the rebel of the class/school and want the punishment as he loved the tingle of the pain during and after what he was given.

Does The Punishments In Your School Years Turn You Into A Pain Needer In Your Older Years?…

Bare Skin Punishment Is Not For The Faint-Hearted…

This is a question that we are all needing the answer to. When I have a punishment client (or any client) I always like to find out why they like the fetish that are so attached to. The therapy side of my career is what fascinates me. To get to know how a machine works you need to know how a machine works. I don’t mean to call all my clients machines but you know what I mean. 

Understand What You Do So You Can Enjoy It A Lot More…

As quite a few of my clients say many a time when I ask them about their previous experiences in meeting other mistresses they don’t have a complete connection with them. It’s like they only do it for the money and want the client out as quickly as possible. I’m completely the opposite. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t ask for the name of the mistress and was she any good or not but just a general what they didn’t like and what could have made it better. It helps me with the session and so it will flow better.
Enjoying The Company Your With…
This exactly goes the same for the client as well as the mistress. When I have a client visit me for the first time (I call them clients when I first meet them. Then when I see you have proved to me you are a nice person and my type of client it changes from client to friend/client) I give them the benefit of the doubt. If I get the vib that you are not quite right when you first contact me then I go with my intuition. I have been caught out before and ignored my intuition. I would say it wasn’t unpleasant but it wasn’t pleasant and I had to make the excuse and cut the session short. Yes of cause I blocked him straight away.  Sorry, it wasn’t his fault but I didn’t feel the mistress/friendly/chemistry between us if you know what I mean. not everyone gets on with everyone.
When You Have Passed The First Phase…
When you have passed the first phase and you have become a friend/client then I will relax a bit by not seeming frosty or looking like I have a barrier up against you. 
The Reason I Have Looked Like I Have Side-Tracked With This Blog…

Anything can be used to perform a punishment…

I have mentioned all that I have because for a persistent punishment fetishist persistently does something wrong is because he wants to keep coming back to that one person. They like the way they pleasantly but kinkily hurt them. If they don’t like the mistress then they won’t come back and life will be boring again until they do find someone they like.  

Method To My Madness…

I have worked on my mistress persona for 14 years (the length of time I have been in the industry). To correct my flaws in things I do over the years I have had to understand why I do it and when I do it. I have now realized why I do things the way that I do them. This is why I feel I am at my very best now than I have ever been. 

Phases Of Fetishes Through Our Lives…

The persistent offenders who once loved having their detention or whatever the role play will call it to give them maximum enjoyment may have loved a hard caning back in the day by soft mistress. Times have changed in the industry and your taste in punishment. To find a mistress who really is a pure dominant mistress that lives her career 24/7 is hard to come these days. Many are escort mistresses or part-time mistresses who will do anything if you pay them. Then afterward come out of the so-called stern-looking role-play and go back to the ‘yes wifey’ at the kitchen sink. Sorry to say that but a lot of the time it’s true. When the client changes through his life they have to either stay with a mistress who totally understands the phases he is going through (20’s, 30’s, 40’s, etc) or change mistresses and find a new one and start again. What turns you on in your 20’s won’t turn you on in your 50’s. 

Why Your Fetishes Change Over The Years…

If you are completely healthy then it may apply to you or it may not. As the years pass your interests change to a point where you become a lot more curious. Sex is not doing it for you and you need to find your inner kinky self and fulfill the ?’s you have next to a lot of your imaginary fantasies that have been kept locked in the kinky part of your brain. It’s been there forever and a day but you have been frightened to unlock it because of who you are with or the particular time in your life is not the right time. So until you meet that right mistress it will not trigger you to unlock it or change your desired fetishes.

I will leave you with that thought…

So if this blog has awakened any thoughts that you have kept locked in your kinky part of your brain CONTACT ME and let’s see if we can arrive at a conclusion that you are happy with or start a journey that will make you a better person to continue your future with…
10 Feb 2020
February 10, 2020

Definition Of Pain…

Monday 10th February 2020

Daily Blog NO.72.
What is pain? everyone has their own theory of what pain is but it has so many definitions that not one is right or wrong.

If your finger hurts because you have hit it with the hammer instead of the nail, that’s pain.

If you have had a long run and you have over-exerted yourself and your muscles are completely exhausted of all strength, that’s pain.

Pain is all in the mind!

If you’re with a mistress and she ties you to the bench and strikes your bare bottom with her cane or whip either of them will give 2 different types of pain.

They will hurt because your brain is telling you that the area that has had the impact is in need of TLC and its time to stop otherwise it will cause more injury than necessary.

Pain can also be pleasurable. It can take you into a state of utopia and then your mind goes into a subspace that you crave for in need of destressing.

We also need to be careful as our mind can play tricks on us and give us great after pain for a longer time than we care to want…

If you care to have pleasurable pain inflicted on you stressed body contact me and we can converse so more.


02 Dec 2019
December 2, 2019

What A Great Start To December……

Monday 2nd December 2019……

Postmas No.2.

Although a professional and experienced mistress is popular and well known she is only as busy as she wants to be.

Sundays can be busy and sometimes not but yesterday I had a lovely 3-hour massage appointment with a quota of ballbusting thrown in to spice it up.

My soft sensual hands, stroking over the stressed and overworked body of my client was just what the mistress ordered for his prescription to

Black Thigh Length PVC Boots

feel better.

We all work hard in one way or another but everyone needs a bit of chill time.

Chill time to one person can mean a relaxing massage with slow, atmospheric, instrumental music that once they close their eyes it will transport them to where ever they want to go.

To another type of person, it can mean having a tall powerful woman with black thigh-high boots talking down to him and then giving him a swift strike of the knee, boot or/and fist in the proverbials to take him out of his stressful and manic lifestyle.

I say whatever floats your boat I’m fine with (as long as it’s within my rules, No personal services and the obvious, No underage anything and No bestiality).

As a mix up my client decided to have a relaxing massage with intervals of pain in a way he craved for.

Black Leather Biker Boots

I enjoy all my appointments because I access my clients before I invite them to arrange an appointment.

Nothing worse than being disrespected in my own home which will never happen.

If it does, that will be the last time you will be walking through my front door.

So as I was saying…. with every slow step I circled around him I was building him up for his next bout of stress relief.

I don’t have majorly powerful strikes but I don’t need to. It’s not in the power of the strike but the technic and where it hits.

It can be a light tap or a flick of the wrist but in the right place, it can send a grown man to his knees weeping for redemption.

So if you are a pain bunny and would like me to inflict a stress relieving session with myself then email me on  MY CONTACT PAGE and we can discuss this matter further.

Look forward to hearing from you and receiving your inquiries…….