Tuesday 26th May 2020

Blog No.118.
Good evening my lovelies. I have been thinking a lot in the past weeks about my new venture that I will be adding to my list of services.

I was in a text meeting with my web designer yesterday about how we should go about putting my new website together.

This website will still be up and running and will always be my top priority but I need to also have a vanilla website for my future business ideas.

I looked through all my photos that I have taken over the years and put together a compilation of regular photographs that a vanilla/regular person wouldn’t be offended by, EG: No butt plugs ect lol

It took me a while to get my vanilla mind on track to look at my mistress photography in a regular way of thinking.

I am far from normal but I know how to think and act in certain situations.

This new website will have a slight fetish twist to it but in a regular way. I have to do it this way because of the places I will be advertising it.

Not sure where at the moment but when im out there you will all know about it.

The fee’s for my vanilla photo sessions will be competitive to the other companies that offer regular photo sessions.

I will be still doing the appointments from my home in my entertainment studio because this will keep it all discreet and the main thing is keeping the cost down for you as a client.

I have been on many photo shoots over the years and for what they do, they are asking stupid money for the products that they produce.

Thousands of pounds with some companies, its unreal. How is a average type of person suppose to afford that, I do not know.

Even if you are a model starting out you don’t have that type of money.

So keep a look out for my blogs in the coming weeks as now that I have my future business on track I will feel more comfortable to blog more.

In the past weeks of this dam Corona virus/CV19/Pandemic (whatever you want to call it) I have been very confused on what to do and where to go with my business.

I think like me, a lot of us are getting a bit fed up with it because the Prime Minister is showing that he really doesn’t know his arse from his elbow in this situation.

My thoughts have been going in all directions on how to bring my life style back to a comfortable level again and now I am there I only have to put plans into action.

So now I will be back annoying your fetish minds once again, lol

Any thing you would like to ask me just do so.  Keep healthy and well and talk soon…

02 Feb 2020
February 2, 2020

Amazing Fetish Food Photo/Video Shoot…

Sunday 2nd January 2020

Daily Blog NO.64.
Yesterday I had an amazing day. I had this idea to do a Fetish food photoshoot but wasn’t 100% sure until I spoke to my friend about it. As, whats a fetish idea without a fetish model.

He loved the idea straight away. So we proceeded to work on what I had in mind to see how things go.

Sweet Lips

It started off neat and tidy but before we knew it there was custard, squirty cream and hundreds and thousands all over the place.

The images may seem very samey as what everyone else does but as ideas progress they will get very different indeed.

The fetish of body parts and food is very erotic even if you’re not taking part. I didn’t want to be like a normal sploshing session more like a photography and video shoot and that is what It was.

Lots of different positions I told my friend to get in so I could put honey and glacier cherries in the places you would think of putting them. I’m sure he will be pooping hundreds and thousands for the next couple of toilet visits.

Fetish photography is extremely interesting to me and this is what I will be venturing into from now on together with all the other wild and wakey ideas I have.

If you would like to view the other images I will be posting details on my ‘onlyfans’ page very soon. So watch this space as I will blog about it and how you can connect to it to view it.

If you would like to be in a fetish photography/video shoot contact me and we can converse about it much more at our convenience.

I will look forward to hearing from you…

www.onlyfans.com/mistresslucylew – For more risky videos and photography that are not allowed on here.